Day 13: The revolution event (part 2)

He ushered me into a private room that looked like a study. After sitting in a chair and waiting for Giltoa, who had left the room, he returned. 

“I contacted Tefana. You didn’t lie.”

As he said this, he sat in the desk chair before me. 

“She said there should be no connection between you and Magdalene. I’d like to hear your explanation about how you came to meet with her.”

The choices of 『Tell』 or 『Don’t tell』 appeared, and I chose the former. 

“…I see. A wandering pharmacist, huh? I had heard such rumors often, but none of them had much credibility. She had fallen into eternal sleep decades ago. That’s the truth. But I didn’t witness with my own eyes when she drew her last breath. And Tefana chose to remain silent regarding my inquiries about Magdalene. There was no denying it. Something out of my control happened….”

Giltoa looked troubled and mumbled something. Then he became quiet, staring at the desk corner as if in thought. 

“Whether through misunderstanding or ignorance, it’s a mistake for you to use a false permit to gain access to the library.”

He stood up suddenly. 

“But I’m not good enough to stick to that kind of justice. I want to make a deal with you.”

He offered me a deal that he would drop this case in exchange for Magdalene’s permit, plus he would issue a replacement for me. 

“Issuing a permit requires the referrer’s signature. I’ll handle that for you since you are Tefana’s disciple. Not a bad deal, right?”

It’s not a bad deal, and I nodded in agreement. 

Nevertheless, I feel like our deal was so unbalanced. 

Judging from his appearance, he seems to be a powerful man. Even if he turns me in to the authorities, he will get the permit in his hands.

I wonder if he gave me this deal because he is trying to make an excuse for Magdalene.

In the unlikely event that Magdalene is the Magdalene who supposedly died decades ago, this would also mean she sold the permit to me willingly. 

If he brought up this deal as an escape route in case, he was investigated for this, what is his overall thought process? 

No, I’m reading too much into this. 

The questioning ended when both sides reached an agreement. I was finally granted a new, official 【Royal Library Entry Permit】, and I was free to go. 

Someone who looked like Giltoa’s subordinate took me back to where we had been. As we were leaving, we heard this voice from Giltoa’s room.

“Call Clifeus back. I know where they are. I will be absent from the Privy Council.”

Once we were returned to the entrance, players were spotted in sight. The individual event mode seemed to have ended. 

At that moment, a loud chiming sound that wasn’t always heard echoed across the room. The other players looked puzzled or taken by surprise. 

『The revolution event 【Magdalene’s Disappearance】 has been executed. From now on, Magdalene’s communicative mission will be available, Giltoa’s and Clifeus’ missions will be updated, and other related social situations will change. Please visit the official video site “Kimakura Historia” for more information.』

Not long after that, I got 『You got a new title 【Giltoa’s Acquaintance】!』 but that’s not the point. 

The revolution event 【Magdalene’s Disappearance】 is the one I just finished. The announcement seemed to be something that would be broadcasted to all players, and I had a bad feeling about it because of their earlier statement about the public video.

While frozen and sweating profusely, I suddenly locked eyes with a player on the floor above me. The feeling of doing something wrong overtook me, and I fled in panic. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

[Piano Jam]
(Hunter・Gatherer・Beastmaster) (Merchant・Cherf) (Other production jobs)
If I had to categorize them into different groups, this would be the one
These three groups are different games

(Other production jobs) + (Weaver)

[Song Sari]
Don’t leave out the Weaver (´;ω;`)

Merchant and Chef together 

Oh, revolution

The revolution is here

It’s here―――(゜∀゜)―――― !!

I feel like it’s been a long time

There has been a little pioneering, but it’s been about two months since the revolution.
Giltoa Clifeus has been trending

I have a bad feeling about this

Who’s opening the Magdalene mission?

She’s a pretty girl when she takes off her disguise

Don’t use dummies
It’s your chance to be famous

[Piano Jam]

[Yoshio www]
I was in the Lestein library. I’m exposing someone who looks suspicious LOL

[Song Sari]
Please don’t do that (´;ω;`)

Don’t you dare to lump me with the rest of you
I’m not there

All the exposed people are Yoshio’s haters

Not really. You’re not in it

The triggering requirements are a fake permit and Giltoa?

Tefana’s disciple?

Magdalene gave Tefana’s disciple her card?
She sold knockoffs to other people 
Is she feeling intimidated because they’re sharing an acquaintance and, in haste, gave it to her?

I’m Tefana’s disciple, too, and no wonder I was able to enter the library with ease

Eh? Is Magdalene old?
Her voice is a little weird, but her hands and skin are youthful. I thought she was a young girl in disguise

She’s old
All the wise men are over a thousand years old

Kimakura NPC are immortal


. Hello police

Hey, Giltoa is leaving the council LOL 


Oh, you know what that means…

[Song Sari]
Clif-chan is back?! (´;ω;`)

Someone, please verify this info

Do it yourself

[Milk Kingdom]
Resident uneducated in Lestein, reverse comeback

Cheers! *claps 

[Song Sari]
Clif-sama is precious…
He’s pushing himself to work hard…
But I’m glad we get to see each other more often again…(´;ω;`)


It hasn’t been confirmed yet that Giltoa will move 

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