Chapter 11: Shine on darkness, Lightning

When I returned to the forest, I made a desperate note of the local language with my blood on the basilisk’s skin.

The little girl called Nell was reading a fairy-tale-like Cinderella.

I was reborn as a cat, but my memory didn’t seem to be declining.

I was even sharper than before.

I can recall the picture book.

Finally, I finished writing the local language translation in a scroll made from the skin.

The local language’s grammar is like English, and I’ve no doubt I can use it immediately.

Fortunately, the noun doesn’t have any equivalent female or masculine nouns like European languages.

「Nya—(I’m tired—)」

I had eaten the basilisk’s meat, dug a hole for a toilet, and didn’t forget to fill it up after I was done, I went back to my usual fallen tree for a nap.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When I’m awake, it’s evening.

And it’s getting darker.

Ano, the magic that the onee-san at the inn was used,

Can’t I use it?

I’m pretty sure the spell is 『Shine on darkness, Lightning. 』, right?

O—kay, let’s try it.

「Nyaa—(『Shine on darkness, Lightning. 』)」


The thunder strikes in front of me.

Why? Did I make a mistake with the spell?

…Oh, it’s light, not lightning.

Does the lightning cause the thunder to strike?

Let’s be more careful.

「Nyaa—(『Shine on darkness, Light. 』)」

A ball of light appeared in front of me.

Yes! It’s a success.

But when I think about it, I’m a cat, and I can see just fine at night.

…Wait? Speaking of what I can see, didn’t cats have a vision around 0.3?

I have enough vision to see the town from above the trees.

Am I really a cat?

Maybe it’s something like a cat.

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