Vol. 1 Extra 01: But the beam…

During the school lunch break, I was staring at the sky in the schoolyard’s corner.

When I saw Ryuu emit a black beam from his eyes, I was in the middle of trying to figure out if I could do it too. I’ve been trying for a few minutes, but there are no signs of beams coming out of my eyes.

「Hey, what are you doing there? 」

I turned towards his voice and saw Patrick. Oh, careful. I turn my head away from Patrick in a rush.

「Don’t come too close! 」

「S-sorry. 」

I didn’t expect Patrick to sound sullen. I briefly explained the situation to him as he tries his best to leave quickly.

「You know, I was trying to get a beam out of my eyes that’s why I told you it was dangerous. 」

「Beam? 」

「The, uh… Ray? You know, the black stuff new-born Ryuu used to release out of his eyes. 」

「Oh, that one. Eh? Is that what you’re trying to do? 」

We aren’t looking at each other and continued to talk from a distance.

「Yeah, the output would be limited, but it would be faster and I thought it would be amazing. 」

「…What’s the point of letting it out from your eyes in the first place? 」

Oh, I see. I was stuck because I saw Ryuu had let it out from his eyes.

「Well, if you can get it out of your fingertips, you can shoot ten of them all at the same time, and that’s obviously better. 」

「That’s like asking for troubles… 」

With eyes, you can only shoot two but your vision might get blocked. That’s what Patrick does, he can come up with ideas that I never thought possible.

I guess it’s not good to focus it in a particular body part. If you can emit beams from all the pores of your body, you won’t have any blind spots.

「Hmmm, but if I do it from the back or something, it’ll put holes on my clothes… 」

「 At the back? 」

「Don’t you think it would be powerful if you could beam in all directions? Like a chestnut. 」

Patrick frowned greatly as if he had imagined me firing the beam from my whole body.

「Don’t do it. I suppose it’s just like Breath in the first place, a dragon can do it and a human can’t. 」

「Oh, do you think I should start practicing my breaths? 」

I opened my mouth wide to breathe out flames. Oh, let’s do this.

「…You look like a complete idiot. 」

Patrick told me to think about it carefully, now I want to vomit.

「Fine… I will give up on the Breath and the Beam. 」

The reason I’m not facing him right now is because of the danger of the beams coming out of my eyes.

And not because I was embarrassed.

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