Skill Build Online ~The Chronicle of FPS Player who Challenge the MMORPG~

Nagisa Hyuuga, a hardcore FPS player who takes the first place in Japan FPS Tournament, receives a new game called [Skill Build Online] as the tournament reward’s benefit. He decided to play the game when his friend invited him.
The boy who was called [Transformative Sniper] will do his best enjoying [Skill Build Online] together with all of his eccentric friends, while feeling a little confused from playing MMORPG for the first time.

This story is about him and his weird group of friends going berserk in the world of MMORPG while enjoying the game.

While his relationship with his friends changing little by little in real life.

Associated Names:
Skill Build Online ~FPS猛者によるMMORPG挑戦記~
Skill Build Online ~FPS mosa ni yoru MMORPG chōsen-ki~

Table of Contents:
Prologue Transformative Sniper is Unparalleled

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