Vol. 2 Extra 03: Ryuu’s meal situation

Ryuu is cute. He’s so cute that I’m convinced he only eats macarons. Is he a fairy?

But being a dragon, no amount of ordinary food can nourish Ryuu. Most of his body is made up of magical energy and he had the same food staple as regular monsters.

Once every few months is enough but it seems a bit pitiful.

That’s why I bought a large amount of meat from the butcher and fed it to Ryuu as a delicacy. It was a sight to behold as he gobbled up the meat with relish.

Today I had the butcher in Dolknes territory prepare huge amounts of meat for him again. Will he like it?

“Ryuu, I brought you some meat!”

I presented a lump of meat my size to Ryuu, who was relaxing in the garden.  Delighted by his first meal in a long time, he excitedly bit into the meat… Oh?

“Hey, why are you stopping?”

After sniffing the meat, Ryuu turned his head away in a huff.

I tried to smell the meat, but I couldn’t smell anything rotten at all. 

“What’s wrong? Do you have a stomachache?”

Although I was worried that there might be something wrong with him, Ryuu awkwardly looked away and shut his eyes. 

Is this what happens when your kids go through puberty?

Or maybe he’s worried about his weight? Is he embarrassed to have his mother feed him? I don’t know, I don’t know what boys at his age are thinking.

If you feel like eating, just let me know and I’ll leave. Hmm, I’m worried about him.

I don’t even know if it has anything to do with puberty. My mind is full of negative reasons why he’s having trouble eating. 

Am I overthinking this? Could it be that he’s just picky about this food?

“Maybe the raw meat is a bit too much….”

Since he was a dragon, it was easy to assume that he would eat raw meat. It would have been terrible to feed him something that wasn’t even cooked.

So I came up with a plan. I named it the “let’s lure him using aroma” strategy.

Once I had moved to a shaded spot in the garden, I built a fire and began to roast the raw meat on iron skewers. The skewers are being rotated to make sure the meat is evenly cooked.

I’ve always wanted to try this once. Will it turn out well?

The aroma then stimulated Ryuu’s appetite. When the delicious smell wafted out of nowhere, his stomach would growl and I appeared with well-cooked meat.

It’s a perfect plan. 

Cooking the meat took longer than I thought. I thought it would be quick, but the meat was still half-cooked. It might be a little better than getting burned, though. 

While watching the meat slowly cooking, my thoughts went back to the many reasons for Ryuu’s lack of appetite.

Was it because he was full? But that’s unlikely, as no one else is feeding him… there’s no way my child would eat something given by a stranger.

The smell was becoming increasingly more appetizing. From the wall shade in the garden, I quietly asked Ryuu how he was doing. 

“—Miss Eleanora is here.”

Eleanora, who had been staying at our house, came over to see Ryuu.

She is offering something to him. Are that macarons? Haha, now he has a poor appetite, there’s no way he’ll eat those sweets. Plus, he’s a dragon?

“Ryuu, I brought you some macarons! You can eat it.”

He took a bite of the unappetizingly fashionable sweets that were offered to him. He chewed with satisfaction.

“No way—”

Half sticking my face out from behind the wall, I was so shocked that I couldn’t help but shout.

Our eyes met as Ryuu noticed my voice. Are you kidding me? You’re going to choose the macarons that she brought over the meat I prepared?

Ryuu dared to look uncomfortable but still finished the rest of the macarons. Ahaha, his mouth is so big that the macarons look like beans. Ahaha.

The homewrecker seems to have noticed my presence. She shamelessly started talking to me.

“Would you like some, Yumiela-san?”

There was no way I was going to fall for this woman’s trickery. It’s a serious crime to trick the pure Ryuu with your cunning.

On second thought, she bought those macarons using my money. What a wicked woman. How could she use my money to snatch away Ryuu-kun?

“No, thanks.”

“Are you sure? These macarons are delicious.”

Eleanora says dejectedly. Don’t let that gesture fool you.

“How many times have you made him eat sweets?”

“Uhh, I don’t know? But I did this often in the Academy. But since I’ve been living here and seeing him often, I guess a lot.”

What a mess. She ensnared Ryuu as if she were strangling him with silk. You snake.

“That’s a crafty thing to do.”


“—You’re doing something a little clever.”

“Tee-hee, I’m being complimented… for being clever.”

She’s a fool but she’s a good kid nonetheless. She was ridiculous.

Eleanora said, ignoring my outright animosity.

