Day 22: NP Party (Part 2)

On the right, Mikoto-kun strolls happily with a smile on his face. Viti-chan is following me slowly on the left, half a step behind me. 

It’s a blessing to have two beautiful people by my side. That makes me happy, but what was that information about NPCs interacting on expedition quests?

Eh? Mr. Conner? There is a reasonable distance between him and the rest of the group. It is rare for him to look back and irritably kick the ground with one foot.

Although I don’t want to offend him either, I can’t seem to close the gap between us, no matter how hard I try. The game system appears to keep our physical and mental distances apart. 

Mr. Conner is leading us, and Vity-chan is chasing us with a wary look. 

The only one who occasionally ventures off alone is Mikoto-kun, who brings back his prey with a smile. As a result of him, I can obtain meat, fur, and other items that I would not usually be able to get.

Mikoto-kun should teach two others a lesson. 

Since I have ordered Mr. Conner to give defense priority, I wonder if he is preventing me from doing something I am unaware of on the front lines. 

Viti-chan… I guess we’ll have to wait until we reach the tomb!

As time passed, the supposedly well-maintained stone roadway became noticeably deteriorated and weedy, eventually nearly completely covered in grass and trees. 

Around that time, the background music changed to a sad folk tune. 

A crumbling stone hut was visible up ahead. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a gate protecting an underground stairway. 

The words ‘The Tomb of the Ancient Kings’ float into view and slowly fade out. 

I don’t even notice other players disappearing on the same street. Moreover, the NPCs in the party are invisible to everyone else. The only visible interaction between players and NPCs is during dating events. 

Unlike the ‘Serenity Hill,’ this field seemed to be where each party tailored the challenges. 

A soldier from the Lestein Kingdom standing at the entrance told us that this was an ancient royal tomb that existed thousands of years ago and a ruin that had no connection to the Lestein royal family. 

It was discovered only after bandits had already ransacked it. The few remaining historical artifacts have been moved to a safe place by the investigators. 

Since there are places for gathering and mining and habitat for mysterious beasts, it is currently open to registered guild members. 

Following Mr. Conner, who had left, we passed through the gate and descended the stairs to the basement. 

There was a cool chill and a slightly musty, damp smell. The stone-walled corridor continued to the end, but the corner lamps illuminated various places, ensuring clear visibility. 

“Somehow it’s a little scary.”

“Don’t worry. I will protect Vivia.”

The eeriness was so realistic that I blurted it out and immediately received a response from Mikoto-kun. Ah, how reliable. 

Though he says so, his complexion is not good either. His closed mouth trembled while he said something cool with a stiff expression. 

Something was shaking near my feet, and I saw that Viti-chan was shaking and holding the edge of my skirt. 

This is a situation where I need to get my act together. Mr. Conner remains indifferent to things over here. 

But he suddenly looked back at me and said,

“Hey. They’re coming your way.”

What? Before I could utter any words, my vision suddenly flickered into purple. Eh? Eh? What? What happened? Is this a bug?

“It’s a snake!”

Mikoto-kun shrieked and thrust his sword at my feet. There are two snakes entwined together at the tip of the cut.

The snakes ceased moving and dissipated into dust. In its place, an object appears that looks as if the earlier snake has weathered and dried up. 

…Wow, an empty shell? When I touched it cautiously, the shell was absorbed into my bag. 

That said, the flickering of my vision hasn’t subsided.

“Are you all right? Vivia. You’re in pain!”

While Mikoto was flustered and panicked, Viti scribbled some words in her notebook. 

『 Antidote!』

Oh, this is a poisoned state! 

The next thing I knew, my endurance bar was down to around two-thirds of its value. I hurriedly drank the Antidote.

It was good that I was able to reset my mind once there. Now that I was calm, I could see a lot of things. 

Rat-like beasts squirm around in the back, yellow ivy plants clinging to the walls, shimmering blue minerals peeking through the cracks in the chipped stone walls. 

The eerie field and the unfamiliar system of NPC parties confused me, but what you have to do here is the same. 

When poisoned, drink the Antidote, and when the endurance bar decreases, drink [Life Juice]. For now, I will set aside the question of how to get the best out of my party members.

I dedicated myself to collecting the yellow ivy plants that cover the walls thickly. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Unofficial)・Answer Beginner’s Questions in Two Lines・Personal and Biased・No Thanks Needed・Volunteers・Until 00・The Rest is Hidden】

[De @ Feel Free to Greet Me]
Is bustling in a level 20~ jungle tough with Mikoto and two non-players?

If you don’t want to hunt the boss, you have enough flexibility
On the assumption that you start from Shirahae

Is there any death penalty?

The level goes down one level
It’s probably the same with non-players party

Can you recommend a customer character that I can meet in Byakuya?

Mikoto and Orca

[Miki (σ≧∀≦)σ chan]
When can I change jobs?

Max the level cap or reset

Eh? Mikoto is not in Lestein?

You can meet him in Lestein and Byakuya
There are plenty of characters who are in multiple kingdoms or towns at the same time

[Stir Fry]
My first non-player party was with a girl named Dirk. Is she competent? 
Should I aim for a partnership?

She’s competent, but her high skills require a lot of time and effort to train
There is no harm in raising them if you have the time

Do I have to make a basic pattern for tailoring myself?
I’m going crazy with the copying process

You can draw drafting skills from the library
Or there are drafters affiliated with NPC clans or workshops, and they can draw it for you

I wonder what drafting skill is useful for…

You can create paper crafts and books
Recipe books and skill books are end-game content

What is the difference between counterattack and hunting?

Counterattack is a skill where you intercept when attacked by a monsters
Hunting is the skill of actively going hunting

Is there a template for “I don’t log in on weekends because I have a real date,” going on or something?
I’ve been seeing this line a lot lately

There’s nothing more unbearable than watching someone else’s fulfilled love life.

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