Chapter 24: The lost alchemist

I stashed a bunch of ore in four-dimensional space, and I went home with a gleeful look on my face.

It was evening when I’d arrived home.

Let’s start sharpening the claws.
I’ll get the ore out.

Crack crack crack!

My claws emit a sharp light like a Japanese sword.

The powder from sharpening with ore is stored in four-dimensional space.
Because the metal and stone powder are toxic.
If inhaled too much, it can lead to malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Now, time to catch up on some sleep.
Good night.

I didn’t curl up, but instead stretched out as far as I could and went to sleep.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I feel a presence that wakes me up.

There’s someone outside my house.

「Excuse me, is there anyone home? 」

I walk out of my house and look at the figures from the top of the tree.

An unknown man. …No, a woman.
She’s a grey-haired girl wearing glasses.
She’s young, not more than fifteen, right?

From the equipment, it appears that she is not someone who excels in combat.

「I’m lost in the woods—!
Could you help me? 」

Well, for that matter, I can help you.
The town is only about four hours away by foot.

I’m coming down the tree.

「Nyaa—(Let’s go to town. Follow me. )」

「Neko-san, is your master not home? 」

It’s inconvenient that they can’t speak the language!

I take out a wooden board, scratch it off and show it to her 『Follow me. 』.

「Oh! You were an intelligent cat!
I’m McDawn, the alchemist.
Nice to meet you! 」

「Nyaan(Over here. )」

I used 【Light】 on our way, for some reason, the alchemist was excited.

It’s a magic that can be used by Nancy, the town’s innkeeper, so it shouldn’t be that unusual.

She had business in the town’s royal castle, so I showed her the way there.

I got a copy of the book as a token of her appreciation.
Thank you.

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