Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Remn’s true goal

“Because Yumiela Dolknes from a parallel universe has destroyed humanity.”

Sanon’s shocking words caused silence throughout the area. Patrick and I were at a loss for words, and Eleanora was also quiet as if she sensed the disturbing atmosphere. 

I’m going to destroy humanity? Me from another world has done something terrible. Something that made the Gods wary of me. 

“Ah, why would you say that?”

“I see. Is that the reason why Remn was present? You guys and your totalitarianism.”

“Sanon, you coming out of nowhere due to one person’s marriage is not what I want to hear. Isn’t it strange that you’re so quick to say that the world is doomed?”

These gods don’t seem to get along well. Both of them seemed to be in a bad mood. 

Sanon was the first one to avert her gaze from the staring contest. Then she looked at me and said, 

“You can ask Remn about the rest. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”

“God! Are you going to leave?!”

“Eleanora, we will not meet like this again. But I will always be there, watching over you.”

“No way! I’ve been praying to you for so long, and I’ve never seen you before!”

Sanon silently approached Eleanora and gently hugged her. The hug ended so quickly before she turned her back. 

She left as just as she had appeared, enveloped in a dazzling light. 

And when the light disappeared, Sanon’s figure was gone without a trace. 

While I was wondering what I should say to cheer up Eleanora, she suddenly raised her hands and shouted. 

“I don’t wanna be sad! God is watching over us! I’ll do my best. Please watch over me!”

At first glance, Eleanora looked full of energy, but there were slight tears in the corners of her eyes. 

Going forward, their relationship would return to a mutual one-way street with one watching over the other and the other praying to the other. What she was thinking about when she went to church, I don’t know. And what did it mean to have met the God she believed in once—

“Oh! I heard God’s voice! She’s cheering me on to do my best!”

Right…. The tension was so intense that we didn’t talk to each other. This happened not just a few minutes ago, but a few seconds ago. 

When I was speechless, Remn started to laugh uncontrollably. 

“Hmm, Sanon is pretty awkward, isn’t she? She has been like that ever since she was hurt by being too close to people. That’s why she tried to distance herself from people, even though it’s impossible for her.”

Remn, who had been speaking in a cheerful tone, dropped his voice lower and continued.

“It bothers me when I see it from an individual perspective. But it gets better when I see it from the human perspective as a whole….”

“That doesn’t sound like coming from someone who called other people onii-san and onee-san?”

“…I hate how perceptive you are in this matter.”

“As a god who puts the whole before the individual, I can’t overlook a potential danger that could destroy the world, can I?”

Somehow, I began to understand his purpose.

He probably knew that I from the parallel world had destroyed the world and came to investigate me. 

Realizing that he couldn’t fool me anymore, Remn opened his mouth with a sour look. 

“I was trying to be discreet when investigating you but Sanon ruined everything.”

“I knew you were suspicious even before she appeared.”

“Well, my purpose is just as you imagined. I have no choice but to do this. I’m going to ask you straight to the point—”

His question was easy to predict. I have no intention to destroy the world. I don’t even know if he believed me when I answered “No.” to that question.

However, his question was not something I expected. 

“—What kind of person are you, Onee-san?”

“Huh, that’s quite an abstract question. What do you mean?”

“Let me rephrase that… are you really Yumiela Dolknes?”

I was about to reply, “Wasn’t it obvious?” but I stopped myself. 

There’s too much divergence between the original Yumiela and I.

Right. I understood what he was trying to imply. Among the many Yumielas, I must be irregular. And I was probably the only Yumiela who had reincarnated from Japan. 

But how should I explain this? How much information should I disclose? 

Seeing how difficult it is for me to answer, Remn began his monologue. 

“It all started two nights ago. Remember how I told you that I can exchange information with myself from parallel universes? Onee-san in the parallel universe defeated the other me. He proposed a joint front with Sanon, but she was too stubborn. Then we were defeated.”

Sanon was defeated, too? My parallel universe self is strong. 

While I was inappropriately impressed, with a slight hint of anger, Patrick asked. 

“You think Yumiela is going to destroy the world? She would never do—”

“She will. I will show her true nature to the world—”

Patrick was about to snap at Remn, but she tugged at Patrick’s sleeve to hold him back. 

He is baffled but Remn only raises the corner of his mouth like he was expecting this development. 

“You seem to have some idea what’s going on with Onee-san.”

“I know. One quick question before I answer, how many other worlds were destroyed? What about me from the other parallel worlds?”

“There is only one world where I died. In that world, Onee-san is much stronger than the others. In another world, Onee-san was….”

“Killed by Alicia and the heroes party?”

“…Seriously, what the hell are you?”

I can see where this is going.

The normal route is the one where Alicia and her party defeat both the Demon King and Yumiela as the hidden boss after successfully completing the game’s scenario.

The world that is on the brink of destruction is the one where Yumiela grows so strong that Alicia and her party were defeated in the hidden boss battle, even the gods had died. 

The only difference between these two worlds is whether they were victorious against the hidden boss or not. Before that, they followed almost the same history. 

But what about this world? Because of me, the scenario is so blurred that there was no trace of the regular route. 

First, I thought it was strange that I was destroying the world. But now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound strange at all. What’s strange and what’s unnatural is the fact that I’m living peacefully like this. 

“I know, right? To be honest, I’m not Yumiela. I know what caused it and what the original Yumiela’s role was.”

“I knew it. Onee-san is a completely different person than Yumiela.”

“Yumiela? Yumiela is not Yumiela? What are you talking about?”

Patrick asked, confused after being left out in the dark. 

The time has finally come for me to reveal my past life to him. 

This is going to be a long story and I have no idea where to start. 

There is one thing I wanted to tell him.

“A lot is going on, but I am who I am.”

“…Sorry. I was confused. Yumi… you are you.”

You can call me Yumiela if you want.

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    Probably the best way to describe to the inhabitants about being reincarnated into a game world would be to describe as a interactive book where you can influence how it ends or if there board games as well say a story book combined with a board game to make it a little easier to understand to people that dont know what video games are

  2. Things are getting interesting

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