The Banished Villainess’ Husband

“This evil woman!”
Said the crown prince Alfred while pushing his fiancée Elana at the graduation party.

She whose engagement canceled was out of luck, reaching out her hand.
The following day she was married and banished from the country for numerous reason.
Banished to the neighboring country, living a relaxing farm life!
……However, there seem to be something strange happen behind her back.
This is the story about my unlucky and happiest day became her husband.

……Eh? Am I changing?
No no, that’s not happening.

Associated Names:
Tsuihō akuyaku reijō no dan’na-sama

Table of Contents:
Chapter 001: Prince, are you serious?
Chapter 002: Banishment
Chapter 003: The world of guardian dragon
Chapter 004: The Drutonil Family
Chapter 005: A Sense of Distance
Chapter 006: New Home and First Night?
Chapter 007: Shopping in Exy Town (Part 1)
Chapter 008: Shopping in Exy Town (Part 2)
Chapter 009:
Chapter 010:
Chapter 011:
Chapter 012:
Chapter 013:
Chapter 014:
Chapter 015:
Chapter 016:

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