Vol. 1 Chapter 02: Cheat skill and radio calisthenics

When I turned two, I realized something terrible.

In this world, there was no TV or internet. It was a late realization.

The big question was, what am I going to do in my spare time?

Well, there is chess.

And books. Not printed books but the books transferred magically.

It has protective magic that prevents the book from being transferred illegally.

After all, paper was expensive. The books read by the nobles are considered luxury items. While the commoners do have access to books, the quality available for them was really different. Their books were almost like magazines made of rough, yellow paper. 

They work during the day. When it gets dark, they go out drinking with their friends. Getting drunk and then sleeping it off. And repeat the process the next day.

This was different from nobles. Instead of manual labor, they use their time for self-improvement, attending tea parties, soirees, and balls. You know, regular adult noble things.

If you have a family, there are many ways to spend an evening with them. Or not.

Do you want to know what a two-year-old kid is doing?

So I’m just lying on my bed, not doing anything. 

I tried to pass the time by playing catch and release with the spirits. I’m not really trying to catch them. Whenever I almost catch them, I slow down and they seem to understand the cues. Whenever that happens, they usually change their speed and fly away.

Suddenly, something glowed.

There was a beeping sound. A transparent board appeared in the air. It’s similar to something I saw in a sci-fi movie I used to watch. The words were all lined up there.

It’s like a tablet screen floating in the air. 

I tried to enter ‘Azalea Empire’ in the search bar and information came up. A lot.

There is something about the Empire’s founding, its history, citizens’ livelihood, arts, past emperors, and nobles’ directory.

This is cheating, right? Wait. Is this a cheat skill? Like one of those strongest reincarnated protagonists in another world!

Except I don’t fight.

I won’t even touch the domestic affairs!

This is strange. Why would they give this ability to someone who has reincarnated?

Let’s leave the world development to the locals.

Wait. Are the great people on earth reincarnated from another world? Is that how it goes?

I’ll fulfill it this time. 

I didn’t even have a proper relationship in my previous life because I kept focusing all my attention on my 2D husband.

Nope, I’m not going to cry!!

Is there any skill that if I throw a rock and it hits, they will give me someone or something?

That would be better than Wikipedia. Being alone is fine. All alone.

I know, I know. They have the right to choose. Damn it!! 

I want to live a long life and experience a peaceful retirement. 

It’s not the time to use a cheat skill and fight.

A happy marriage and peaceful retirement are already pretty challenging enough.

Now I have something to read to kill time. This will help me remember Japanese since I won’t have a chance to use it again.

The current ruler is Empress Euphenia, who is twenty-eight years old.

When the late emperor passed away, Euphenia-sama was seventeen years old. And her younger brother was five years old.

Normally, the younger brother would succeed on the imperial throne and be appointed a guardian. But in the Azalea Empire, women held a relatively high status. In the long-standing history of the empire, there have been three empresses who had ruled the empire.

Euphenia-sama was an outstanding person. When the empire was thrown into chaos over the throne’s succession, she noticed the foreign nations’ attempts to expand their borders. Not wanting to add fuel to the fire, she declared herself as the empress. Under her leadership, she removed those clinging to their old ideas and united the empire.

Her husband and right-hand man, General Maximilian, was a former marquis’s second son.

The empire’s only general is a good-looking married man who is besotted with the Empress.

He became the national army’s commander for the Empress’s sake and is a great warrior. Rather than expanding the borders, he helped turn the tables on the foreign nations who tried to invade the borders under his command.

And when the empress was indisposed due to her pregnancy, he helped fill in her shoes. His political skills are highly regarded but he doesn’t meddle in politics. He has the duty to protect the country. 

Foreign martial artists and military personnel have amazing muscle. Their arms could be as thick as a woman’s thigh. He’s a beefy guy with a fierce look, but he’s completely infatuated with the Empress.

The Empress is a feisty-looking beauty with stunning red hair, maybe she’s a tsundere?

What a perfect couple. I could write three thin doujinshi about them.

As a Japanese, I miss seeing Asian people around me. Please, I miss seeing a familiar Japanese face.

Still, I’m only two years old. No matter how good I am right now, no one would recognize me. 

If anything even slightly threatening happens, the Empress will crush them politically while the General will do it physically. So far, no nation wants to pick a fight with us, and everyone trades peacefully. 

According to Wiki-kun, a frontier count is allowed to have a large territory and army because they govern region bordering a foreign nation. They are also a keystone to border defense. 

We’re called a frontier but at the same time, we aren’t.

Since the west and south are oceans, we have a navy and large port.

To the south, we have a large island nation, the Rufthanen Kingdom. And across the strait to the west, we have the Stark Kingdom. If war ever broke out, we would be on the front lines. But right now, we are at the forefront of trading. 

