Chapter 63: Learning accelerated alchemy

Mac had to leave before curfew, so she returned to the castle. 

It was getting late, so Nell and I decided to go to bed. 

“Oh, I forgot to buy snacks for Neko-san.”

Nell says in stilted tones. 

Right, she got pocket money. 

“I promise I’ll buy you some tomorrow, and I hope you’ll stay for the rest of the day.”

She was using this as an excuse to keep me around longer. 

Nell has the talent to be a naughty child. 

[I’ll leave right after breakfast tomorrow.]

Although disappointed, she said, “Come back in three days!”

I agreed. 

And we went to bed. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The next morning. 

After eating breakfast, we parted ways with Nell and headed out of town and into the forest. 

Didn’t I set a trap in the river?

I walked down the river and pulled the trap from where it was set. 

There were three blackfish in it. 


Appraisal Results

Lv: 4 (0 years old)

Race: Lesser Devil Fish

Skill: None


HP 10/10 MP 3/3


Common blackfish. 


……I thought the translation for devilfish was octopus. 

Oh, well. 

Are these fish edible?


Appraisal Results

Lesser Devil Fish Edibility Check

Result: Possible. There is no biological concentration of poison, and humans and magical beasts consume it. 



The appraisal is useful. 

I would return home after storing the trap in my four-dimensional space. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Along the way, I stopped by Flamberge’s tomb. 

A stone statue was resting there. 

The statue started to move when I took out the trap, pulled out a fish, and tried to make an offering. 

“Grrrr… (Ah, the wonder cat?

The humans see me as an enemy. 

Please wait a moment before I can express my gratitude).”

[Don’t worry about it.]

“Roarrr! (Oh! 

A fresh fish!

Thank you!)”

After eating the fish, Flamberge said he felt better and went to clear the dungeon. 

What’s a dungeon?

Oh, well. 

Back to the woodhouse. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Aurene was nowhere to be found, probably walking in the forest as usual. 

I opened the book that Mac had given me earlier. 

There were some alchemy spells written down in the back. 

It was probably Mac’s note. 

Maybe if I cast a spell, I can use alchemy, too?

Alright, let’s give it a try. 

I took out the wild boar’s skin. 

Then I put it inside a big jar, shove some plants around it, and fill it with water. 

This is a method for tanning called tannin tanning. 

Nowadays, tanning using chromium is the most common method. But in earlier times, this method was used. 

Tannin, a water-soluble substance in plants, prevents the skin from deteriorating. 

“Nyaa— (Kronos’ Blessings. Accelerated Alchemy.)”

Huh, I succeeded. 

The hide has changed color. 

The downside of tannin tanning is that you have to change the tanning liquid many times, and the process takes a long time. 

It takes about a month. 

Once I changed the tanning liquid and repeated the process several times, I was able to get a good tanning result. 

I will put some stone weights on the hide and hang them out to dry. 


Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

LV: 28 (20 years old)

Race: Cat

Skill: [Appraisal Lv 100] [Appraisal Obstruction Lv 3] [Four-dimensional Space Lv 100]

[Light Lv 11] [Lightning Lv 3] [Heal Lv 5]

[Blacksmith Lv 4] [Accelerated Alchemy Lv 4] (NEW!)

[EXP Value 100x] [Skill Acquisition Lv 100]


HP 1,920/1,920 MP 1,328/1,340

ATK 337 DEF 287 MAT 397 MDF 265 SPD 473 INT 310 LUK 104

Title: [The One Who Defeated the Champion] [The Savior] [Super Miner] [Fake God] [Fake Grand Mage] [Alchemist Apprentice] (NEW!)

An orange tabby cat that has been transferred into another world. He used to be a human. 

He has the strength and resistance of a dragon.



Appraisal Results

[Accelerated Alchemy Lv 4]

Description: Alchemy skill. Accelerates time for objects. 



Appraisal Results

[Alchemist Apprentice]

Description: This title is for those who have begun to use alchemy skills. 

The MP consumed for alchemy skills is reduced. 


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