Chapter 01: The kicked out appraiser

This is adventurer guild 『Golden Hawk』headquarters.

Appraiser Laurent has been summoned to the guild master’s room at the top floor of the large stone building.

He was about to be kicked out of the guild.

The Guild Master Lucius said.

「I’m sorry we have to part ways, I have no choice. The guild has its circumstances. Based on your records, I can’t afford to let you stay in the guild anymore. 」

It was a terrible situation.

They were using Laurent ’s skill 『Appraisal』 to gather party members.

The guild advancements secretly attributed to Laurent’s skill 『Skill Appraisal』。

Laurent’s specialty was to find and develop the members’ hidden skills.

『Golden Hawk』 used to be a middle-sized guild in this town, but now it’s a big guild over 100 members with many top-class warriors, mage, and healers.

Every time the guild making significant advances, Laurent hid in its shadow and let Lucius take the credits.

When Laurent achieved something, he hands it over to Lucius. When Laurent might be in the limelight, he let Lucius take the credits. Even in his promotion, he gave it to Lucius so he could get ahead.

That’s why, when Lucius was steadily climbing the ranks, Laurent was an ordinary guild member.

Furthermore, Laurent had acquired a specialized skill 『Appraisal』 with abnormally low basic parameters. He couldn’t even work as a low-level adventurer.

Despite this, they’re throwing him away when they finished using him.

Laurent looked at Lucius with a resentful gaze.

However, he wasn’t good at arguing with people, and he displayed his disgruntled expression without saying anything.

As soon as he can find a sign of defiance from Laurent, Lucius withdrew his smiling face and put on a stern expression.

「You look like has something to say. Honestly, your recent performance is terrible. Deanna-kun. Read his performance report this month. 」

「Okay, Guild Master.」

Lucius’ secretary, Deanna, steps forward with a file.

She was a slender beautiful woman, giving out a slight cold impression.

Even now, she looked at Laurent with a cold gaze.

「His record for the past month was 98th out of 100 members in the number of monsters defeated, 76th in item acquisition and 86th in clearing quest.」

Deanna was reading off the report in a suppressed laugh.

「That’s right.」

In deliberate intimidation in a pose with his chin on his crossed hands, Lucius glared at Laurent.

「I won’t bat an eye if you are a newcomer, but for more than five years old veteran? I’ve always made leeway for our bond back in the days. But I can’t defend your abysmal performance. If I gave favourable treatment to you, it’s not fair for other members who imposed on a strict quota. 」

Laurent had a lot to say.

Lucius has been setting him up for failures.

Without a doubt, he has been putting him as a party member with the worst rank, putting him in a party which unsuitable for the quest, and didn’t provide the necessary items in critical situations.

There was no clear evidence, but if Lucius managed to do anything, it would be out of his control.

Laurent has protested this many times.

But each time, Lucius would just respond with his usual smile.

「I’m in a different position than I used to be. Now, I have the whole guild to think about. I can’t just keep favoring you. 」

He said he couldn’t afford to give him special treatments anymore.

Lucius handed him a sack of gold coin.

「The least I can do is giving you a parting gift. This is your retirement money. It’s a special treat for your incompetence. Take it and get the hell out of here. 」

The girls surrounding Lucius laughed at his misfortune, including Deanne.

Laurent left the 『Golden Hawk』 escaping with retirement money in hand.

After leaving the guild, he departs to the quest reception office to find some adventurer work.

Even though I get kicked out from the guild, I can’t keep feeling down forever.

He will spend the retirement money in no time.

On top of that, he’s a solo player now. It’s not like he will find any job if he didn’t take any initiative.

He must depend on himself to find work now.

When he went looking for any quest he can do alone, he saw his former colleague from 『Golden Hawk』 in the reception office。

Laurent has unconsciously hidden in the pillar’s shadow.

From where he stands, he could hear the receptionist voice.

「Look who’s here, it’s Jill-sama from 『Golden Hawk』. It’s always been a pleasure working with you. I have a good quest for Jill-sama. 」

Jill was one of Lucius’ favorite hero.

She’s at the peak of her popularity as a rookie adventurer.

Despite her young age, she was already recognized as a B-rank adventurer and expected to go further in the future.

It’s rumored to be the first S-rank adventurer 『Golden Hawk』 will produce.

Naturally, Laurent was the one who found her talents.

However, as soon as she distinguished herself, Lucius took her under his wing.

And now, he couldn’t even bring himself to greet her.

The receptionist treated her like an important customer in a cordial manner. After she finished her business, the receptionist stepped out from her counter to open the door and sent her off.

She didn’t forget to call on her retreating figure.

「We look forward to seeing you again.」

People who stand in front of the quest reception desk and having friendly chatter are sneaking their glance at them and whisper among themselves.

She became the center of attention as she walked briskly with 『Golden Hawk』 crest attached on her shoulder.

In addition to her fame, coupled with her flowing blond hair and her figure wrapped up in crimson armor, it drew everyone’s attention as she walked along the adventurers’ association corridor.

Long after she had left the quest reception desk, Laurent went ahead to the reception.

「O–, you are Laurent the appraiser.」

As soon as the receptionist catch the sight of Laurent, she opened her mouth to respond with a heavy sigh.

She was young, cute, and innocent. And she certainly wears her emotion on her sleeves.

That’s very different from her attitude towards Jill earlier.

She must have known that Laurent is getting kicked out from『Golden Hawk』.

Compared when he was still a 『Golden Hawk』 member, she’s giving him the cold shoulder now.

「I wonder–. Suitable work for Laurent-san. I don’t think we have any available. It’s a waste of time to find one. But I can try if you want? 」

「Yes, please. 」

「Okaay. Well, it can’t be helped. How troublesome. 」

She reluctantly pulled out the quest list.

「A–, sorry. There is no quest available for Laurent-san. I did my best going through the available lists, but there was nothing. It was unfortunate. I’m sorry I can’t help much, but maybe you can return later? I want to help Laurent-san, but I must deal with other people. Please come again. 」

Her attitude was giving off the impression that she was trying to drive Laurent off the counter and stop wasting her time.

As Laurent was leaving through the door, he can hear the receptionist’s voice.

「Eh? Quest for Skill Appraiser? Ah, there is it. There’s a lot of quests available for you to choose. 」

t/n: i was going to write his name as roland but i changed it at the last minute

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