Plus, the climate is mild all year round, so we are a hot destination for a summer retreat, attracting people from all over the empire. In other words, the social scene has shifted to our area.

No wonder the imperial family treats us so well.

There is no Japanese tea? We do produce black tea, though.

Even I know that the difference between black tea and Japanese tea is in their degree of fermentation.

I do like Japanese tea, hojicha, and matcha!

Even if Wiki-kun showed me how to do it, I’m not going to establish a new industry, okay?

I’ll just make some for myself. We’ll see.

With all the work and social activities at the Imperial palace, it would be impossible to manage such a vast territory on their own, right? That’s why the territory is divided among several barons, viscounts, and knights, with each town having its own lord to manage it. 

If I had to put it in modern terminology, the Imperial family would be like the main company and we’re the branch offices. 

And if you run a branch office in a big town, the management will take good care of you and value you. But, if you do anything illegal, you will get punished.

I was blown away when I saw the picture.

There was a gentle slope from the harbor to our mansion and in case we get attacked, we have to go around a hill and can’t go directly to the mansion. It was surrounded by walls, too.

Within the wall was the noble’s district and then another wall. Behind that wall stood our mansion with its vast grounds.

Several buildings on the grounds included the boarding house and the Knights’ barracks who guarded the mansion and us. We also have a stable for horses and the space to park the carriage alone was quite large. 

Since I’m only two years old, I think I can live in peace for another two years or so. 

When I turn ten, I will have to go to a school near the imperial capital for the winter, which will cause me a lot of trouble. It might be a good idea to build my physical strength before then.

Days passed and I turned three years old. 

And apparently I’m the problem child of the Bellisario family.

Diadora itself sounds like a villain’s name. It’s okay, though. 

Dana and Cynthia are both bright and cute kids, if I wanted them to stick around I wouldn’t start bullying them.

The problem is that normally young ladies don’t have a wide range of activities. If I had been a boy, I wouldn’t have been this worried. But since I had two older brothers, my dreams and hopes for a girl had grown. 

I would crush them all to pieces. Hahahahaha. 

Thinking about where I could safely run as fast as I could without falling, I discovered the knight training facility across the courtyard. I decided to borrow a corner of the large outdoor training area. 

My brothers are currently practicing their swordsmanship, so it’s okay for me to run there, right?

My butler is a ten years old boy named Rex. He’s the grandson of my father’s head butler. While my older brothers’ butlers are children in their late teens with some experience. But then again I’m a girl. It’s not like I’m going to work in the future and I’ve been assigned a lot of maids, they thought I might need male labor at some point. He’s in the process of being properly educated, though. 

I’m sorry. I wanted to see what the area has to offer. Now that I can move around, sometimes I forget I’m only three years old.

For example, I often found myself in a ditch after I slipped and fell on the grass, which resulted in scrapes and cuts every time. Whenever this happened, my mother and the maids would scream and make a big fuss. 

There is no need to make such a fuss, the water spirit will cast a recovery spell on me, okay?

We’ll do some warm-up to make sure we don’t get hurt.

But I’m not sure what kind of exercise I should do. 

However, I already realised how hard it is to start exercising as an adult. I know how important it is to move your body. I feel like one of the factors that shortened my life span was how I never exercised. 

In this life, every day I’m going to make it a habit to exercise while I’m still a kid. The goal is to build up my muscles and endurance when I grow up, so I won’t have a hard time being active.

There is that exercise that every Japanese citizen knows—radio calisthenic No. 1.

I still remember how to do it because I did it a lot before gym class.

The exercises are designed in such a way that you have to stretch your knees as much as you can and when you bend your knees, you have to make sure the angle and the direction are correct. These exercises help to relax every muscle in my body and make me sweat.

“I see. I’ve never seen this kind of exercise. Did you come up with it yourself?”

“Kind of?”

“Do you mind if I join you?”


Oh, maybe he’s interested in Dana. I know she’s cute.

There are girls among the knights, right?

Since they’re about to become knights, their bodies are big and their hairs are short. 

Suddenly there is a pretty girl in a maid uniform, looks like they wanted to get close to her. 

“Does it?”

“Yes, please teach me!”

I show him how to do it so he can remember. 

As expected, there are only Knights here and their physique looks good. And it’s huge. 

And their average height is around 180cm? What the hell. 

“Eh? Is that how you do the exercise?”

Isn’t this strange? Do Children in this world grow up faster than the Japanese?

Or maybe this is just a racial difference? Compared to my previous life, my development looks like a five years old kid.

Five years old is still the age of an innocent kindergartener. It can’t be helped. 

No matter how serious I am, it doesn’t look the same as when an adult does it.

“Somebody, learn this from Diadora-sama and master it.”

Eh?? Are you going to adopt this into the Knights’ routine?

Did I just get reincarnated into another world and my first influence was through radio calisthenic?

Noooooo! This can’t be happening!!

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