Chapter 84: Yotsuba, the reincarnated person

Yotsuba POV

As I was leaving school, I was hit by a truck and reincarnated by one of Goddess Hardis’ subordinates. 

I’m a baby. I’m a girl, just like I was before reincarnation. 

As a newborn, I can’t speak properly and can’t move much. 

Someone who looks like my mom calls out to me. 

It’s only been three days since I got the name Yotsuba.

I don’t remember my previous name… but that’s okay. 

Yotsuba, you don’t cry often.

The doctor said there’s nothing wrong with her, so I guess she’s okay.”

My reincarnation in another world allowed me to understand the spoken language. 

I try to tell her that I’m fine. 

“Ahh, ahh.”

I can only speak in baby language. I’m in trouble. 

“Oh, do you want milk?”

I don’t want milk. 

I suckle on my mother’s milk.

The taste is similar to that of diluted milk.

A baby needs to drink fluids frequently to avoid dehydration. 

The milk is much appreciated. 

“Mamaa! Can I read a book to Yotsuba-chan?”

This girl, who is bigger than me, is Nell. 

She has dark hair and is taking care of me as a newborn. 

“Okay, but you need to wait.

I’m giving her some milk.”

“Come here, Neko-san.”


The cat responds to Nell’s voice. 

Maybe I imagine it, but the cat seems to understand the language. 

…The cat appears surprised to see me for some reason.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Tomita (Cat) POV

Somehow, I appraise baby Yotsuba.


Appraisal results

Name: Yotsuba

Lv: 1 (0 years old)

Race: Human

Skill: [Appraisal Lv10] [Four-dimensional Space Lv3] [Freeze Lv30]

[EXP Value 10x] [Skill Acquisition Lv20]


HP 8/8 MP 3/3

ATK 1 DEF 2 MAT 1 MDF 2 SPD 1 INT 35 LUK 10

Title: [Cold Emperor]

She’s a human who is reincarnated in another world. She used to go to Tsukiho All Girls Academy. 

She was a beautiful and brilliant woman, but her unapproachable attitude earned her the nickname “Cold Emperor.” 

She is a dedicated reader who wants to become a novelist. 

As of right now, she’s Nancy’s second daughter. 



Wait, wait, this baby has information about her previous life?!

The skill level is strange, or the number of the skills is odd. 

Also, what do you mean by the third sentence?

To calm down, I tried to appraise Nell.


Appraisal results

Name: Nell

Lv: 6 (7 years old)

Race: Human

Skill: [Haste Lv4] [Light Lv1] [Accelerated Alchemy Lv1] [Cooking Lv3] [※Magic Resistance Lv50]


HP 12+15/12+15 MP 9+15/9+15

ATK 6+15 DEF 6+15 MAT 5+15 MDF 6+15 SPD 7+15 INT 11+15 LUK 10+15

Title: [Alchemist Apprentice]

Nancy’s eldest daughter. She is fond of a certain cat. 


※Magic resistance probably comes from the bracelet ring. 

The +15 is noticeable. 

When did she learn Accelerated Alchemy? Was it Mac-kun?

What’s more, there’s nothing about previous lives. 

Except for magic resistance, the skill levels are usually low. 

“Excuse me. I would like to stay at the inn.”

“Haaai! I’ll put Yostuba to bed, please take care of her.”


She left the caretaker’s room to deal with the guests. 

I wrote a letter in Japanese on the board and showed it to Yotsuba. 

『Are you a reincarnated Japanese?』

“Aa—! Aa—!”

Hmm, is it possible to communicate with a baby?

Firstly, Yotsuba should be almost blind when she was born. 

Then I wrote again in Japanese, 『If yes, blink five times quickly』.

Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.

The baby blinks her eyes. 

Hmm, this guy must be a reincarnated Japanese. 

Or rather, her eyesight is strange. It is abnormal. 

Why is she able to see? The eyesight of a newborn isn’t even 0.1.

I wouldn’t be surprised if babies are born with good eyesight here since cats can see red. 

This fantasy world might make anything possible. 

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