Chapter 62: It’s better not to use [Four-dimensional Space] in public

Once Nell woke up, we decided to play some cards that Mac had brought. 

How was I supposed to hold the cards when I was a cat?

Behold, my shiny golden forceps. 

I was pretty adept at this. The forceps didn’t damage the card at all. 

I use a soft touch to handle the cards as if I were treating a woman. 

The game we are playing now is called Eight. 

It is played with 52 cards, minus the joker. 

Each player is given 7 cards at the beginning and the rest of the deck is put on the table. 

Players play cards from their hands by dealing the cards with the same number or symbol. 

Players can play the card with the number 8 at any time. 

If you do, you must specify the next symbol. 

Only one card can be played per turn. 

The player who has no cards to play draws a card from the deck. 

If the card you draw is a card you can play, you play it and end your turn. 

If you cannot play the card, you draw another one. 

This continues until there are no more cards in your hand or the deck. 

When a player runs out of cards in their hand, that player wins. 

And when the deck is empty, the cards in your hand are scored as follows: 8 is 50 points, KQJ is 10 points, and the others are scored as the numbers indicate. 

The player with the least points wins. 

“Wooow. I won!”

Nell’s hand is gone, it’s her win. 

“Nell, it’s time to eat. 

Would you like to join us?”

Nancy came to call Nell. 

She decided to invite Mac along to join them. 

“You shouldn’t have, oneesan.

I’ll pay for the meal.”

“No, no, please don’t be shy. I’ve got lots of meats on hand.”

Speaking of which, this world doesn’t have a refrigerator. 

Not being able to preserve things is inconvenient, isn’t it?


This is why having [Four-dimensional Space] is so helpful. 

So far, I haven’t seen anyone using this skill. 

Perhaps it is a rare skill. 

Aurene warned me before that this skill could be abused. 

I asked Mac, [Are there many people who can use Four-dimensional Space?]

“Hmm, only the heroes, I think. 

The capacity is only enough for four chunks of meat at most, it’s not suitable for commercial use.”

Huh. That’s about 20 kg?


There is enough lava in my four-dimensional space to fill a baseball field. 

And I still feel like I can fit more. 

My [Four-dimensional Space] must have a higher spec than those heroes’.

This is something that can be abused if people know about it. 

I should be careful about using it when I’m not in front of people who know me well. 

Thinking of this, I enjoyed the seasoning-free meat soup that Nancy had prepared for me. 

Mmm, it’s delicious. 

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  1. kirindas says:

    Thank you!

  2. Exfernal says:

    How could you abuse someone who can bring out a baseball field worth of molten lava? They could drown you in lava the moment you tried anything suspicious. This cat’s worries are ridiculous. Unless there are some enslaving spells or artifacts that can work on him by surprise.

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