Chapter 67: One day, 3 years later

It’s been three years since I was reincarnated as a cat. 

I have changed a lot, and so has this woodhouse and this forest. 

Today is the day I’m going to visit Nell. 

I wrote to the white-haired baasan, Sylph, who was keeping warm near the kamado, [I’m off.]

“Oh, Bastet-sama.

Don’t worry about me, just go.”

Sylph baasan has been living in my base for a year now. 

She said she was retiring because she couldn’t move around anymore due to her old age and her lightning magic wasn’t working properly. 

At the same time, a new Demon King has appeared, and different nations are fighting against the new army. 

It is said that the old Demon King army has gone somewhere else. 

Not that I care about what’s going on in the world. 

After waving to Sylph, who was knitting clothes with yarn while keeping warm, I went to town. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The town still reeked of shit. 

How can you live in a place like this? 

At the inn entrance, I was greeted by Nell and Mac.

After the first time they met, they grew closer. 

On the days I’m not around, Mac is tutoring Nell in reading and writing. 

In return, she gets a few hours of exclusive monopoly on me when I visit. 

Am I some kind of popular teacher or something?

Nell has gotten taller and is now big enough to carry me (for a moment.)

Mac’s chests are a little more prominent, she’s getting less likely to get mistaken as a man. 

“Welcome, Neko-san!”

“Yaa, I’m counting on you to teach me today!”

I had thought that Nell and Mac would get tired of me soon, but they seemed to like me very much. 

They always greet me with a big smile. 

Almost three years have passed since I’ve been coming regularly to the inn. 

Time flies. 

We made our way into the inn. 

There was Nancy at the reception desk with a big belly. 

She must have slept with some guy. 

“Neko-san, you’ve come to play with us again today.”

Nancy seemed to think that I was playing with Nell and Mac. 

“Oneesan, I’m borrowing your daughter.”

While saying this, Mac went into her room.

She has paid a lot of money to have her room at the inn. 

Hats off to her inquisitiveness, she bought the room specifically for her to learn from me late at night after Nell had gone to bed.

The room was full of her special alchemy tools and parchments. 

Mac took out a piece of parchment that contained the information I had taught her. 

“Here, here. There is something I couldn’t figure out.”

“I’m going to play with Neko-san first!”

“I’m not gonna play with you… alright, come on.”

Nell, Mac, and I decided to play sugoroku.

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