Vol. 3 Chapter 07: Sinon, the god of light

“I’m Sanon, the God of Light. And I’m going to eliminate you, Yumiela Dolknes.”

Sanon’s voice tone was inhumane and flat, but I could feel her unfathomable rage. She’s furious with me. 

The God of Light has no reason to be angry with me. I may have broken the magic barrier tools that were passed down in the church. The rest was related to Alicia. 

But why now? There must be some kind of connection between her and Remn if she’s showing up right now. While I was processing this situation, Sanon looked away, towards Remn. 

“Remn, what are you doing?”

“Hehehe, I have some business. What’s wrong?”

“Well, no matter! Yumiela Dolknes must be eliminated at all costs.”

Hmm? Did they have different goals?

The situation progressed despite my confusion. Turning back to me, Sanon shot me a sharp look. 

“Yumiela Dolknes, I hope you’re ready for this.”

“Ready for what… I’m not even sure what you’re angry about. Did I do something wrong?”

“Don’t play dumb!”

As soon as Sanon raised her voice, her exposed forehead shined brightly. 

Her whole body bathed in the light….

“Aargh, it hurts! Why does it hurt so much!”

The exposed part of my skin, such as my face and hands were aching as if they had been pierced. I didn’t think the light on her forehead was a weapon. 

The pain was unlike anything I had ever felt before causing me to collapse and fall. I haven’t felt this much pain ever since Alicia stabbed me. This hurt worse than when I punched the light barrier. 

Patrick’s face looked hazy as he rushed over to me. 

“Yumiela!? Are you okay? What happened?!”

“I don’t think I can do this anymore… Patrick, please….”


His voice grew more and more distant as he held my shoulder. Ahh, I’m glad that he’s safe… but, why does Patrick have no problem after being exposed to that light? I couldn’t help but feel curious. 

Then I quickly got up and bruised the dirt off my clothes. 

“Did you feel any pain? Um… because of the light from her forehead.”

“It was nothing.”

It’s not nothing. It was excruciating. Although I was glad that the intense pain subsided immediately, I didn’t like the idea of being exposed to that continuously. 

What was that deco beam? Was it light magic aimed at me with pinpoint accuracy?

She was still glaring at me and I was about to speak to her when I heard someone grunt in pain. When I looked over, I saw Remn on the ground. His body had become slightly transparent as if he was disappearing. 

“I can’t… I’m going to die.”

He is probably the most affected by this. 

Patrick was fine, I took some damage, and Remn was about to disappear. This may be due to the influence of the light attribute. Even her forehead’s radiance gave her a substantial light attribute, as expected of God of Light. 

Before the second shot fired, I hid behind Patrick. I peeked from behind his back and asked Sanon a question.

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about… are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

“Are you serious?! You’re making choices that affect people’s lives!”

Sanon’s forehead flashed again. 

The light hit me in the face because I was too late to hide. 

“Ouchh! This is painful. My face hurts.”

Whenever her emotions get the best of her, Sanon’s forehead seems to light up. 

Let’s talk quietly and in a friendly way as if she were my classmate to find out what’s going on with her. I used to be a sweet girl in high school. Let’s channel those powers! 

“Ne, Deko-chan, what happened? Why are you so angry? Wanna talk about it and get some bubble tea? …Deko-chan?”

“Are you calling me Deko-chan?!” 

Deko-chan’s forehead lit up again, but this time I was prepared to hide behind Patrick. This one probably is the brightest. If it hits me, I’m screwed. 

I guess my attempt failed. I’ve never been that type of person, no wonder it failed. I’ve never had tapioca before. 

Patrick expressed his concern in a serious tone while I was thinking about my next move. 

“Yumiela, are you okay? Too much light driving you crazy?”

“What do you mean… by that?”

“What do we do now? Are we retreating?”

He doesn’t answer the question but suggests retreating. 

We could try to escape but Sanon must have been able to pinpoint our location. If not, how could she find us in such a remote place?

Even if we escaped, she would probably catch up with us soon. There is no choice but to confront her. 

“Running away isn’t going to solve anything. Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

“I knew you’d say that, but please be careful. What do you want me to do?”

“Just stay safe and watch.”

After finishing our little discussion, I gallantly leaped from Patrick’s back. 

With slow steps, I approached Sanon. I was surprised when Patrick tried to follow me but I held him back. 

“Have you finished bidding him farewell? I’ll commend you for not running away.”

“Deko-chan, do I look like someone who sits and waits for my death?”

“Deko… stop calling me names!”

Her forehead shines again. Even with the light shining on me, I continue to walk closer to her. 

In the background, Patrick shouted in alarm. 

“How did you become immune to that light?!”

Sanon doesn’t show any signs of surprise but inside she must be surprised. I hope it makes her flustered. 

