Vol. 1 Chapter 03: The first lesson of sword and magic

The first-afternoon class started with swordsmanship. Almost all the boys participated, but only a few girls did, including me. The others are watching.

「Okay, we will play mock battles to confirm everyone’s ability. The first one is… you, the one with level 99. 」
I can hear the mocking laughter around me.
The teacher who taught swordsmanship is the one who came to me at the entrance ceremony. I guess William is a hot-blooded swordsman?
「Then, I’ll be her opponent. 」
William raised his voice to announce himself as my opponent. The girls cheer with a shrill voice.

We will use a wooden sword for the mock battle. I choose the appropriate wooden sword for me, then went to the center of the training ground.
William seems to have chosen the longest thick wooden sword. In the game, he also used a giant sword as tall as his height.

「If you step out now, you can stop this. 」
Ignoring William’s warning, I gave him the pre-match bow.
「I look forward to our match. 」
「Tsk. I don’t know. You can get hurt. 」
He insists. And I was desperately thinking about how to adjust for going easy on him.

「Get ready, both of you. 」
Now that you mention it, I don’t know the proper stance when holding a sword. This is my first time holding it.
When leveling up defeating monsters, I always use magic.
If I had a hard time defeating it with magic, I use the wooden stick and stone in the area to attack. I could use my bare hands, but I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to get dirty.

William looked suspicious at me, at the way I hold my sword.
「Hey, let’s get this over quickly, or will you surrender without fighting? 」
「I’m sorry, I’ve never used a sword before. You can start it. 」
You can hear the unconcealed laughter and jeers from the surrounding. William’s face distorted with anger.
「How stupid you think you are! I won’t be going easy just because you’re a girl, and I have one or two bones to pick. 」
Without waiting for the signal to begin, William rushes straight.
In general, he was fast. But with the reaction speed that I have, I can easily deal with it.

William was waving his sword in front of me as I think how to avoid injuring him.
Before he can bring down his sword, I dodge it sideways and hold out my sword on his feet.
As he swung his sword down with a great swipe of air, his foot tripped on my sword, and he falls flat on the ground. I’m sorry, I didn’t think you will make a fool of yourself to make it exciting.

When that happens, the surrounding fall completely silent.
「Sensei, is this over? Or should I continue? 」
Swinging his sword and making a little breeze while he looks at the training ground, the teacher returning to his sense and declared my victory.
「The winner is Yumiela Dolknes! 」
William, who rose from his fall, disagrees with that decision.
「Not yet, you caught me off my guard! How cowardice of you pretending to be an amateur! 」
It didn’t have any persuasion power when you said that while you bleed from your face.

William jumps up with a roar. Thinking that she can’t avoid the confrontation again, their wooden sword clashing as he swings down.
The colliding swords make a loud sound that doesn’t come from a wooden sword, blowing William backward. I thought the wooden sword would break, but it’s surprisingly strong.
At that moment, the training ground filled with shrieking voices. The reaction is as if someone had died.
He was blown backward so hard he flew in the sky, and when his head got hit, he ended up fainting.

「A—, shall we take him to the infirmary?」
When the teacher saw I grabbed William’s nape to lift him, he panicked.
「No, no. I’ll take him. Hand him over, and I’ll carry him. 」
His reaction is as if I’m taking William hostage. Even though I’m feeling exasperated, I let the teacher taking over.
「I’m going to take William to the infirmary.
Until I came back, do sword-swinging self-practice. Okay? Don’t fight with each other. 」
After the teacher said that he leaves the training ground in a hurry.

Even so, I’m an amateur using a sword, so I’m going to imitate the others.
I look around my surroundings as I thought, but no one seemed to move, I can see the result of the commotion.
The girls who were watching are already gone.
They shouldn’t be afraid. I’m going easy on him, and he didn’t become minced meat after our match is the best evidence.

I had no choice but practice swinging on my own with random kata
In the end, the teacher didn’t come back until the end of the class.

The next class is magic practice. The magic training area is lined with scarecrows in metal armor, and the roof only covers the place where you shoot your magic from, like an archery ground.

The teacher arrives on time at the training ground, look around the students, and said.
「Let’s begin with everyone’s magic ability demonstration. It’s enough to hit using one of the attributes. 」
Like the swordsmanship class, each person will show their magic to measure their ability.
There are four basic attributes: fire, wind, water, and earth. People who can use light and dark magic are scarce.

When the students taking turns to show off their magic, not many of them passed, it’s either shoot off the point or don’t reach the target.
So far, most of them using two attributes; it doesn’t matter whether the power is insufficient or not.
Alicia couldn’t hit the target, but her light magic raises some amazement among the students.

Oswald mastered all the four attributes and hit the mark. The teacher showed a lack of restraint and showering him in praise. Compared to the others, his magic is powerful, but the target didn’t move an inch. Is the scarecrow tough?
「As expected of Oswald-kun, how wonderful. You didn’t get called a genius for nothing. 」
「This is nothing.
She’s the only one left who hasn’t shown her magical abilities. What kind of incredible magic that will you show? 」
Oswald raised his glasses with his finger and looked down on me as he said that.
I’m sure he wasn’t in my swordsmanship class. I thought that must be the reason why he didn’t know that I sent William flying.
The student who takes swordsmanship class took a step back as if expecting something to happen.
You don’t have to be on your guard…

To be honest, I can’t use the four basic attributes. I can only use fire attribute for a lighter and wind attribute to make a gentle breeze.
But you can bet that I’m a girl with abilities lies in her muscle and dark magic.

