Vol. 2 Chapter 20: Speaking of the pure white dress…

A Lord’s job consists of many things but checking the documents takes the most time.

Some nobles may not even check it properly and just skim over it, but I believe it should be done properly. Sometimes I do find a mistake, so it’s not entirely meaningless.

The moment I signed the paperwork, it was my decision, I couldn’t leave anything out. It helped me keep track of what’s going on in my territory, which I like about this job.

As I was diligently filing the paperwork, I noticed something that caught my attention. 

I asked Damon who had just entered my office at the right time.

“Excuse me, can you take a look at this?”

“What is this?”

“I know it’s strange for me to say this since I don’t know the market price, but is this the cost to build a water mill?”

“Yes, at least that much. You will have to hire reliable workers.”

Is it more expensive due to the workers’ labor cost? I don’t want to be stingy and cause them to build it half-baked, so I just write my approval.

The new water wheel is going to be built in the newly developed village. It would be located in the area where Patrick had used his magic to clear the land, the houses and other facilities are still under construction.

Those villagers from the desolate village in the neighboring territory that were reduced into bandits would slowly move into the new village soon.

For now, I have finished all the paperwork for today. Since Damon is here, I’ll discuss the upcoming event with him.

“Ano, I want to discuss something important with you…”

“Shall I invite Patrick-sama to join us then?”

No, that would be bad. I want to keep it a secret from him. 

I was planning a party to celebrate Patrick’s Level 99 achievement. Although I haven’t measured it recently, so I don’t know the exact number, I think Patrick’s would reach level 99 within a few months. 

Since there was no other way to celebrate such a happy occasion, I planned to throw a small party to celebrate. 

I wanted it to be a surprise for him.

“I want to keep it a secret from Patrick. I’ll tell him when the time is right.”

“I understand. What can I do for you?”

Damon curiously asked.

Not knowing where the question was coming from, I explained in a whisper.

“Err, how should I say this… I want a party or a celebration…”

“Ooh! I see, then congratulations are in order! Please pass on my regards to him.”

“Okay, it’s about time, right?”

“I, too, have been eagerly waiting for this!”

I knew he was an excellent employee, he immediately understood what I was trying to say.

Furthermore, he was looking forward to Patrick hitting the level cap. I believe it was something worth celebrating.

I wondered what I should prepare and verbally confirmed what I needed to sort it out in my head.

“The first thing we need to prepare is the venue, right?”

“Are you going to celebrate it in the fief? Or in the royal capital?”

“Celebrating here sounds good.”

“I understand, the people will be pleased with this celebration.”

Do you think they will be happy? Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, afraid that I missed something, I asked Damon.

“Anything else I need to prepare?”

“If it’s something you’re concerned about, it would probably be a cake.”

“You’re right. We need a cake.”

“I will arrange for something as grand and luxurious as possible.”

The cake is a must for any celebration party. My concern seems to be unfounded as Damon and I are discussing the details for the celebration party.

Now we need to figure out whom to send the invitations. Obviously, the people working in this mansion will be invited, who else should we invite?

“Who should I invite?”

“Obviously, Patrick-sama’s parents would be there. Along with His Majesty and Her Majesty.”

“Eh? His Majesty, too?”

“Indeed. It’s a ceremony that would affect the future of this kingdom.”

Ceremonies are overrated. But there aren’t many people that reach the level cap. His Majesty wouldn’t be able to disregard Patrick, who is as strong as I am.

The party has become quite a big deal. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it’s okay. 

Damon then listed more things he would require.

“Then there are the outfits. Let’s tailor a lovely dress that will suit Yumiela-sama.”

“I have to wear a dress? Me?”

“As the star of the show, it’s only natural.”

“Isn’t Patrick the star of the show?”

“Yumiela-sama is also the star of the show. After all, this is a ceremony for the both of you.”

Right, I was also Level 99. Now I know why I felt so uncomfortable, he was planning to include me in the celebration party intended for Patrick. 

But I don’t want to wear a dress. I wonder if I would ever need to wear it.

“Is the dress really necessary?”

“What are you talking about?! This is already a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, don’t leave yourself with any regrets!”

He’s right, though. You can only reach Level 99 once in your life. It happened a long time ago for me and I don’t even know what it means to wear a dress.

“I don’t want anything too flashy.”

“This is a pure white dress decorated with an ornate amount of lace. Although it does look flashy, I think it’s pureness outweighs the flashiness.”

White?! Did he just say white dress?

If I wear a white dress… then I’ll have to be careful not to spill my food!

I’m not certain if I can enjoy the food properly because I was more afraid of getting my dress dirty. But since the cake is the same white as my dress, I don’t think it would be noticeable if I spilled any. As long as I’m careful with the curry udon, I might be okay.

Would I need a sash that says I’m the star of the show? Patrick wouldn’t like it and he’d leave and Damon would be in tears.

“Ugh, I was concerned about what time it would be. I’m glad.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yeah. This will ensure the Dolknes house would remain stable and prosperous.”

Well, if you have two people with max level, stability is something you’ll have. Still, two is a small number. It’s about time someone learned the wonders of leveling up. 

Maybe, I should recruit Damon, whose right in front of me. Even though he’s old, age has nothing to do with leveling up. 

“You could be next after us.”

“Huh? It’s already too late for me, but I’m fine with the way I am now.”

Is Damon at level 99 too? The volume of my voice became louder as I asked back.

“Eeeh?! Is that so?!”

“Yes, my wife supports me from behind the scenes. This is enough for me.”

I see, so his current level is enough for him. If considering his line of work, having a high level isn’t a requirement. However, I don’t know why he is suddenly boasting about his wife but whatever.

There was more to our plans, but Damon said he’ll take care of everything.

“I will notify all servants immediately and make preparations. Everything will be ready in the next few months.”

“Please do so. I’ll be the one telling Patrick—”

“Let’s put a gag order on it. If you explain the situation, I have no doubt that they’ll cooperate.”

The party discussion ended with me bowing my head once again to ask for help.

During the day, Damon and I were engaged in conversation and we both thought we were talking about the same event. That’s for sure.

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