Chapter 39: Nell’s adventure part 2

The innkeeper’s daughter POV

I entered the Franbel forest. 

The trees in the forest were tall enough to tower an adult. 

It felt as if I had wandered into a town filled with magical towers for the four years old me.


After wandering two hours into the forest,

“Neko-san… owwie!”

My feet got caught in the ivy and I tripped.

The exhaustion is making me lose my footing.


“Hey, who’s there?”

The adventurer who was exploring the forest heard Nell’s voice and ran to her.

“Huh? A child? What are you doing here, kid?”

“Ano, are you Neko-san’s friends?”


What kind of cat was she talking about? More importantly, what was a kid doing in this place?

These thoughts crossed the adventurer’s mind. 

“Are you lost? Come on, I will show you the path to the town. 

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you shouldn’t be anywhere near the forest because the Demon King is doing bad things there?”

Looking at the man crouched down with his back to me, trying to give me a piggyback ride, I thought. 

If this man catches me, I won’t be able to see Neko-san. 

“[Please grant me the speed of a swift horse. Haste.]”

I used an acceleration spell to get away from the adventurer. 

The spell could be used up to three times a day to accelerate a body or object. 

The effect only lasted less than a minute, but it’s enough to escape from the adventurer. 

“A child using magic?! That’s impossible!”

If this adventurer had brought Nell back, her disappearance case would have been solved. 

Nancy’s gifted education has backfired. 

“Please wait for me Neko-san.”

After escaping from the adventurer, I had exhausted my energy after an hour of walking. The moment I leaned against a tree, my consciousness left me.

“Oh?? What did a human child doing here~

What a rare finding~.”

The blond-haired elf passed by and carried Nell on her back. 

She was so deep in her sleep that the movement didn’t wake her. 

“Let’s bring this as a souvenir for Nyanko-san~.”

The elf muttered to herself and headed to the wood house.

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