Chapter 86: Tree planting

I was with a blond girl, Aurene, in the desert adjacent to the forest’s western edge. 

“Here is the chant~. 『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』」

“Nyaa— (『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!)”

The magic I learned earlier from Aurene will be used. 

The seeds we planted sprout. 

Aurene and I were here to plant trees to expand the forest. 

The forest is being expanded because we need trees to mass-produce paper. 

Considering the future demand for trees, we wanted to get started on it as soon as possible. It is a lengthy process. 

The soil from the forest mixed lightly with ashes is piled on the ground. The seed is buried there. 

Then water is sprinkled on it from the fourth dimensional space enabling it to sprout using the magic I mentioned earlier. 

This species is Desert Apple, a tree that can grow in the desert. 

It also produces a small amount of fruit. 

“『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』」

“Nyaa— (『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』)”

We also decided to plant a tree called Desert Oak.

This tree is said to grow into a hard, supple wood.

“『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』”

“Nyaa— (Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』).”

The current area of the Franbel Forest is about 1.2 times larger than when I first arrived. 

Aurene is steadily expanding the forest. 

She said the forest is a home, a good neighbour, and a protector. 

The elves live with the forest. 

“『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』”

“Nyaa— (『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』)”

Since I was a medicinal researcher, I often visited the greenhouse where medicinal herbs were grown and helped with care. 

But the actual work was done by those who had graduated from the Department of Agriculture. 

Oh, how I miss those days. Belladonna, Willow, Aconite, Foxglove, Aloe…

Being surrounded by hundreds of different plants would be soothing. 

Should we build a medicinal herb garden somewhere in the forest?

Nah, that’s not possible right now because we’d need someone to take care of it. 

“『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』”

“Nyaa— (『Sprout on the earth. Sprout!』)”

I was working on planting trees (not growing beans), nostalgic for the days that would never return. 

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