Day 16: Garbage business

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I opened the shop information, only to find myself groaning despite being alone. 

To my surprise, the 【Garbage】 that I had put on the World Market yesterday for a million Kima had sold. Stupid. People are stupid. 

The reason why I got involved in such a crazy business is nothing but spite. The confusion, anxiety, and frustration of the situation yesterday caused me to lose some of my normal judgment. 

I decided to reset my mind by working on production for the time being. Many items were finished, so I added them to the shop as a restock.

While I’m still doing the guest event, the items are sold out, and new messages are pouring in. 

Despite the fact it was a game, I was still mildly shocked.

Granted, I use a lot of shortcuts, but there are items that I’ve designed in elaborate ways or items that I have carefully crafted by hand. 

I’m selling them because I want them to be used by people who genuinely need them. Most people who bought them are using them as a tool to send irrelevant messages. 

That’s when I lost my temper a little bit. Ehehe.

If that’s what they want to do, I’ll bite. You can send me a message for a price of 100.000 Kima. 

As a trial run, I lined up 10 slots of 【Healing Mint】, generally priced at 50-100 Kima, at 100.000 per slot. It sold out instantly. 

This was the moment I was dazzled by the gold flash. I kind of forgave everything. All the anti-revolution comments and stuff. Well, I wouldn’t take the blacklist off the table, though. 

I’m not inclined to take advantage of this to make even more money. If I did that, it would be the same as encouraging them. No, I’m not going to put aside the fact I’ve already stirred the pot once. I’m looking to have fun, not to get ahead of the game. 

My shop will not function properly for some time. And I don’t want to put up all the items I’ve spent so much time and effort on people who want to send me messages. 

Until things settled down, I decided not to put my items on the World Market, but I did leave 【Garbage】 at 1.000.000 Kima out of defiance. 

As expected, they couldn’t afford this, and it remained available. When I looked at it today, the product was sold. One million Kima to be deposited. And one new message. 

I thought I was a fool, but my counterpart was even more of a fool than I was. Do you think the future of this game is safe? Are the people’s standard of living too low? The deviation is so low. 

They have something to say to me even if they have to pay a million Kima. I’ll take a look at their message. They probably will end up blacklisted anyway. 

I clicked the message icon while grumbling in my mind. 

『Hello, my name is Takenaka. 

The garbage was probably meant to repel pests, but I had to buy it because I had something I wanted to tell you^^; I’m sorry.

When I saw Vivia-san’s outfit in town, I fell in love with it at first sight. I actually made the buttons used on the jacket and hat. 

I would like to customize something similar using the specified materials if possible. The materials will be provided. 

Please send me a friend request using my ID if you feel like it. I will create a private talk room. (You can cancel your friend request when it is finished.)

Or you can meet me in Kimakura at the specified date and time. If you are on SNS, you can also contact me there. 

I look forward to working with you.』

What a surprise. I judge them too harshly. I was blindsided by the message, which was several times more decent than I had expected. I sent out a message to Takenaka-san and apologized to others telepathically. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Unofficial)・Party Recruitment】

Does anyone want to do the 『Search for the ring dropped in the lake』 quest with me?
I need someone with diving and hunting skills
I’m a gardener with diving skills only, so it’s hard
Looking for two beastmasters > level 20

You need dismantling skill
If there’s a hunter, I think it’ll be fine

Hereee (=゜▽゜)/
I’m a level 40+ hunter. Diving, hunting, and dismantling are OK

Is that so?
I understand
Thank you
Please take care of me!

[Saya Fukase]
Mayu, did you change jobs?

It’s been two months?

Gatherers start to envy Hunters when they begin to do too much w

But when you become a Hunter, you wanna go back to being a Gatherer

[Milk Kingdom]
I’m going to become a Hunter/Gatherer hybrid by keep maxing and changing jobs over and over again

That’s a crazy idea w
How long would it take

I heard there used to be someone like that

Eh, which Yoshio-san is that?

[Don’t deny it]
Stop www

You’re not defending your people LOL
I’ll help
I’m a level 90+ Carpenter, but I have the skills you needed

Please come to the guild in Rendluszka



Why not use the guild app’s party recruiting function?
It would be quicker because you can automatically jump to the host location after confirming the members

[Saya Fukase]
I used that to select party members
They automatically confirm members once it’s filled, so the landmine rate is high
Not to say there aren’t any mines here

[Don’t deny it]
The application is easy to use as long as you meet the requirements. Whereas here, you have to communicate to get what you need
Socially awkward people won’t use this talk room, and you can avoid people with a bad temper

For mindless quests with party bonuses, the app is sufficient

I see
When Matusz came with a smile, I immediately disbanded the party
It’s important to be selective

That’s terrible w

[Don’t deny it]
That’s harsh w
. The police are relatively decent players who are traumatized by the extreme fans w

Decent players don’t watch the discussion room just to correct the game abbreviated title, though

Manually selecting party members is all about avoiding scams. Both have their pros and cons

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