Vol. 3 Chapter 05: Eleanora, get out.

I was faced with the hopeless reality that surpassing level 100 was not realistic.

This was the first time I felt so down since I found out that my favorite character was not featured in the new version of my favorite game. The shock was that great. 

I walked back to the bed and slowly sat down. The bed sank slightly. My heart sank even more. 

Sensing my gloomy aura, Patrick and Remn winced, wondering if I was that affected. 

It was then that I heard a cheerful voice that didn’t fit the gloomy atmosphere. It’s Eleanora’s voice. 

“Yumiela-san? Are you inside?”

Apparently, we had been talking for a while until it was late enough for Eleanora who always overslept to wake up. 

I rose and answered the door. 

“I’m here.”

“How unusual for you to stay in bed, Yumiela-san.”

“I’ve been up since early morning. Well….”

Hold on. If this goes on, Eleanora and Remn will meet each other. Something troublesome is bound to happen. “Eh! You have a younger brother?!”, I could already imagine her surprised voice replaying in my head. 

Those things will have to wait until I’ve learned everything from Remn’s stories. 

“Get in the shadow.”

That was all I needed to say as Remn quickly moved. Thank God he didn’t slam himself to the floor again. 

The door opened as he went back inside Patrick’s shadow. 

“The breakfast is getting cold… Oh?”

Eleanora covered her mouth and looked at me and Patrick in turn. Her face turned red as soon as she realized I’m not alone. 

What is it? Surely I had hidden the black-haired god properly. 

Patrick is sitting in a chair while I stand. Both of us looked out of place. 

When I asked her about her strange attitude, Eleanora whispered like she was struggling to speak. 

“Um… I wish you’d tell me if you’re busy in the middle of something.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Since you two are in a relationship, I can understand why you might do that… Please don’t forget to lock the door properly.”

“…No, we aren’t doing anything.”

She’s jumping to the wrong conclusion. It was more shocking that Eleanora knew about that.

No way, it must be a lie. What the filthy me had in mind and what the pure and innocent Eleanora had in mind were two completely different things. You can bet your soul on it. And I’ll bet Patrick’s soul, too. 

“Either way it’s different. I was just talking to Patrick for a bit.”

“B-but! You shouldn’t be dressed like that with a man….”

Dressed like what? I checked my clothes and it’s the same pajamas that I wear as usual. 

Polka-dot pants and shirt plus a triangle nightcap. I’ve been wearing this since I woke up. It’s supposed to be normal nightwear….

“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“What I’m trying to say is that wearing the clothes you wear to sleep in public is indecent. Um, this is the first time I saw that cap outside of a picture book.”

I see. So, it’s wrong to meet the opposite sex in your sleepwear. 

Then again, I used to take out the garbage in my pajamas in my previous life. My pajamas are my high school jerseys, though. 

I can’t be bothered to clear up the misunderstanding. I still have some questions to ask Remn, I need to ask Eleanora to leave. 

“I’m sorry. From now on, I will lock the door and continue.”


“Yup. We’re going to continue what we’ve been doing. Do you want to observe?”

“Oh, no, no… I will go out for a while. Bye!”

As expected. Eleanora’s face flushed bright red as she stormed out of the room. 

Whenever she had a chance, she would try to peek into our room but this one seemed a little too much for her. After making sure her footsteps were far away, I locked the door just in case. 


“You may think you’ve done a good job of getting rid of her, but it will get you into more trouble later.”

“True, but you can clear up the misunderstanding by denying it.”

“I think it’s too late for that.”

He grumbled, holding his head. If it bothered you so much, you should have denied it.

Well. I’ll sort my problem with Eleanora later, now let’s back to the God of Darkness. I crouched down and addressed my shadow.

“Let’s hear the rest of the story. Remn, you can come out now.”

“Phew, Onee-chan is gone already?”

“Onee-chan? Oh, did you mean Miss Eleanora?”

“Yeah, that one. That overprotected and well-loved Onee-chan.”

So, I’m Onee-san and Eleanora is Onee-chan? It’s kinda hard to differentiate and it’s a good thing I asked her to leave. 

By overprotected, you mean her father? I didn’t even spoil her that much. I just want to fulfill Eleanora’s wishes as much as I can.

What else did I need to hear from Remn? First, I sorted through the information I got and remembered… something related to leveling up. 

I’m pretty sure Patrick asked a question that reminded me of something. The faith in the God of Darkness had returned in my territory. The fact that a dubious faith has sprung up in my territory cannot be overlooked. 

“For now, let’s visit the place where Remn is said to be worshipped.”

“Sure. My priestess is going to build a temple for me, right?”

“Yes? There’s no way I’d build something strange like that.”

When I said I was going to build a temple, it was because I mistakenly thought that Remn was a good god who was in charge of leveling up. Now that I know that he’s an evil god who’s going to push me out of heaven and down to hell by dangling the way to level up, I have no obligation to build him a temple.

Shrugging off the dejected Remn, Patrick got up from his chair. 

“Why don’t we have some breakfast before we go?”

“Okay. Remn, please get back in.”

“Can I join?”

“Miss Eleanora will find out about you.”

I guess God eats food, too. Every time I kicked or pushed him, the feeling was closer to a monster than a human. If I had to guess, I would say that his body was composed almost entirely of magic. 

Ryuu also ate food as a personal indulgence, and it might be natural for Remn to demand breakfast.

However, I don’t want the people in the building to see Remn. That’s why I asked him to step into the shadows and headed to the dining room.

Walking down the hallway alongside Patrick, Rita came from the other direction. 

“Good morning. Yumiela-sama, Patrick-sama. Breakfast is ready. I was just on my way to call you.”

“Good morning, Rita. Has Miss Eleanora eaten yet?”
“She went out without eating anything.”

Rita was looking out the window, so I followed her eyes and saw no sign of Ryuu, who was supposed to be sunbathing at this time of day. 

Eleanora said she was going out for a while, but I didn’t know she meant it. I had hoped she would only stay away from my room. I feel like I’ve done something bad. 

“Going out hungry… is she going to be okay?”

“She took Ryuu with her, so I assume she’s safe.”

“Ah, you’re right. She’ll be fine with Ryuu.”

“Yeah, I’ve been together with Ryuu often.”

The three of us were in agreement. It is dangerous for Eleanora to go out alone, but with Ryuu accompanying her, she will be safe.

“Oh, Onee-chan isn’t here. I guess it’s okay for me to come out.”

My shadow was forming, blocking the sunlight streaming in through the window. I heard his voice from there. At the same time, Rita’s eyes widened and hardened as she saw a dark-haired boy emerge from the shadows.

“Oh—, this child.”

“Good morning, Maid-san. I’m Remn, God of Darkness. Feel free to call me, Remn-ku—”

“Don’t listen to this child, he’s an evil god. Tell everyone in the house not to listen to him.”

“Y-yes, ma’am, I will.”

Immediately upon hearing my voice, Rita strode away.

Remn was not happy about being interrupted.

“Hey! What if they really think I’m an evil god?! That Maid-san is really going to tell everyone, isn’t she?”

“Well, well, don’t you care about minor details? Do you want to eat?”


He was treated like an evil god after suggesting the temple construction. This is what I call retribution. It was a good idea for him to experience the same despair as I did… but as soon as I said I would feed him, Remn was in a good mood. 

This god really was simple.

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