Vol. 1 Chapter 07: Birthday Party (part 2)

My family ran to the scene, worried about me, and onlookers gathered there, making my surroundings wild. 

Dennis, who caused the problem in the first place, was surprised by Fenrir, and the dragon that appeared before him went rigid, half crying. He didn’t expect to be in such trouble for scaring a weak-looking girl. 

While Harry is still holding Dennis’ arm, his eyes are sparkling at the spirit beast that has appeared before him, although he is also surprised by it. He probably wants to touch the fluffy fur. I’ll let him do it later. 

Everyone was frozen, including Iris, who clung to me and looked surprised. Rex was stuck between the spirit beasts and couldn’t move. 

Good for me for being able to move in the midst of it all. 

However, my father is about to cut off the spirit beasts—

What I have to do first and foremost is to stop Father. 

“Otou-sama, please calm down. I’m okay.”

『What’s your father so angry about?』

The spirit that’s become Fenrir is pretty big. Even when I’m sitting down, its head is taller than mine when standing up. 

When it starts to rub its head against me sweetly, it pushes me and makes me stumble. 

Strangely enough, it’s not hot even though its entire body looks like it’s on fire. It’s adorable when Fenrir acts like a spoiled child. 

“He’s angry about me being seen taking a bath.”

『A bath?』


While the water dragon feels alien in this Westernized world, if there were a category for sacred creatures in my mind, the dragon would be in it. 

It is a dragon with big eyes, a long mustache, a big mouth, and big fangs. It has a scary face that would make children cry. However, its eyes are gentle, its scales reflect the light and sparkle, and it is so beautiful when the light hits them like a stream of water. 

The tail is attached to me or loosely wrapped around me. 

Do I look a little like Tarzan? 

Is this okay? Am I out of my mind?

While I engaged myself playing with the spirit beast, my brothers helped my father to calm down and temporarily put away his sword. 

There are things to do before talking about the bath issue. 

It was me who started it. 

“No more following me in the bathroom from now on!”

『No problem. We’ll wait in the next room.』

“Are you okay with the separation?”

『It doesn’t matter if it’s that far away.』

『The spirits that can’t be separated don’t have an ego yet. It will be no problem if they are close to you.』

『Unless you talk to them, they won’t grow.』

I knew it was important to talk to them. 

“Hey, hey, can I touch you?”

『Of course.』

『We are your spirits.』


He nuzzled against me earlier, wondering if I was okay with touching him. They seem rather happy about it.

Fenrir is fluffy, while the dragon is cool and surprisingly comfortable. It’s like snuggling with them during the summer. 

The wind and earth spirits flew around me, asking me not to forget them, so I shared the magic I had gathered in my palms with them. Wonder what kind of spirit beasts they will be. 

“Now I must share what they just said, especially to the ladies.”

“I understand. What about him?”

My brother Kris’ chilly gaze is directed at Dennis.

Iris and Harry have been moving since I held their hands. They’re enjoying the fluffy furs. 

In return for trying to protect me, I thanked them. 

If he hasn’t changed his mind in the next five years or so, I’ll ask him to be my guard or aide.

“Shall we hear more about what you were telling Rex at the castle?”

“I humbly apologize.”

“Wasn’t that a meaningful conversation?”

Sebas, Father’s head butler, bows his head next to Rex, who is not offended at all. 

Sebas is Rex’s grandfather. 

“You have no idea what kind of stories you’re telling these kids.”

“They probably thought we didn’t understand what we were talking about.”

“Haa? Even Dia understands that much.”

“Master, that’s because your daughter is exceptionally talented. Other children would not be able to do the same.”

“Kris-sama and Alan-sama, when you go to the academy, won’t you be fed up with all the children around you?”

“They’re children, too.”

When Sebas and Rex say this, my father looks happy. 

There may be some family favoritism, but there is certainly something strange with my siblings. 

They are standing out amongst all the kids here. 

But they get along well, and they seem to have friends. 

As for me, I have memories from my past life, and I think one day, people will catch up with me, and I’ll be a normal adult. 

Now is the time people started calling me smart. 

“Can you come over here for a minute?”

“What the hell are you doing?”

Kris grabbed Dennis by the upper arm and took him away from us. 

He was afraid of the spirit beast and didn’t have the same vigor he had earlier. 

I was miffed at his rude tone, but he didn’t hit me. He needed to be careful—the stuff he was revealing… yikes.

If the embezzlement did happen, they would probably be stripped of their rank. 

But he still acts disrespectfully.


The one who called the child with a screeching voice was a slender beauty wearing jingling precious metal. 

How do I say this? She was just as I imagined her to be. 

The gentleman walking next to her was also almost exactly as I imagined. He is a slender, nervous-looking man who wears glasses. 

