Chapter 88: TEN

It was night. I was sleeping, but then I woke up.

Now I’m running through the forest in the middle of the night.

Toward the town.

I haven’t just been playing and eating for the past three years. 

I had done my fair share of research on skills. 

First, the MP is consumed for skills. 

There are four patterns: fixed, adjustable, increasing with level and decreasing.

For example, [Lightning] can be increased or decreased at will.

While [Appraisal] has a fixed consumption.

They also have a method called skill reservation. 

This is a method that allows skills to be used under specific conditions.

For example, I want to take water out of my 4-dimensional space in an hour.

By imagining that I want to take out the water in an hour, the effect will happen one hour later. 

I can also make a reservation to use [Heal] if I get hurt. 

When I checked, the reservation for the skill is up to 5 days.

The range is as far as the forest and the town, even if they are distant. 

But it can only be used once.

When the first is used, you have to apply the skill again. 

I have reserved [Heal] for Aurene, Sylph obaa-san, Flamberge, Nell, Nancy, Yotsuba and Mac-kun.

When their HP gets low, and they are in trouble, [Heal] is automatically used.

And I know who the skill was used on. 

It was Yotsuba. Something had happened to her. 

While running through the forest, I use [Search] to locate Yotsuba and apply [Heal] remotely. 

The effect is weak. Skills weaken with distance. 

The effectiveness of [Heal] is drastically reduced if you don’t use it in front of them or don’t know their disease name. 

I remotely use [Appraisal] on Yotsuba and check her HP. She has only 2 HP left despite repeated [Heal] attempts. 

The remote [Appraisal] doesn’t tell me what is wrong with Yotsuba.

I need to get there quickly.

Exiting the forest, I reached the town and entered the inn.

Its door was left open. 

I ran into the inn without hesitation and entered the keeper’s room. 

The old doctor is looking down and gritting his teeth. 

Nancy and Nell are crying. 

Mac is also looking down. 

Yotsuba is gasping and wheezing. 

There are red sores all over her body like burns. 


Appraisal Results

Disease; Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN)


Are you serious?!

This is a nasty case of a drug-induced rash.

There is a good chance you will die even in modern times.

Why Yotsuba?

I’ll cast [Heal]. Oh, no. It doesn’t work.

Maybe we need to find out what’s causing it.


Appraisal Results

Cause: Meticillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA)


That reminds me.

With adults, TEN is often caused by drugs. But with children is often caused by infection. 

All right, let’s try again.

Imagine Yotsuba’s body making a lot of corticosteroids and antibodies.

The steroid production must be reduced gradually, or acute adrenal insufficiency will occur. 

[Detoxification will wipe out the poison created by MSSA.

Don’t forget to heal the sores on her skin.

After checking using [Appraisal], her HP is maxed out.

The disease is gone.

“Nyaa—(Thank God!)”

I’m going to re-apply [Heal] on Yotsuba.

It’s always good to be prepared. 

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