“Ryuu likes sweets, doesn’t he? What does Yumiela-san feed him?”

My conscience ached when I saw her carefree smile. 

Right, I had no idea what he liked. Eleanora understood him.

Isn’t it my fault? I had taken the liberty to feed him raw meat, using my preconceived notion that he was a dragon. Instead of looking at him as his own person, I was forcing my ideal image of a dragon on him.

I failed him. So disappointing, I was ashamed of myself. I felt bad for Ryuu.

I stared fixedly at his face and said.

“Sorry, Ryuu. From now on, I’ll do my best.”

Seeing the look of determination on my face, Ryuu roared with a languid air. The lack of trust is deserved. I have to show my commitment with my actions, not my words.

For some reason, Ryuu’s expression seemed to mirror Patrick’s. It’s strange.

       ◆ ◆ ◆

Buying and feeding raw meat to children. Now that I think about it, it’s impossible. It’s like feeding raw rice to a human. It’s not even as good as the lunch box you could buy in the convenience store. 

Until now, I have been completely neglectful and careless in my care.

From now on I will take the time and effort to cook for him with lots of love.

After putting on my apron, I bought all the needed ingredients and headed for the kitchen. 

On my way there, I ran into Patrick.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing here?”

“I’m going to cook now.”

“—Didn’t you once say that nobles aren’t supposed to cook?”

Huh, I did say that. I thought I had assured him that he shouldn’t cook or bake because it would only cause trouble for the servants. 

But things are different now.

 “I just thought I should make Ryuu a home-cooked meal with love.”

 “Didn’t you also say that if love could change the way things taste, it would be troublesome?”

Did I say that? I think I did. That sounds like something I would say.

But things are different now.

“The most important thing in cooking is love. The power of love is wonderful.”

“I see.”

No matter how good the chef’s cooking was, it would be overshadowed in front of food full of love.

However, Patrick’s expression wasn’t good. Is there something on his mind?

“Do you think… I’m bad at cooking?”

“No, I don’t think you are bad… definitely not thinking about it.”

Although I haven’t cooked since I was reincarnated into this world, my cooking skills were pretty good in my previous life. When I say that I’m not that good, I was being modest. But if you look at it objectively, I’m pretty good.

I know how to make sure that the soup I put in the cup noodle is filled properly and I have the skill to fill the cup with hot water correctly. I can also squeeze out a retort-pouch curry without waste.

As such, I can easily make a home-cooked meal or two. In addition, I am full of love and perfect at giving love.

Seeing me overflowing with confidence and love, Patrick must have been relieved. 

“Where did you get that confidence… What are you going to cook?”

“I’m making stew.”

He likes sweets, but as a parent, I don’t want him to eat only sweets. I hadn’t made stew in my previous life but there’s room for everything.

When he heard what I’m about to cook, he pointed at the ingredients I was holding. His fingers were twitching and trembling.

“Aren’t those some strange ingredients to add in a stew?”

“Oh, you mean the strawberry jam? Ryuu has a sweet tooth, so I thought I’d make a sweet stew. And to bring out the flavor, I’ll add some cicada shells as a secret ingredient!”

Patrick’s expression became grimmer as I showed him the other ingredients.

I can understand that, I often don’t look like I’m spending my time and effort.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you taste it.”

There is something adorable about him, he is jealous of Ryuu, isn’t he? Alright, I’ll make a home-cooked meal full of love not only for my beloved son but also for my beloved fiance. 

This will definitely increase his favorability towards me. Once you’ve done a lovey-dovey event like eating your girlfriend’s home-cooked meal, you will get the doting route. 

He was frozen solid, probably from being too happy, and with a strained voice, he said. 

“You should probably have a professional take a look at it. Ah—, you have no idea how to use a kitchen for the first time, do you? I’m worried that you might get hurt.”

“Okay. Thanks, Patrick.”

All kitchens are the same, right? And I’m not weak enough to get hurt by knives or fire.

But I’ll take his concern with open arms. I have no intention of asking for professional supervision. This is how a capable woman works.

After turning down the cooks’ help, I started cooking in the kitchen. The stew turned out well. In my usual flow, this would be a failure but I really can cook. Hahaha. 

The cook, who had been watching my cooking, ran off, tears streaming down his face. His pride as a cook must have been hurt. Sorry about that.

My stew is ready.

Yosh, time to serve it to everyone. 

Eleanora mistook my stew for poison.

Ryuu flew away.

Patrick fell asleep for three days.

The end.

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