Did I do something? I’m just pretending that I’m not affected and kept walking. But it hurts. It hurts like crazy. 

But this is my secret strategy. Just grin and bear it. 

This is not that reckless a strategy. The Deco Beam only hurts me. As long as I endured it, it would not degrade my ability to fight. 

Going past the translucent Remn, I approached Sanon further. 

I’m the hidden boss. I’m the strongest character in this story. There’s no way I would lose to someone who comes out of nowhere like an afterthought. 

Bracing myself, I say confidently.

“That light won’t work on me, you know? Do you really think you can win against me in combat?”

“…Yumiela Dolknes, you misunderstand me.”

Sanon stared at me with a look of contempt. Then she continued. 

“This light shows my immaturity. The light leaked out from my careless control. This is nothing but a fraction of my original power.”


“How can you possibly think you can defeat me when it already hurts you?”

“…Are you saying you can cast stronger light magic?”

Huh? That wasn’t her best attack?

While I am known for being flawless in both physical and magical abilities, I am extremely weak against the light attribute. Not just four times weaker, but on a whole new level. 

“I wouldn’t even call the light that you’ve been seeing is magic. Let me show you the full power of my strength. …Light.”

This is bad. My whole body felt like it was freezing. My instincts were screaming that if I continued like this, I would definitely die. 

Having an unpleasant intuition, I looked up above me. But, there is a sun in the sky… wait, there are two of them. Then, one of them— 


I jumped backward, kicking the ground as hard as I could. 

Nearly at the same time, the dense light descended. The light was so dense that it looked like a pillar of light piercing the sky when seen from a distance. 

The aftermath would be bad if that hits me. 

Although it would be useless facing the pillar, I thought of using shadow lances as a pseudo-shield. But I couldn’t find any suitable shadows. Whose idea was it to come to this place with no shelter and shadow?

I’m done. I’ll die in the aftermath. Maybe not die, but I’ll definitely be in a whole lot of pain. 

To lessen the area under attack, I jumped back and fell to the ground with my momentum. 

I clench my teeth and shut my eyes. Go ahead and freaking do it. Amen. 


Moments and seconds passed, but there was no pain. 

Am I ascending to heaven before I could feel the pain?

Terrified, I opened my eyes to find total darkness. When I moved my hand to figure out what it was, I felt a cool and earthy sensation. 

Huh… they thought I was dead and buried me. 

This is a good opportunity to pretend to be a zombie and get out. I want to cherish this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

I rose up with both hands outstretched in front of me. The burial site appeared to be shallow enough that I was able to emerge from the ground by simply raising my upper body. 


Narrowing my eyes against the brightness, I looked around. This wasn’t a cemetery. 

Patrick and Sanon were standing face to face in a tense atmosphere. Remn is getting fainter than those ghosts. Time hasn’t passed that much, has it?

Patrick glances at me briefly as I rise from the ground and then quickly turns to Sanon. 

“Why did you come out!”

Oh, he protected me with his earth magic. And he stood facing the God of Light and continued to protect us. 

I haven’t even pretended to be a zombie. Please let me have this opportunity. 

“Grrr… uumm….”

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing. Okay, I’m done.”

I walked over to where Patrick was standing, covered in dirt. 

He stepped forward to defend me and said. 

“Yumiela, your attribute won’t help you here. Run.”

“But she’s after me, you should be the one who should run away.”

“There is no way I will run away.”

“I’m not leaving you either.”

Sanon might be my natural enemy but that doesn’t mean I will leave Patrick to deal with her. 

The pillar of light seemed to contain high purity energy and between us and Sanon, a red circle was forming. The stones and sand were heated to the point of it almost melting. 

While the deco beam didn’t harm Patrick, he wouldn’t be safe from the heat. 

He let out a deep sigh. 

“I knew you wouldn’t want to escape but…. I guess we have no choice.”

“What do we do now? Do you think your magic will work on her?”

“I don’t know. I just know that your magic won’t be very effective.”

“I’ll be the vanguard, then.”

“Okay. I’ll protect you with my magic so you can land the heavy blows.”

If magic doesn’t work, you need to go back to the good old physical attack. Patrick will provide me with a shield so I can approach closer for close combat.

Will it work? I need something else that will give me an edge. 

Something that could distract Sanon. Is it possible for something to fall from the sky?

She narrowed her golden eyes and pointed her hand at us. 

“Don’t ever think that you can win against me. If you surrender—”


A screech was heard from above, interrupting Sanon’s words. The voice sounded familiar. 

Unexpectedly, it was Sanon who reacted to the screech first. 

“What was that sound?!”

She shifts her gaze away from us and looks up to the sky. 

This is the opportunity I was waiting for. Right before I was about to attack her, she turned her head back to me. 

“Yumiela Dolknes! Catch her! Eleanora is falling.”

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