Chapter 05: Useful skills

Good morning. The weather is great today.

What should we be doing today?

First, let’s confirm the current situation.

I was reincarnated as a cat.

Some of the skills that I have, I didn’t understand what it means.

No food stockpiles. No fixed residence.

No information on the current location. Also, no clothes.

……There’s no purpose to bring up anything that doesn’t exist. I should stop here.

Let’s check the skills that I have.

I appraise myself again.


Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

Lv: 1 (20 years old)

Race: Cat

Skill: 【Appraisal Lv100】【Four-dimensional Space Lv100】

【EXP 100x】【Learning Lv100】


HP 1,370/1,370 MP1,021/1,022

ATK231 DEF264 MAT355 MDF240 SPD397 INT256 LUK101

An orange tabby cat that has been transmigrated to another world. He was initially a human.

It has the strength and resistance of a dragon.


I understand the 【Appraisal Lv100】 skill, but what are the other three?


Appraisal Results

【Four-dimensional Space Lv100】

Description: Object can be stored inside the four-dimensional space.

Time stops inside the four-dimensional space.

No MP consumption.


I see… It’s like that robot in a cat shape.


Appraisal Results

【EXP 100x】

Description: Acquired 100 times the normal EXP value.


What is EXP?

This is not a game.


Appraisal Results

【Learning Lv100】

Description: The skill’s owner will be able to master the skill quickly.


What do you mean by quickly learning the skill?

I don’t understand the meaning.

Then, when I used my appraisal skill again, I found out my MP is 1017.

The appraisal is using 1 MP per usage.

Right now, I’m going to try 【Four-dimensional space Lv100】 skill.

Let’s give it a shot.

Uoaa—, using four-dimensional space—.

When I attempted to use the skill, a black rift appears in front of me.

How do you use this thing?

Biting the dangerous poisonous plant’s stalk nearby into small pieces, then he throws them inside.

Ahh, it went in.

With both hands (both forefeet?) into the rift, he takes out the dangerous poisonous plant.

And I can take it out.

At least, now I know how to use it.

That’s a handy skill.

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