His eyes shifted around, trying to grasp what was happening and collect his thoughts.

“Hello, Count Coleman. Your son is quite a pleasant boy.”

In all my life, I had never seen my father look angry. He looks furious. 

But today, I understood. He’s not the type of person you want to offend. 

I had never thought he would draw his sword against a spirit beast. Even now, his tone was light but powerful enough to chill down my spine. The others fell silent.

“Sebas. Take the Count and his family to the castle. Let them rest at the castle.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Have our people take care of them. Also, gather all of the people they brought with them in the same room.”

“What the—”

“We’ll talk later. Take your time.”

Sebas issued instructions according to my father’s words, causing some to rush to the castle. The others surrounded the Count and his family and took them back. 

“Why are you following this guy’s orders?”

“Be quiet.”

“My father is a better man than you!”


Wow, Dennis.

It is rare to find a child who doesn’t read the room nicely. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, the spirits will become spirit beasts and be able to talk if you raise them by interacting and giving them mana. We still have time. Please try to find a spirit, but don’t overdo it.”

Instead of father, who is still talking about work with some people, Kris calls out to everyone. 

He is younger than Dennis, albeit by a year. 

Isn’t my brother amazing?

“We have prepared cold beverages and sweets.”

“Please come this way.”

The butlers lead the spectating guests to their tables so I can finally catch my breath.

The party is completely lacking my birthday element. 

“Iris-chan and Harry-kun. Thank you for protecting Dia-chan.”

Both are embarrassed when my mother thanks them and takes them to their parents.

I made two new friends!


“Yes, Alan onii-sama.”

“What do you call your spirit beasts?”

“Right, I didn’t catch their name.”

『Name? I was just born.』

『You can name us.』

Woahh. I will do that later.

They evolved when I was explaining to the guests because I repeatedly released my mana in my palms to feed them. 

It’s a gluttonous spirit.

“Dia, can I have a chat with your spirits?”

“What do you think?”

『Master’s father. Alright.』

『Don’t point your sword at me again.』

Father asked what I was talking about, and as I spoke, Fenrir and the dragon moved to my sides. The yellow and green balls of light fluttered together as if greeting Father’s spirit.

It’s a peaceful world that soothes me just by looking at it.

“All these people have gathered here today. Are the spirits being disturbed? We want to continue having this gathering here in the future. Will it be all right?”

『You want to listen to our opinion?』

『Splendid. Master’s father is a good man.』

『Everyone is enjoying the gathering. Why don’t we ask the spirit king?』

“Spirit King?”

『Let’s call him. Otherwise, we’ll answer.』

Some new information has come up. 

Was there even a mention of it in Wiki-kun?

I don’t remember the last time I looked up about spirits since it has been long. 

『Spirit King, are you here?』

The Fenrir spirit walked closer to the lake, and my father and I followed behind. 

There are lots of people behind me, but the lake is quiet. 

『Maybe too many humans wouldn’t be good.』

『Hmm, is that a possibility?』

『It doesn’t matter. It’s been decades since a new spirit animal was born. He might grant your wish.』

The lake’s surface glowed faintly, and the light floated to the surface. 

When the light slowly faded, a beautiful man with smokey blue hair down to his shoulders appeared on the surface. 

His skin was translucent white, and his eyes were ice blue like glass beads.

Dressed in a loose-fitting white robe, he floats above the lake.

The entire body emits a pale light making him look divine. 

He also has a beautiful face. 

Somehow he looks closer to my original age. 

It’s unreal yet thrilling. 

『Is she your master?』


『The child has a strange soul. What is her name?』

“My name is Diadora.”

『Thanks to you, we have a new friend. And we will meet many more in the future.』

The appearance of the Spirit King has quieted the crowd behind me. 

Right. You never know what might happen.

Nobody even knew that the Spirit King existed. 

Drawing attention from the audience, the Spirit King squinted happily at the people gathered in the grassy field a short distance away and the lights floating around them. 

『I thought this place had been forgotten. I’m glad that it became a place where people and spirits can come into contact with each other again.』

We arrived here almost on a whim, but it made me feel a little sorry.

But this is a world where spirits and humans can live together. 

I want us to get along. 

“May I tell you a story? I’m Count Bellisario who governs this land. I’m also Diadora’s father.”

『Bellisario… How many generations have passed since I met that man? I fondly remember those days. I invite you and your family to come with us.』

When three beautiful women appeared around the Spirit King and moved their hands overflowing with light, a table, chairs, and a white partition appeared over the water. 

“Rex. Grab me some sweets.”


Rex handed me a basket filled with sweets and sandwiches, and I stepped onto the lake with them. 

