Vol. 2 Extra 02: Seven wonders of the school

This story takes place before the summer break in the second year. A few months after Ryuu was born and around the time Yumiela realized her feelings for Patrick. 

It sometimes feels like I forget that this school is the setting for a maiden game. Obviously, there are no shortage of events.
This is the summer of my second school year, which means that the ghost event should be happening soon. I have no problem leaving it alone, but I don’t want anyone blaming me again, so I set out to solve the case without the main character, Alicia.

It is somewhat lonely to deal with the ghosts alone, so I decide to invite Patrick to join me.

「Did you hear about it? People are talking about ghosts.」
「Yeah, it’s normal for them to talk about things they’re curious about. I don’t know much about it.」

I hadn’t heard of it, but I knew the event had already begun. When it comes to information, I know I can count on Patrick. 

If it wasn’t for my game knowledge, I would never have known about this for the rest of my life. The level of isolation I’m subjected to is awful. 
That is when Patrick mentioned something new. 

「Does Yumiela have an interest in the Seven Wonders, too?」
「Eh? Seven Wonders?」

What the hell is Seven Wonders? There was only supposed to be one wonder in the game, so why are there six more psychic phenomena? The present situation deviates from the original scenario, but this is not the only event that will change because of me.

There might be something strange in the school that I don’t even know about.

I felt a shiver down my spine… but whatever is lurking in the academy, if I can hit it, I can probably beat it and if it’s an opponent I can’t hit, I can just blast the entire space where the target is. Okay, that’s a perfect plan.

       ◆ ◆ ◆

After school the next day, Patrick and I were investigating the Seven Wonders of the School.

Neither of us knew the details, so we asked around the day before and made a note of it.
Patrick was the one who interviewed the people. I tried asking around as well, but everyone kept slurring their words and nobody told me about the seven wonders.

「This is the first one. They say there is a terrifying monster in the world here.」
「Monster? That’s not what I imagined.」

We stopped near a warehouse on the outskirts of the school.
I was expecting some kind of psychic phenomenon, like hearing voices or things starting to move on their own, but it’s more like an unidentified creature.

Then a large black figure sprang out of the warehouse doorway with a nudge.
Yep, this warehouse is my precious child’s home.

「Ryuu! You’re home, have you been good?」

Ryuu, the dragon, rubs his head against me for some pampering. Aw, it’s adorable.
As I patted Ryuu’s head, I said.

「Hey Ryuu, have you seen any monster around here?」

Ryuu had a look on his face that said he had no idea what I was talking about. As I suspected, there was no such thing as a terrifying monster in this world. It was only a rumor after all.

「I knew it. The Seven Wonders are a lie after all.」
「No, maybe Ryuu is…」

Patrick says, as he looks at Ryuu.
What’s up with Ryuu? There is no connection between such a perfectly cute dragon and a terrifying monster with a mouth so big it could swallow a person whole and claws that could cut through armor like paper.

After bidding farewell to Ryuu, we headed to the next location.
Later, Patrick pointed to the girls’ dormitory at the school. Furthermore, it was the wing where my room is located.

「This is the second spot. A female student is trying to kill herself by jumping out of the rightmost window on the second floor.」
「That’s my room.」
「If Yumiela doesn’t see anything, then I’m guessing the female student in the story doesn’t exist.」

It was another groundless rumor. From the beginning, it was suspicious when she committed suicide by jumping out of the second-floor window. The height is not high enough.

「Sometimes I come in and out of my room through that window, but I’ve never seen a ghost in my life. 」
「Hmm? Through the window?」
「Mm, I can jump off of that window to go outside and jump back to my room.」
「…Oh, I see what you mean. 」
「Eh? What does that mean?」

Afterwards, I was scolded by Patrick for misbehaving. Oh Come on, it’s a shortcut, relax.

And the third place was the library. This is also a place I frequently visit.

「They say there is someone who is plotting to overthrow the government and laughing while reading the military texts.」
「What? That’s not a ghost story.」

That’s a conspiracy theory, not the Seven Wonders.
Thinking that it was probably another lie, Patrick said.

