Day 15: Flourishing?

Day 15 login

Upon checking the shop’s system panel, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw two things happening. 

One, all the items in the shop were sold out. 

It was obvious from the moment I entered the shop that something was wrong because there was nowhere to be found, not on the shelves, not on the mannequins, not on the hanger racks, not anywhere. 

Did I accidentally change the settings wrong? Opening the panel, I found the same message: 『No products are registered at this time』.

And the amount of yesterday’s sales is an impossible number. 

But this is still a good oddity. What is causing further chills is the number 『31』 displayed above the letter icon indicating new messages. 

It seems that I have received 31 messages from buyers. I have only received one message from Memeko-san; this is the most unusual situation. 

In case you were wondering, the items I had in my shop were a total of 34 items. The majority of the buyers had something to say to me. 

Was there something defective with the item in general or something else? Or maybe it was…

All I could think of was something bad. I tapped the icon with all the courage I could muster. Then I read through all the messages I received. 

『It’s rumored that you triggered Magdalene’s Disappearance. Is it true?』

『Many Kimakura at that revolution event. Do you know that players are in trouble?』

『I wish you had discussed it in the Talk Room when you triggered it.』

Scary. What is scary is that the person who is sending this string of messages, Valletta-san, has gone to the trouble of purchasing the item multiple times for a total of six times, throwing this kind of allegation at me. 

But in terms of content alone, this person is still rational, and there are a few simple and clear harassment here and there in messages from others. 

About one-third of the messages were negative. 

About one-third of the comments were positive, even though they had nothing to do with the product. 


『Congratulations on Clifeus comeback.』

『Thank you for coming back, Clif-sama.』

And the remaining one-third of the messages were about the products. It was a decent message about the products.

『I love the captain’s set. I will wear it with pride.』

『I wanted the captain’s costume set, but I couldn’t buy it because it was sold out. Please do a restock. I’d like a black one if possible.』

『Do you accept custom orders??』

This also includes Valletta-san’s 7th message saying something like, 『I want you to make the jacket in this set』. What is this person?

I have also received words of concern from Memeko-san, 『I know you’re getting mixed up in some weird stuff because of Yoshio and the stalker, but I’m here to support you!』. I appreciate the honesty. 

How did they know I triggered it?

Who are these people?

Assuming that one of the people at the library could identify me, would they even be able to locate the shop?

Also, what are Yoshio and the stalker?

All sorts of questions came to my mind, but in general, I can only say one thing. 

…How troublesome.

Overcoming my fear, I quickly blocked the customer players who had sent me messages unrelated to the product. 

After three seconds of deliberation, Valletta-san is blacklisted. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Pioneering or Revolution Event Discussion】

The shop name looks like Obaa-chan’s favorite LOL

Fuck off, doxer 

Yoshio and the stalker get a quick ban

It’s Sasa and the stalker

Don’t be so serious

When I tried to send a congratulatory message, all of them were already sold out (´・ω・`)

[Piano jam]
At this hour, of course
It was sold out 10 minutes after it was identified 

[cloud nine]
That’s not something to be happy about

For me, anything that sells is good enough

That’s under the premise she hasn’t identified for it, sure
If not, it’s gonna be annoying
Even if it’s right, it’s still annoying

It’s the closest thing to black you can get
As someone who witnessed the announcement at the counter as soon as the individual event was over

Don’t tell me you’re the one who triggered it?

In that case, you can buy up all my stuff

I would never give money to someone who tries to rip me off with Paradise Mint Tea

Scalpers are nothing but a rip-off

I hate to break it to you, but this is not the time
Whoever bought them all up, go fuck yourself

Take gets angry for some reason

When did you become such a character?
Did Efy take you on as an apprentice?

[cloud nine]
The problem is more with Yoshio and the stalker than with someone who bought them all

Good job, Yoshio and ee


Depending on the outcome, I’ll report them

Why? Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

You can ignore Take ^^

The boutique is back

It’s restocked
Aside from the commotion, her designs are cute

And the quality is excellent for the material
She has a strong mentality
I hope she ignores the anti-revolution and keeps up the good work

[Yoshio www]
Wait a minute www
I’ve been blacklisted LOL
I just said hello www

I can’t buy
I’ve been blacklisted


LMAO it’s inevitable

The restocking process is fast, and she keeps blocking people. I can’t help but laugh

[Piano jam]
You’re stirring the pot

Boutique-san, you have guts
I don’t hate it w

This isn’t something to laugh about. You guys are bullying her
Stop approaching her. She doesn’t seem like someone who visits the Talk Room regularly
This is why people say you’re crazy

Y’all out of your mind (complimentary)

I just congratulated Clifeus’ comeback, but I was put on the blacklist… (´・ω・`)

I just wrote the 7th message with a normal request for a custom order…

What the hell are you sending six messages for? LOL how scary

I win

Hey, get out
You deliberately bought it in seven separate purchases to take out your grudge against Giltoa
You guys need to stop mass buying

Wow, the products are already empty

It started selling boutique materials


It’s empty after the restock
Somebody bought 100.000 Healing Mint

Hmmm… (・о・)

[Yoshio www]
Wait www
This guy is on a roll and just put a million garbage www

[Piano jam]
Nice work, boutique! 

Good job

I love her business spirit

I feel like my tormentor was a psychopath

More crazy people are coming

Another sad monster has been born…

[cloud nine]
Go buy a million trash and send anti-revolution messages w

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