The lake’s surface changes color from where we stand to where the table is set up. We can walk there. 

“Dia, wait. Let me hold the basket for you.”

“Let’s go together.”

They’re so overprotective, but I’m used to it.

But I couldn’t help it. I handed the basket to Kris and walked along the lake, hand in hand with both of them. 

I felt like a ninja. 

The water feels like a marble floor when I walk on it. 

Once we passed by, the water changed color, and other people couldn’t come.

Naturally, my spirit beasts are following me. 

They quickly went to the Spirit King while I was waiting for Rex. 

I’m their master, but the Spirit King hierarchy is higher than that.

『Make yourself at home.』

A comfortable-looking fresh-colored sofa and a table with tea and fruit were set up in the middle of the lake.

“Do you want to have a taste?”

When Kirs offered the food from the basket, the Spirit King reached for it with great interest. 

『It’s pretty good.』

“That’s good to hear.”

『So, what do you want to ask me?』

“Would it not be a nuisance to have so many people here today, looking for a spirit who will come with them? I want to give the knights and those in the castle an opportunity.”

I want to give Rex and Brad a chance to do the same. 

Rex had a wind spirit, but Brad doesn’t have one yet. 

Since he was an assassin, he said he didn’t train his magic much. I think he can handle one spirit. 

From now on, we can raise the spirits and give them mana as we raised them. 

『Doing it every day would be a problem. We grow and evolve by feeding on people’s mana. The more spirit beasts are there, the more magic there is in the land, and the better the crops will grow.』

“That would be beneficial for us. Then we will decide on which day to come and visit.”

『Please. However, you don’t have to come all the way here. There are spirits in places where nature is abundant. The spirits will respond to their voices wherever they interact with us without destroying nature.』

“Are there any spirits near the imperial palace?”

『That’s not my domain. Each country has its own Spirit King with its attributes. This means there are four Spirit Kings. Spirits and humans live in harmony in the southern island country, whereas in the western country, humans have destroyed the nature where the Spirit Kings live. Desertification has progressed to the point where humans can’t live there anymore. There are three spirit kings in this country besides myself. An earth spirit king used to live near the imperial palace, but the emperor destroyed the forest. They have moved to another dimension and are no longer in contact with humans.』

“Then there are no spirits in the forest near the academy?”

『There are. But they are too shy to approach humans.』

This is why the princes can’t get the spirits. 

The nature destruction in this world is scary. The spirits’ wrath will lead to desertification. 

So, the imperial capital is deserted?

But if the regions that become friendly with spirits prosper, it will be troublesome. 

“We also need to build a place for humans to live. Her Majesty probably didn’t think that the forest was where the Spirit King lived.”

『She should have consulted someone before destroying the forest. There is no way they couldn’t have known about it. Up until recently, humans coexisted with us. Why do people forget so quickly? They should be properly passed on to the next generation because their lifespan is short.』

That hurts my ears.

What I heard was so complicated.

“Can we do something to appease the Earth Spirit King’s wrath?”

『I don’t know. How can you forgive someone who has driven you away from your family and home?』

“…may not be able to forgive them.”

“Father, we will only pass this information and let Her Majesty and the Spirit King talk it out. We still don’t know how much Her Majesty values the spirits.”

“At least we will continue to live with the spirits. And I want your generation to experience the same thing.”


The Wind Spirit King lives in the northern highlands, and the Fire Spirit King lives in the eastern prairies.

After reporting to Her Majesty, they will pass the information on to the nobles who govern where the Spirit King is. 

“If the emperor were to visit this land, would you meet her?”

『I refuse. Human hierarchy is no concern to us. I will only meet with you and your family who govern this land if the meeting is to help the spirits and humans to live together.』

“I’d also like to bridge the gap between the spirit kings from other regions and the humans who govern their lands.”

『Hmmm. I will contact the spirit kings. It would be best if you dealt with the human side.』


『Thanks to you, Diadora, the humans have remembered how to deal with us. In return, I give you my blessing.』

Eh? It’s not that noticeable again, is it? Is this fine?

No, it’s more like they like me. 

Their face and voices are different from when they talk to my father.

The Spirit King gives special treatment to little girls.

“Rather than a blessing, would you mind meeting with the emperor family once? If they explain about the spirit to humans, everyone will change their minds at once. It might help the spirits to get along with the human.”

How does a four years old talk?

Whatever, I’ll pretend that I’m a child prodigy.

『Don’t you want my blessing?』


『 It’s a blessing for reducing abnormalities. It’ll make you almost immune to poison and disease.』

“But I want to live in a country with lots of spirit beasts!”

『I like your attitude. I’ll meet them once and give you my blessing.』

Woah. That will help me live longer.

But I feel like I’m going to stand out again!!

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