Vol. 2 Chapter 04: Ashbaton Frontier Count

Although I didn’t do anything special, I was able to avoid starting a war between the Kingdom of Balshine and Remrest. This was a relief because I really didn’t want us to get caught up in a war for the neighboring country’s throne succession. 

Now that we’ve done our job, let’s go home… I thought I wasn’t ready to meet his parents. I also heard that the second prince’s faction is popping up in our country as well, but that doesn’t matter now. 

We came here to say hello to Count Ashbaton, or in other words, Patrick’s father, who might become my father-in-law. I shouldn’t show any disrespect or lack of common sense. So far I’ve only dived from the sky with Ryuu, so I guess I’m still safe. 

When Linus was gone and the three of us were alone in the tent, I cleared my throat, pinched the ends of my skirt and bowed. I’m confident in my good posture because my physical ability is unnecessarily high. 

「Greetings once again. My name is Yumiela Dolknes and I’m the current Count Dolknes.」

Patrick’s gaze is painful. It’s an expression when you look at a child who did something reckless, knowing that it will be a valuable experience. After freezing for a moment, the Count turned his troubled face to Patrick. 

「…Uh, what is this?」

「It’s just a greeting. Yumiela is still trying to go the normal daughter route.」

Come on, Patrick, don’t give away my plan. It’s been perfect so far. From any perspective, I was a perfect lady. Falling from the sky is also very girly and nice…………kind of.

「Ahh, I see it now. I finally understood what Patrick was saying. She’s a good girl… Welcome to the Ashbaton territory, Miss Yumiela… or should I call you Count Dolknes?」

Yosh! The mission seems to have succeeded. My father-in-law smiled softly at me. Patrick doesn’t smile like that often, so it’s a refreshing change of pace. I wonder if he will be like this when he gets older.

「You can call me Yumiela, I won’t mind.」

「…Is it okay calling you like that so normally?」

「What do you mean by that? I don’t understand.」

「Yumiela, stop, I’m getting chills. You’re not gonna deceive Father anymore.」

Apparently, the mission was a failure. But calling it deceiving sounds bad. I want you to make up for it. Still, it’s bad for my image. 

It was a little awkward to think that my cover was blown from the beginning. As I swept my eyes, the Count started speaking first.

「Patrick, please prepare to pull back. I’m going to transfer the army’s command to you temporarily.」

With an immediate reply, Patrick walked out of the tent. Hold on, don’t leave so suddenly, the awkwardness just multiplied with just the two of us inside the tent.

But apparently I’m the only one who thinks so and the Count gave me another soft smile. When he was on the battlefield, he seemed to be a fearless commander, but now he looks like a gentle father. 

「Miss Yumiela… is it all right? You have always been taking care of my son.」

「N-no! Patrick-san has been taking care of me than I have been to him.」

Then, with my waist bent at a right angle, I replied. Patrick had sent a letter to his parents’ house explaining how I was doing. Whether Patrick was dying or injured, the Count will know. There’s no way out of this but to ask for forgiveness. 

「You don’t have to be so stiff. But I apologize for making you travel all here, I’ll be staying here for a while. There’s still a chance Remrest could still send reinforcements.」

「Do you still want to destroy them?」

「Stop it, when Miss Yumiela is the one who says it, it doesn’t sound like a joke.」

The Count’s facial expression and atmosphere as he stopped me were just like Patrick’s. I think I’ve had a similar exchange with Patrick before… multiple times.

「Did they ever come to attack you?」

「Skirmishes are common. But never on this scale for over a decade… I’m glad that Miss Yumiela is here and help us.」

So it was then years ago? It was surprising that Patrick’s hometown was in such a danger.

I heard the Count would be stationed on the front line for a while. Was it good or bad timing that we were here?

「Should I come back later? Um, etto… I came to talk about something.」

「Oh, are you talking about the engagement?」

「…Ah, yes.」

The engagement or marriage agreement still hasn’t happened yet. I do not doubt that Patrick and I are lovers. Wait. Can someone please tell me the definition of a lover?

「Since you are already living together, it’s a good time to talk about it.」

「No, it’s not like that, Patrick just followed me on his own.」

And then it hit me, to my horror, Patrick and I were living together. 

From my research, many couples break up after living together. Because when you live together, you can see what kind of bad habits your partner has. 

Well, it’s not that we live in a one-bedroom together, so I’m sure I’m not revealing much of my living habits… I guess.

I didn’t use the wind pressure from running to dry my hair and I didn’t alternate between the main course and dessert even though they’re going in my stomach anyway ever since Patrick arrived.

Uh, my head is about to explode. In addition, my face is burning with shame. Yumiela is about to blow up into an explosive flame of shame. It’s all because of the bombshell statement that Patrick’s father said in front of me.

He said, full of concern.

「It’s all right, I know that Patrick was intruding on your hospitality. I approve the engagement, you’re more than welcome.」

「That’s right… EHH?!」

Should it be that easy to decide? I thought it was something that was going to be put on hold, so I checked to make sure. 

「Is that okay? It was a rather quick decision.」

「I’ve been hearing about this from Patrick for a while now.」

Patrick is making too much progress behind the scenes. Is he going to remove every obstacle in his way? He wouldn’t run away from it in the future, would he?.

Thus, I became Patrick’s official fiancee. It’s felt too easy and I don’t really feel anything.

「I can’t entertain you right now but both of you should take your time before going back.」

「Hai, thank you.」

Feeling relieved, the Count says something scary to me.

「Just be careful with my wife.」

Patrick’s mother… is she dangerous?

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