Chapter 68: Welcome home, Flamberge

When I returned home the next day to the woodhouse, the stone statue and Sylph baasan were fighting. 

[Cwaaark! (Hey, old woman!

I came here to thank the wonder cat!

Stop attacking me!)]

“Heey! What the hell is wrong with you, you damned demon?

It pains me to think that a gargoyle would dare approach Bastet-sama!

I will end you!”

Although Sylph baasan had retired, she was still a great wizard known as the Demon King.

If we attacked the Flamberge Kingdom now, we would probably be able to bring it down. 

Countless lightning strikes Flamberge.

After appraising Flamberge’s HP, his HP dropped drastically. 

I must stop her. 

I stood in front of Sylph and wrote, [Cease your attack!]

“Hmm… you can thank Bastet-sama for his generosity, gargoyle.”

Sylph stopped her attack. 

Oh God, please get along. 

[Graaarrr (I’m going through hard times.)]

[Long time no see, Flamberge.]

In the meantime, let’s heal him. 

Flamberge is an ancient dragon believed to have been involved in Flamberge Kingdom’s establishment. 

Right now, he’s in the shape of a stone statue made of mithril. I wonder what he looked like. 

[Grawwrk! (I finally conquered one of the 100 level dungeons, so I will share the treasure I got there!)]

Dungeons are actually labyrinths filled with magical beasts.

Although a dungeon is nothing more than a dangerous place, it contains treasure and precious ores. 

Many adventurers have gone into dungeons and lost their lives. These adventurers dream of conquering the dungeons, obtaining valuable treasures, and becoming successful. 

Is he conquered one of those dungeons?

That’s amazing. 

“You’ll share, you say?

Stop being so cocky, you gargoyle-like freak.

Then, you will share it with us, right?”

[Grarrrrrr (O-of course.)]

[Please stop picking on Flamberge.]

Well done. He’s been holed up in the dungeon ever since he took off three years ago. 

Since we are here, let’s give him a treat. 

We’re going to have a feast for lunch today. 

I take out the killer lobster and wyvern meat. 

Killer lobster is a man-sized crayfish-type magical beast with plump, delicious meat. 

And wyvern is a kind of snake with legs and wings. Compared to a regular snake, the meat has a higher quality due to its higher oil content. 

The wyvern meat was purchased in bulk with Mac’s help.

Sometimes I eat it when I want to splurge. 

I caught the killer lobster from the river, which had multiplied abnormally. 

Somebody must have released them and they multiplied. 

Environmental destruction is not good. 

Aurene came home as I happily roasted the meat on skewers with a purr. 

“Nyanko-san, look at today’s harvest~!


Aurene has been growing a grass called Oil Weed nearby. 

This plant bears fruits twice a year and we can extract oil from the fruits. 

The oil is used as finishing touches after tanning the leather, making soap, and cooking. 

“How did the golem that Nyanko-san made before end up here?”

Right, Aurene has seen Flamberge (in stone statue form) before.

That explains why she’s not surprised. 

“Well, whatever~.

More importantly, please share some of that wyvern meat with me~.”

[Grarrrrr! (Oh, that looks delicious!)]

The grilled meat is handed out to everyone. 

Everyone bites into the meat with enthusiasm. 

Aurene and Sylph eat their meat by sprinkling additional salt from the jar. 

That salt was made from rock salt, grated with mithril grater. 

I provided it as a seasoning for Aurene and the others. 

Needless to say, I don’t use that stuff. 

Cats have sensitive kidneys, you know. 

I wish Sylph would cut back on her salt intake, but maybe not today. 

I also took some grilled wyvern skewers. 


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