「Um, is it okay to break the target?」
Instead of the teacher, the one who answered my question is Oswald.
「The scarecrow wear specially processed armor. And you won’t be able to break what I can’t break. 」
I want you to answer the question of whether I’m allowed to break the scarecrow or not. Ignoring Oswald’s answer, I stare at the teacher.
「Only royal court wizard who able to break it, but if you feel like you can do it, you can break the target.」

I took that as permission and fired my magic.
「Okay, Dark Flame.」
From my fingertip, a black flame in the size of a bean materialize, it shoots straight to the target.
「What was that? Are you showing us your bean shooter? 」
Oswald laughed, but the teacher seems to notice the dark attribute, and his eyes wide open in surprise.
As soon as the speck of flame hit the target, it began to spread, and the armor begins to melt.
Dark Flame is one of the magic that I often use. It looks like a flame, but it doesn’t have any heat at all.
The ability to melt stones and metals is more like acid than flame. When I use this on monsters, it gets grotesque.

The black flame disappears as the armor and the scarecrow inside melt.
「…Dark magic? 」
Someone murmured can be heard inside the utterly silent training area.
「Yes, it’s dark magic. The other attributes are nothing. 」
「E-excellent, Lady Yumiela.
O—, there’s also a wizard in the royal court who able to use dark magic. Don’t hold bad prejudice for it. 」
Said the teacher as he explains about dark magic.
Did dark magic have a bad image? Now that I think about it, the villain in picture books generally had black hair and dark magic. Am I a villain? Oh… I am.

「That’s impossible, this is strange. I have a natural gift in magic」
Oswald, who had been silent until now, grumbled. I don’t think it questions his magical ability. I think it’s more like the level difference between us?
「I- I won’t accept this!」
Oswald shouted before he runs out of the training area. His cool glasses character completely collapses.

I was taken aback when Prince Edwin and Oswald arrived with the school principal.
「Yumiela Dolknes, complete this withdrawal form. You aren’t worthy of the Royal Academy. 」
I thought I wouldn’t see Prince Edwin in the afternoon class, turns out he was preparing for my expulsion.
「Those who lie to the royal family is not fit for the academy.
If you get dismissed from the Royal Academy, it would be hard to live as a noble in this country. 」
「Fufu, maybe it’s an excellent time to travel abroad? Foreigners might take it better. 」
When I implicitly implied that I would go to another country, the magic teacher panicked.
「Please wait, Your Highness, Principal。She’s a rare dark magic user who able to break the scarecrow that the royal court wizard will have a hard time breaking.
If her level is accurate, expelling her will be this country’s loss. 」
「Can even a royal court wizard break it? It doesn’t prove that she’s level 99. If you want to cancel your expulsion, convince me. 」
Prince Edwin seems to want me to get expelled no matter what. I think it’s a problem for the royal family if they can easily pass someone compared to the royal court wizard to another country?

「Lady Yumiela, did you do the previous magic with your full power? Please show me your full power here. 」
When I lost in my head, wondering will I get accepted if I seek shelter and move to another country or live as a commoner while concealing my social status, the magic teacher asked me to show the full capability of my magic.
Do you act out of loyalty to this country? It’s hard to refuse when asked.

「I understand, I will cast magic in the sky. May I use magic, Prince Edwin? 」
「You can use it as you please.」
「Are you sure?」
「Shut up! Get started! 」
「But, when something happens who will take responsibility…」
「Nothing will happen when you cast your magic in the sky! I will take responsibility! 」
Alright, I’ll hold your words. It’s the best that I can lay the blame on Prince Edwin for what will happen after this.

「Then, roofless spot.」
The prince followed me when I move around the training area. The student also walked under the roofless space timidly.
I said I would do it with my full power, but I don’t feel like it. Once I made a crater in the forest, since then, I’ve been refraining myself when exterminating monsters.
And I can’t even imagine doing that in the present, because I’m sure I’ve grown up even further since.

I decided to use the strongest dark magic that can only be used by the Demon King and I in the game.

「Black Hole.」

In an instant, the Royal Academy is wrapped up in darkness.

From the outside, you can see a black sphere appeared above the school. It must have been visible from anywhere in the royal capital.
The sunlight gets obstructed, causing the academy to fall in total darkness as if it was the night time. But then the black sphere becomes smaller and fades away.
Black Hole is magic that unconditionally obliterates object within range. It’s very convenient because you can use it on a small scale.
In other words, the air above the school disappears in an instant. A sudden gust of wind blows up upward.

「What do you think, Your Highness? Are you convinced that I’m level 99? 」
I said that with the softest facial expression I can muster after the wind has subsided.
Paralyzed with fear, Prince Edwin desperately tried to get away from me.
You don’t need to be that afraid.


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