Day 2: First time visitor

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Today I was about to start making some more clothes. When the production process started, I noticed I had no more spare materials.

Not that I had a lot of materials, but yesterday I could accumulate guild points as I completed missions from the top and exchanged those guild points for materials, which allowed me to keep making things. 

The system was designed to deliver items ordered with points right to my house, making it unnecessary for me to go out.

This loop has finally reached its limit. I’ve run out of materials, GP, and I don’t see any missions I can complete next.

In this case, I think I know what to do. The items I made were good enough to sell, right?

Finally, I was ready to get out of my room.

While I don’t necessarily want to be a hermit when playing games, I enjoy making clothes. I might have stayed home for three or four days without unlimited materials.

During making the clothes, I noticed that I could manually adjust and improve the clothes’ quality. Once I started getting into it, I couldn’t stop.

The room has two doors.

There is a window on the wall where one of the doors is, which tells me this is the entrance. Perhaps I should check on the other door first. There seemed to be another room besides this one.

I opened the door with these thoughts and found a spacious area twice the previous room’s size.

A counter was placed in front of the door separating the room, shelves, and naked mannequins behind the counter. There is also another door with a small window and a bell attached to it.

This room seems to be used as a shop.

Wow, this game lets you have your shop right off the bat? Is it possible to sell items here? Or do I have to complete some procedures?

While I was pondering about this, the door at the back suddenly opened.

I was struck with nervousness. As soon as I saw the triangular symbol on the visitor’s head, I breathed in relief. It’s an NPC.

The visitor was a girl with cow ears and horns, a visual I quite liked.

Her default expression seems arrogant, and she has a faint smile. She has this devilish air around her. It’s part of her cute charm.

When she walked in, she looked around the bare room and snickered.

“What is this? There is nothing here. I dropped by because it’s rare to find a shop in this part of town.”

I managed to keep an amiable smile on my face.

When talking to NPCs in this game, players don’t have to speak to interact with them.

Instead, the players can express their intentions to the NPC by making choices when necessary or entering emotional expression commands called emotion stamps.

The tutorial suggested that players should use these stamps often, as they can significantly impact the NPCs’ favorability and available choices. 

I am not interested in talking to AI, so I appreciate having a simple communication tool like this. 

I made sure to use the smiling stamp on the visitor who showed up early. Not only that, but I like cute girls.

“You’re a tailor, huh? Do you make clothes?”

When I nodded, she chuckled and walked over to the counter.

“So, what do you think of my outfit today?”

A dialogue box appeared.

 →It suits you very well!

  Isn’t it too much?

  I’m not sure.

I observed her outfit again as she stood regally.

She wore a dressy black tulle dress with layers and a navy-blue coat that looked like a close-fitting jacket. She wore gray thighs with striped patterns and pink pumps on her feet.

It’s a classic style with a punch; frankly, I like it. It suits her very well.

Without any hesitation, I chose the top option.

Her expression didn’t change when she said, “Really?”. I don’t know whether it’s the right or the wrong answer.

“Anyway. I’m Ciel Shanta. You can call me Ciel. I will drop by again when I am in the neighborhood. Make sure you have the goods by then, okay?”

After saying that, she left.

At least she doesn’t seem to hate me, which is good.

Since NPCs can give you things and information once you get to know them, raising the favorability level is a good idea. Plus, I like pretty girls.

The system panel was activated as soon as Ciel left.

According to the panel, this is where the item sales can be managed. The activation condition required approaching this counter, it seems.

We can set the price ourselves, but we can also check the guild’s purchase price. Since I don’t know the market price, I decided to keep it the same as the guild price.

What happens when I’m not in the store or log out? Will the system still work when I’m not here?

I guess I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

What’s that? Choose a name for the shop?

Hmm. I thought I would give it an appropriate name because giving it a stylish name would be lame in such a beginner’s state. I’ll be able to change it later anyway.

Vivia Boutique.

Once I finished setting up and closing the panel, the shop changed completely. 

The empty shelves and hanging racks were now neatly lined with clothes, and the naked mannequin was wearing a shirt. Although many open spaces exist, the place now looks like a shop.

The problem is that it’s all plain and simple at best, creating the impression of a cheap version of Muji. 

Instead of the crappy shirt I made for the first time, I want the mannequin to wear the puff-sleeve blouse I had modified. I wonder if I could tweak it myself?

I could change the body trunk manually by leaving the counter. 

The best thing about Kimakura Utopia is that you can make shortcuts to anything. Players can do most things manually if they want to. 

It’s great to know the system covers all the bases.

Time is slipping fast—

I started wondering about the shop interior’s layout and was tinkering with various things when my alarm went off.

Huh, is it time to go to bed? Time flies.


[Kimakura Utopia. Chat Room (Official)・Room to talk about missions]

I will cut the conversation in this thread, but I can’t get Ciel Shanta’s mission to progress no matter what I do.
Is this a bug?

People have been saying that for the longest time.
Judging from how the management hasn’t fixed it yet, I’d like to believe it’s not a bug.

The problem isn’t that Ciel’s event isn’t progressing. It’s that Alaska is trying to get Ciel’s event to progress.
Ciel is among the top five Kimakura. Is she the character with the most damage?

Why is it scary? Tell me more. 

Five is an exaggeration, maybe ten?
She only has a significant impact on cooks, tailors, and crafters.
If you’re seeing Ciel, Rylstein won’t be able to get close to you.

Even in the Noble Town where you need Lv50 to enter, Ryl-sama is no longer present. So, how can you say this event has “no significant impact”?

There’s no harm in advancing to the next stage, but if you like Ryl, you’d better stay away from Ciel no matter your job. 
I don’t see the point of raising her favorability since she’s incompetent as a guest character.

I’m a hunter, so I am safe?
Thank you for letting me know.
Since I want to meet Ryl-sama, I’ll cut my ties with Ciel.

Ryl-sama is an absolute angel.
Not only is she a super capable patron, but she’s also got a great personality and looks to match. Is she an archangel?

[Ma Yu]
I want to go on a date with Ryl-sama *gasp*

Ryl-oshi is in a magical place, and I’m thankful other people love her.
There is nothing that can beat that.
I can’t wait for the daily date event!

Stop talking shit about Ciel-sama! 
Ciel-sama isn’t like those cheapskates who show their affection to everyone!

Hey, Ciel-niki!
I know you’d appear! 

I’m definitely going to be Ciel-sama’s first man.

Good luck.

Ciel is cute and easy to get in the early game.
That’s another trap.

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