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0538.[Anonymous ・Maltivea people]
That’s cute in a girly way, but I’m looking for something more flashy
Preferably something with a canopy, so it’s easy to recognize that I’m a princess~! 

0539.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
Like this?

0540.[Anonymous・Maltivea people]
Yes! That’s what I want!
It’s an image from that game, isn’t it?
I can tell by the graphic details

0541.[Anonymous・Ia Sandoz people]
Stop using Kimakura images as examples
It makes people crazy

0542.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
Kima… kura…?
I have a headache… 

0543.[Anonymous・Eltes people]
Yes >>0539 Kimakura. Confirmed fan
The chat room doesn’t disclose nicknames or IDs 
I’m itching to defend myself

0544.[Anonymous・Maltivea people]

0545.[Anonymous・Ia Sandoz people]
I hope you don’t bring that awful century-old ideology into Koguni
. it’s obvious when you put it that way you don’t sound respectable

0546.[Anonymous・Rosaletti people]
Your comment was out of line 

0547.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
Kimakura fan’s characteristics
・They said Kimakura instead of Kimakura.
・They are obsessed with ‘Self-preservation’ and ‘Self-responsibility.’
・They have no expectations towards the management
・Aggravation as a form of greeting
・Not a heartwarming game
・Clans exist to crush each other
・Mental dark matter

0548.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
That’s about right

0549.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
You guys really like Kimakura, huh

0550.[Anonymous・Ia Sandoz people]
Hearing that game title makes me feel nostalgic like I want to go back to those days, like a demon invasion… 

0551.[Anonymous・Eltes people]
Let’s take a moment to calm down and remember the clear sky of Ia Sandoz
You have nothing to worry about
Just get some sleep

0552.[Anonymous・Leonhardt people]
I was about to start playing Kimakura, but is it that bad?
I heard from a friend that it’s a good game with lots of freedom

0553.[Anonymous・Rosaletti people]
It’s awful
Lots of freedom but way too much

0554.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
You should cut off your friend

0555.[Anonymous・Rosaletti people]
As a former Kimakura player, I can say that the game itself is good
Three months after the game was released, they decided to adopt mwes rule, and that’s when things started to go wrong

0556.[Anonymous・Eltes people]
Is that a typo

0557.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
MWeS (Make the World eSports) rule
The rule that makes all activities that take place through that game software esports
>>0553 That’s why it became too much

0558.[Anonymous・Eltes people]
> All actions that take place through that game software esports
That sounds normal
Games are esports 
E-sports are games, right?

0559.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
“Activities that take place through that game software”
This means that when you are walking around town or using the in-game chat, you are also participating in e-sports, and the game will adopt its rules
I’m talking about a unique set of rules that will be applied

0560.[Anonymous・Kevir people]
For instance, if you’re playing dodgeball and someone hits you with a ball, you can’t complain because that’s how the game is played
But if someone hits you with a ball while you’re eating, that’s an assault
Because the dodgeball rules don’t apply during that time
If the MWeS rules are applied
The boundary between ‘sports’ and ‘regular life’ in the game world will disappear, and the game will be all about sports
In short, it would be a world where you couldn’t complain if a ball rammed into you while you were eating

0561.[Anonymous・Leonhardt people]
I kind of understand
It’s going to cause the world to fall apart

0562.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
That doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules
But Kimakura suddenly adopted the MWeS rules, even though they weren’t necessary for the original game and were not familiar to the players
This created a strange atmosphere

0563.[Anonymous・Ia Sandoz people]
It is safe to assume that there is no privacy in Kimakura. for now 

0564.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
Exposure, identification, and people who don’t know you know you
If you can withstand these three things, you will be fine

0565.[Anonymous・Rosaletti people]
That’s usually applied to games that encourage role-playing or are more competitive.
Japan still has a very small MWeS police
MWeS police is an infamous example of this, but there is an official position as a spy and the option to betray the guild 
Inevitably, this leads to information warfare in chat rooms and other social gatherings
Many behavior and comments that can’t be tolerated happened → MWeS introduction 
Meanwhile, it’s a complete mystery why Kimakura chose to adopt something messy like MWeS in a laid-back, relaxed character game

0566.[Anonymous・Rosaletti people]
Kimakura’s decision to adopt MWeS is due to negligence on the company management’s part
They only use it as a shield to excuse their inability to handle the hateful conduct

0567.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
No wonder there are only five management staff and the rest are managed by AI

0568.[Anonymous・Eltes people]
>Adopt something messy like MWeS in a laid-back, relaxed character game
This is so true
It seems like a normal production game
Then, when you’re playing peacefully and at ease, a fastball comes crashing in, and they said, “It’s not against the law,” that’s messed up

0569.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
Are you saying it is legal to expose and identify people in Kimakura?

0570.[Anonymous・Bjornstahl people]
>>0569 I don’t know how far your definition of exposure and identification goes
“This guy did this today. I’ll post the picture.” is acceptable
This only applies to in-game screenshots and in-game chat room

0571.[Anonymous・Maltivea people]
With the MWeS introduction, the daily factional conflict and competition are tolerated to some extent
In return, there are a lot of self-preservation systems such as BL function and mute button
As long as you play around with the setting properly, you’ll rarely be bothered by anything harmful
I think >>0547 is right about the self-preservation comment

0572.[Anonymous・Eltes people]
Report management is one of the worst areas for AI
It is difficult to determine what is a violation and what isn’t just by looking at one’s words and action
AI management has its limitations

0573.[Anonymous・Akyl people]
> Daily factional conflict and competition
Umm… I don’t remember Kimakura being such a brutal game

0574.[Anonymous・Vintzeska people]
That’s why it’s crazy
There are some mini-games with competitive rules, such as favorability event date ranking
Although there is a competitive nature to it, the whole game is marketed as a laid-back game
People like us who are attracted by that often end up in trouble

0575.[Anonymous・Kevir people]
The game starts as a lighthearted game→can’t keep up with the attack→introducing MWeS→Clans getting out of control←right now!

0576.[Anonymous・Leonhardt people]
Relaxing in the greenhouse is the best.

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