Chapter 38: Nell’s adventure part 1

The innkeeper’s daughter POV

A week has passed after Sylph the demon king’s sighting.
Right now, inside a certain inn.

“Neko-san isn’t coming again today?”

When the cat arrived, Nell had planned to read the cat her new book, but today the cat wasn’t there.

“Neko-san must be busy today.”

Her mother answered to calm her down, but she feared that perhaps the cat had been sick and died. 

When cats get sick, they will hide.

This is said to be done to protect their weaker selves from being targeted by their enemies. 

Only the cats know whether or not this is true. 

Or maybe Neko-san found somewhere more comfortable to stay.

“Nancy-san, the adventurer’s guild would like to make arrangements for lodging.

Could you please come to the Guild Master’s office?”

“Okay. Nell, mama is working, so you stay at home, okay?”


After Nancy left for work, Nell had this bright idea.

I should go and visit Neko-san myself, she thought. 

Fortunately, she knew which direction Neko-san was heading back.

Neko-san was heading towards the forest.

Nell packed some bread and dried meat from the pantry into a small satchel before leaving.

Nancy arrived at her inn an hour later to discover that her daughter had disappeared.

She returned to the guild and filed a missing person report, which Nell was unaware of.

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