Chapter 72: Udon

The next morning. 

When we finished breakfast, Sylph and I sat across from each other at the log table and played chess. 

Mac gave me a set of chess equipment. 

In this world, chess was the nobles’ toy.

“Fufu, checkmate.”

“Nyaa— (Nonsense aaak!)”

That makes it eight losses in a row this week. 

Back when I was human, I used to go abroad for conferences once in a while and play chess with a drink in one hand. 

Even then, I never lost like this. 

Sylph is probably the best chess player I know. 

“The sun is already high in the sky. 

Should we have lunch?”

Is it that time already?

I climb up to the warehouse and grab some nuts. 

I roast the nuts using the kamado that I built. 

Then handed them to Sylph. 

This grandma munches on it. 

Sylph still has her perfect teeth. 

Unless dentures exist in this world?


I caught some fish~.”

Aurene arrived with an unglazed clay pot. 

Three years ago, she didn’t know how to catch fish. But she started catching fish after I taught her how to use the traps that I made. 

As long as she’s careful about where and in what direction she set up the trap, it’s not complicated. 

I pass the bamboo skewer to Aurene. 

She puts the skewer through the fish and sticks it near the kamado to grill.

“Hmm, I’m bored eating the same menu all the time~.

Nyanko-san, do you know any other cuisine~?”

Sorry, I don’t know much about cooking. 

More like I don’t have a wide variety of ingredients that I can use. 


I think I can make that. 

I grab out the flour. 

The flour was bought with Nell’s help. 

I bought them for Sylph and Aurene. 

Add water to the flour, throw in the salt, and knead. 

Knead. Knead. Knead. 

…Lots of my fur got caught in the dough. 

That’s no good. 

I was trying to make udon noodles.

“Nyanko-san, what are you making~?”

[Udon noodles. But I failed.]


[My fur got in the way.]

In this situation, I’ll make it no matter what. 

I shaved the wood into a stick shape and telekinetically manipulated it to knead the newly prepared dough. 

After cutting it into shape with a copper knife, they are put in water that has been boiled beforehand. 

Then I add greens, meat, and salt to taste. 

“Nyaa— (Yosh, it’s done.)”

“Waa~! It looks delicious~!”

Aurene was happy to eat the udon I made with a wooden fork. 

Sylph was looking at Aurene with envious eyes. 

Didn’t you have lunch earlier?

There was no choice but to let Aurene share. 

When she ate them, Sylph said the noodles were unusual.

I eat fish. 

Enough fish has been cooked, I will store the remaining portion in the four-dimensional space. 

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