Chapter 87: Kokkuri-san

This was the day after we planted the trees. 

“Grrarwwwrr (Wonder cat, I have a favor to ask you).”

While at home, I was making a board with the Japanese language written on it for conversation with Yotsuba when the stone statue came to talk to me. 

“Nyaa— (What?)”

“Grrawwrrr (I want to be adored by humans once again. 

What is the best way to do it?).”

Adored, huh?

“Nyaa— (I think you should clear up the misunderstanding first).”

“Grrraawwr (As I thought. But since I couldn’t communicate telepathically with them…).”

Because three years ago, they attacked him without question. 

It will be the same the next time he enters the town. 

First, we must tell them that Flamberge is harmless. 

“Nyan (I’ll ask Mac-kun to tell the King).”

“Grrawrrr (That may help with the king and those involved, but the townspeople will remain fearful of me…).”

“Nyaago (Do you want to be adored by the townspeople too?”

“Grarwwr (Yeah).”


That’s quite a bold request.

I wonder how to make this strong-looking stone statue popular.

“Nyaa— (I can’t think of anything right now).”

“Grawwrrr (I will work on it patiently. 

Until the town accepts me, I will live comfortably in the forest).”

“Nyaa— (If I have ideas, I’ll let you know).”

I decided to start working again on the board I was working on. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Yosh, it’s done. 

The board was about 50 cm long and 80 cm wide. 

The golden ratio is 1:1.618.

Even if you aren’t a painter, you probably know this. 

The board is inscribed with 50 Japanese syllabaries in large letters, syllabaries with dakuten and handakuten, and a yes or no option. 

This could be used as a pointing device to communicate even if one can’t speak or isn’t strong enough to hold a pencil. 

Yotsuba must be baffled to be reborn as a baby in a world like this. 

I, who lived in this world one step ahead of her, will support her. 

Why don’t I support the heroes and heroine in the castle?

They have support at the castle. There is no need for me to interfere. 

Since they’re almost all adults, they can do something on their own if they want to do something. 

Or rather, the heroes were in normal high schooler bodies. Why did Yotsuba turn into a baby?

What did they wish to Goddess Hardis? Maybe she wanted to start her life over.

Oh well. 

Tomorrow I’ll bring them and have her use the board. 

Still, was there a fortune-telling or play using this board?

I wonder what it was?

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