Vol. 1 Chapter 05: Tea party with the Queen

After an audience with the King, I was invited to a tea party with the Queen.

I was taken to the room where the Queen is in the inner part of the palace, where the private space of the royal family located.

The Queen and a maid were waiting in a room with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere arranged for the tea party。

「Yumiela-san, thank you for coming.

I was hoping for his Majesty to join us, alas, he was busy with work. 」

The Queen had this youthful and calm air around her.

「My name is Yumiela Dolknes. I feel honored for the invitation. 」

「This is an informal occasion, so you don’t have to be so formal about it.」

Said the Queen as she smiled softly and wink at the maid. The maid was leaving the room after she finished brewing black tea for me.

「The conversation in this room wouldn’t leave the room. I won’t share it with anyone. 」

What? I can smell the trouble already. Please, I want to go home.

「Fufu, you know you don’t need to worry, right? His Majesty and I, both of us like you?

Your response to the audience was praiseworthy. I was relieved that someone with a good head on your shoulder like you got strong power. 」

「Th-thank you for the compliment? 」

I’m surprised at the unexpected high opinion.

「Yumiela-san think it’s troublesome to have power, right? And you seem like a sharp young lady.

I’m afraid to imagine that you are an ambitious person with an empty head. 」

「Ano, why her Majesty trust me so much? 」

「There are many nobles who approach the royal family by pretending they have no desire.

You don’t think you’re not involved with the royal family, do you? I’m afraid I can’t trust that kind of person. 」

She was silent. She couldn’t tell her that she doesn’t want to be involved with the royal family in front of her, right? And the Queen continued.

「Let’s get down to business.

This information is only known to the royal family and some of the nobles, but the demon king will come back in 2 years. 」

What the Queen said surprised me.

It’s not about the demon king’s resurrection that surprises me, but how accurate that prediction is.

In the game, when the heroine became a third-year student, the demon king was resurrected without notice.

The royal family may have information about the demon king that wasn’t revealed in the game.

「The demon king…? 」

「Yes, I want your cooperation in defeating the demon king.

When the army in charge of suppressing the demon king’s monster army, we need a small team to defeat the demon king. 」

「I understand. Since the kingdom was in danger, I’ll cooperate. 」

I replied immediately, also in case of emergency, I was planning to defeat the demon king myself.

「Thank you, Yumiela-san.

I feel bad for asking you to risk your own life like this…

And it’s bad for the kingdom if you are the one who defeats the demon king. 」

It’s bad for the kingdom if I defeat the demon king? I tried to think about what she means by that, and I remember something.

「Is it about the king’s legitimacy? 」

The Kingdom of Balshine, created by the hero and saintess who sealed the demon king, it said that the royal family is their descendants.

That’s the reason why the king ruled this kingdom.

But if someone not related to the royal family defeats the demon king, that theory will fall apart.

「Yumiela-san catch on quickly, it’s like that.

The hero’s descendant is only a formal reason; the king’s cause is important. 」

The Queen says, astonished.

I noticed the prince had been involved in the demon king’s in the game, how sneaky of them.

「Edwin will be on his way to subdue the demon king.

I would be happy if Yumiela-san could join as a saintess……」

But if they announce me as the saintess, that’s mean I will marry Prince Edwin. And I don’t want that to happen because it sucks.

「Alicia, who uses light magic, is more suitable for the saintess position.

And she seemed to get along well with his Highness Edwin at the school. 」

Let’s sacrifice the heroine.

「Are you refusing it? If you didn’t like it, you could frankly say it.

Ah, if you don’t like Edwin, how about marrying Morris? 」

「I’m not trying to be ungrateful, but I will refuse. 」

When the first prince was recommended, I immediately refused. Well, the Queen was the one who said that I must be frank if I don’t like it.

「Fufufu, I won’t force you if you don’t like it. I don’t want you to run away to the rival’s country.

All things considered, I will tell both of my sons. 」

Perhaps because I refused the marriage proposal with the princes so firmly, the Queen burst into laughter.

After her laughter subsides, she changed the subject, and her expression turns serious.

「We will discuss the demon king in detail later.

Right now, the problem is the nobles who want to bring Yumiela-san into their faction.

Since the information about your level has been circulated, tomorrow, they will begin to try to win you over. 」

「It’s not a problem to join the King or the Queen’s faction, isn’t it?」

「My and His Majesty factions are the main, but faction is not monolithic. The struggle for Yumiela-san will start inside the main faction.

While the main faction is moderate, there are a few problems. Yumiela-san seems to be able to get around very well. 」

The Queen continued to lecture me on the noble’s faction.

「You should be careful with the radical faction led by Duke Hillrose.

Stay away from aggressive war proposals against other countries.

And please watch out for contact with intelligence agents from other countries. If they make an attractive proposal, I assure you his Majesty will offer more. 」

After hearing that gracious offer, I realize that I have become a human strategic weapon.

When I realize that I don’t know anything about the House of Dolknes’ faction, I asked her Majesty a question. She took her time to replied.

「House of Dolknes that said pseudo-central nobles are part of the radical faction.

It was a coincidence since the Duke wanted to make the faction a little bigger, and they wanted to join the central faction. 」

House of Dolknes is part of the radical faction, and my family was probably under the influence of Duke Hillrose.

「What would you do if they said you’re going to be adopted or became someone from Duke Hillrose family’s fiancée? 」

「Sent House of Dolknes a royal order not to transfer Yumiela-san’s register elsewhere.

The other nobles will criticize this, but this gave you enough deadlines until the academy graduation. 」

「That’s enough time, your Majesty. 」

Let’s do something about my relationship with my parents before I graduate.

「Yumiela-san, what do you think of your parents? 」

Just when I’m worried and thinking about my relationship with my parents’, her Majesty asked me about it.

「As far as I remember, I’ve never met them before, so I can’t say anything.

They don’t seem to be good people. If I can cut off our relationship, I will. 」

Ah, no wonder, I didn’t think I’ve ever met my parents. Hearing what I said, the Queen takes a deep breath and looks sad.

「Is that so…… if it’s okay with you, I can adopt…… no, Yumiela-san will refuse, won’t you?

But, you can think of me as a mother. Please come and play whenever you want. 」

Even if you said that I’m the one that feels bothered since my mental age was over 30.

「Once again, I feel grateful. I appreciate the thought. 」

After that, I talked about my life in Dolknes’ territory.

As my story continues, for some reason, the Queen looks sad, and when it reached the fun part of leveling up (dungeon edition), the tears spill.

「I will send one of his Majesty’s subordinate to the academy. If you have any trouble, please tell him. 」

Somehow I was under the Queen’s protection, and I left the palace with a large amount of sweets.


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