「I’m starting to see a pattern. What kind of books does Yumiela read in the library?」
「Me? I’ve devoured all the history books and books about magic, so lately I’ve been reading some books on the art of war and stuff.」
「Makes sense.」

The book is a straightforward book about group battle formations and such, but if you had time to think about it, I wish you could raise your level a little bit.
Imagine a battlefield where 10.000 of me vs another 10.000 of me, and we start firing our high-level magic in rapid succession, with no regard to the formations or anything else. I’m already laughing at how useless it is. The book does not suit me.

But more importantly, Patrick said he’s starting to see a pattern, but what does that mean? I can’t see any similarities between the seven wonders so far.
When I asked him directly what he had found out, he made a vague remark.

For the rest of the day, we wandered around the school, but there wasn’t a single credible story.
Patrick also looks tired, probably because we didn’t find any results.

「Huh, this is the last one. The piano in the East Wing Hall starts playing by itself in the middle of the night… could Yumiela play the piano?」
「I don’t play but… it is the ghost, isn’t it?」

There is no way I can play any kind of instrument. Uh, I do play the monster summoning flute often. Does that count as an instrument?

Finally, this is the ghost fiasco that happens at the game’s event.
There is a spirit type monster hidden inside the piano that plays the piano at night. That’s what the fiasco is all about. I remembered it well because it was the only event in the academy that had a battle with a monster.

I believe it was designed to only appear at night… it’s a pain in the ass to come back.
I peeked into the piano but couldn’t find the monster.

「Hmmm, we’ll have to come back at night.」
「So what’s Yumiela doing here at night?」
「I told you I didn’t do anything!」

Was Patrick under the impression that I was responsible for the Seven Wonders? I didn’t do anything confusing that would make it into a ghost story.

Absentmindedly, I sat down in front of the piano. When I look at the keyboard like this, I feel like somehow I can play it. I’m level 99 and have superhuman reflex speed. I might be able to improvise a song with ease.
My musical sense, though… I guess it won’t be a problem. I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I think I’m somewhat decent.

「Well, time to start my concert.」
「I have a bad feeling about this.」

I was the player, Patrick was the audience and the two of us would begin our after school private concert. It’s somewhat romantic.
I tap the keys softly. The pedal on the bottom is not touched because I don’t know how to use it.

「Depending on what you hear… I’m usually not very good at this. I’m just randomly tapping the keys.」
「Hey, mind your manners while you’re playing.」

Am I bad at this? I didn’t think it was possible and yet, a pleasant sound can be heard. Patrick may have zero musical talent. And I will accept him for who he is.

At this rate, it will end up being a regular performance. Something that only I can do … yes, let’s try to speed up the tune as much as possible. My physical abilities should allow me to do it.
The song gradually speeds up. One moment my right hand is playing a high note, the next moment it’s playing a low note on the left end.

Look, this will help Patrick to understand how awesome I am.
When I asked him how it was, he turned pale and clamped his mouth shut.

「I don’t feel good anymore.」
「Wait, what do you—」

 As I was about to question Patrick, something popped out of the piano.
 It’s a translucent, spirit-type monster.

「It’s coming! Dark Flame.」

The monster in question was dissolved by the jet-black flames before finally vanished. Yeah, I can kill the enemy in a bonus event in no time.
When Patrick finally grasps the situation, he says.

「Really? Is that a wraith?」
「I think so. Where did that come from?」
「Did it come out because it couldn’t endure Yumiela’s performance anymore?」
「I never thought I’d be able to perform well enough to impress a monster.」
「…Yumiela, you shouldn’t touch any more instruments. Because even so, Yumiela is a wonderful person… 」

Thanks to my splendid improvised performance, the ghost fiasco came to an end.
This should calm down the rumors about the Seven Wonders that have been circulating.

The following day, the rumors about the Seven Wonders apparently got even more heated. And the piano story was slightly different.

The piano in the East Wing Hall weaves an eerie tune. The dark and bizarre melodies are beyond the realm of this world and can bring people to madness.

That story is scary. Let’s stay away from the piano for now.

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