Chapter 31: Roaring business

Good morning.

Yesterday was a mess.

As I was busy roasting wild boar-like meat for breakfast, I heard a human voice.

Casually, I climbed the stone wall.

「What’s with all the digging?!」

「When did this happen?」

「It smells like roasting meat. There’s someone in there.」

Oh, the humans were walking around the ditch.

I noticed the tree that I passed and crossed over.

I’m looking over the situation from the top of the stone wall.

「Oi! Is anybody here?!」

「Nyaa— (I’m here.)」


The knight seems agile. They climbed over the stone wall.


Suddenly, the lightning strikes in front of the knight.

I didn’t do anything. 


「Whoo hoo!」

In the place where the lightning strikes, an old woman wearing a pointy hat covering her white hair and a girl with short blonde hair appeared.

「Who are you, guys?!」

「Young men, tell the king.

Demon Lord, Sylph, has given me this forest.」

The Demon Lord? I’m sure the King called him the bad guy.

Rather than Demon Lord, their appearance looked like witches.

Like the type of witches that has a poisonous apple.

「Demon Lord Sylph?!

Shit, we have to report this to the guild!」

Those men climbed over the stone wall again and ran.

They were in a hurry.

「Nyanko-san, I’m here~」

Well, the meat is about to be cooked.

I approached the furnace. 

The meat was getting roasted.

It’s a sirloin, ma’am.

I took one of the skewers and bit into it.

It’s tasty. It had a similar taste to pork. 

I wish I had some beer. 

Even though as a cat, I won’t be able to drink it.

「It’s lonely, don’t ignore me~!」

Oh, God. I didn’t want to deal with this, I’ll just leave it alone.

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