Day 13: The revolution event (Part 1)

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Again today, I visited the Royal Library in search of recipes and skills.

The receptionist was not Emilia-san, as usual. There’s a handsome Onii-san with enormous black wings. 

The man wrinkled his brow and scrolled through a thick book. 

This message appeared when I tried to talk to him. 

The revolution event is about to begin. Are you sure?


『Revolution Event』…? I know this sounds big, but yeah. 

The public video will start recording soon. Would you like to use the dummy avatar?


Public video…?

Nope, I don’t think so. My video won’t be automatically and forcibly published, right?

There’s only one option I have now: yes or no. 

Dummy… fake avatar? Could I use a substitute to record the video and hide my appearance?

I’ll choose 『Yes』.

A bespectacled Onii-san looks up from his book as the dialogue ends. His name is Giltoa. 

“You’re a library visitor, right?” Please show me your library card.”

There wasn’t anything significant or catastrophic going on. Giltoa’s hand stopped typing on his computer suddenly.

“Huh? This number is….”

When he stands up, he grabs my arm over the counter. 

“You… where did you get that?!”

There was nothing I could do but freeze. 

“This ID is from our compatriot, our lost friend, Magdalene… when I started the library, I gave her this… it’s not yours! Why do you have this in your hand? Depending on what you say… no, I won’t let you go! It is a crime to impersonate a permit and what you do is an insult to a dear friend!!”

Eehh? You mean Magdalene used this permit herself? And she gave it to me? Would that be considered fraud?

I know nothing about that! I’m the victim here!

I couldn’t move my throat properly under his pressure. Fortunately, this was a game, and the scenario didn’t require me to speak.  

“What…? You got this from Magdalene?”

Giltoa loosened his grip on me. 

“Are you saying that Magdalene is still alive? No, I won’t be fooled. Show me the proof.”

“Even if you say that….”

It was here that I finally had the opportunity to take part in the event. 

There are no other players in the area. My composure gradually returned after I realized I had shifted to individual event mode. 

Having no worries about people hearing my voice allows me to enjoy the feeling of being the protagonist. 

“What did she look like?”

“Eh? I don’t remember much. The impact of her mask and husky voice was too strong….”

Giltoa falls silent. Maybe my description matched the image he had in mind. 

“You, what’s your name?”

“My name is Vivia.”

“Do you have something to prove your identity?”

There were none in my possession, but before I knew it, I held a necklace with a ring through it. 

He examined the crest on the ring and took the necklace. There was a look of amazement on Giltoa’s face. 

“Are you Tefana’s disciple?”

This person was also acquainted with my master. I wonder if my master is quite famous.

After returning the ring, Giltoa steps out from the counter. 

“Come here. I’ll tell you a story.”

While freed from the grip of his hands, the look in his eyes as he looked at me was intimidating. He was standing at the library entrance when I looked back. 

There seemed to be no escape.

I followed him quietly. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Communicative Missions Discussion】

Honestly, I don’t care about collecting skills these days
I’ve already acquired most of the representative skills and those related to my job
Now I’m only interested in watching my oshi and making things as a tribute to my oshi
(t/n: oshi is someone’s favorite, or in kpop lingo, it’s your bias)

This is what happens when playing the game is motivated by love for the characters
When I first started, I didn’t find the chefs attractive at all, but now I’m envious of them

After the crystal, the next most favorable items are cooking items, right?

I don’t know
But for the dating event, I have a strong theory that the exchange is different
Didn’t we talk about this once? Someone gave an unpopular character one crystal instead of their favorite food every day and won the date.

Everything is about money

In this game, the chef is the top tier LOL 

They’re the top in terms of wealth

The chefs run the economy

Some wealthy merchants turn into chefs

King behavior

They’re the final boss

[Don’t deny it]
I was horrified seeing several people filling all the items at World Market with Paradise Mint Tea

Is it expensive?

[Takagi Tomo]
Hint: it’s a particular lady’s favorite food


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