Day 26: Deal (part 2)


When I checked the shop room as Takenaka asked me, I let out an unbecoming groan for a lady. 

The product was nowhere to be found. And when I opened the system panel with trepidation, I found many new messages.

It was Deja Vu.

Eh, why? What happens?

I can’t think of a cause for this. The number of strange messages has gradually decreased since the garbage incident, and things have been calming down recently. 

There were 16 messages, about half the total number of sold items.

Although the ratio and the number are smaller than in the last case, I still don’t want to look through this. Takenaka-san seems to know what is going on. Am I getting flamed somewhere I don’t know about?

I opened the message with trepidation and found—

[Takenaka-san and Ryl’s costumes were amazing! I want to request a custom-made outfit. If you don’t mind, please contact me <(_ _)>]

[The matching outfit was cute. I like the subtle difference between men and women. I’d like to have one custom-made outfit, too.]

[I hope you open a commission slot.]

――――――What a surprise! Most of the message was like this. 

The matching outfit that I made for Takenaka-san was well received. どうやらThis was probably Ryl-sama’s commercial power. 

She is the most popular girl in the game, and this is the first time she is wearing another outfit at a dating event. She attracted a lot of attention. It must have been a big deal.

I’m puzzled that my production items are being bought to send a message. Unlike the last time, the message was positive.

Even during the last incident, there were mixed messages requesting custom-made items. I’ll consider it more seriously in the future. 

However, I’m not ready to reply to all those requests. Not to mention I don’t have time to restock my empty shop. 

I wrote in the shop’s profile on the World Market, [Temporarily closed due to circumstances. We are considering taking orders for custom-made items.]

Lastly, I unchecked Valletta-san from the blocklist.

All of Takenaka-san’s stipulations have now been fulfilled. I can now make clothes without any worries. 

Once I returned to my atelier, I immediately started to draw out the concept on a piece of drafting paper. 

The theme I was going for was Queen and Lady’s Maid!

I was torn between this and the twins’ aesthetic, but I figured since Ciel-chan was a twin, to begin with, it would be less original. Ciel-chan is the queen, and I’m the lady’s maid.

I opened the World Market and bought a lot of materials. The experts with homemaker wisdom said to check the shop more often than the World Market.

The reason is that World Market transactions are subject to fees. 

The World Market is set up to be used by NPCs as well. There is often a possibility that the items listed will be swallowed into the darkness in exchange for money.

Shop owners who want valuable or well-crafted items to reach players do not list them on World Market but deal exclusively in their shops.

Veteran Kimakura. users check out good shops firsthand before considering using World Market.

Having little time for other things, I could only rush and shove the materials into the cart.

I still have four million Kima from Takenaka-san and Healing Mint. If I don’t use it now, when will I use it?

Ability and price are no longer a concern. I wanted to buy something that matched my vision, something that would look good on Ciel-chan, and something cute. 

This is so much fun. Being able to shop with no strings attached is very exciting.

The stunning purplish red fabric with damask weave, the lustrous white silky fabric, the striped pink ribbons, and then optional items such as tights and canes that I couldn’t make myself.

The most expensive item I purchased was a crown shaped like a lily flower called [Lily Crown]. The price was 1.100.000 Kima. 

I do regret it a bit, but this was one that fit my vision so well.

During my shopping spree, I ended up buying a lot of things that I didn’t need for this project. This is another World Market trap.

My money is about half of what I have, but I’m ready. The tailoring will start tomorrow.


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Weaver Room Discussions】

The miracle creation is hereeeee—!
I’ve wanted to say that

Good luck with your knitting

I told you I couldn’t knit

[Butter trick]
It would be nice if the performance of the items could be quantified to some extent
I don’t get miracle creations, but the accomplishment isn’t great…

[hyuy @ looking for friends]
How did you guys become weavers?

Most of the people here aren’t weavers
They’re just people with different jobs with weaving skills

>>Butter trick
Even if miracle creation was added to the equation, how many players could do it?
Not many people have the real skills to weave fabrics, and Kimchi is the only one I know who does

[Butter trick]
It’s not like you need real-life skills to make Miracle
Knowledge <<<< labor

[No name]
Why did Kimchi choose to be a weaver in the game? 

Who is Kimchi?

[hyuy @ looking for friends]
I meant Medaka


Stop reading everything in Hangul as kimchi

[No name]

Cheese dakgalbi!

[Butter trick]
Bibimbap is delicious

>>No name
I can’t afford to put a big loom at home… (´;ω;`)
And I use shortcuts a lot. There’s a lot of difference between real life and game


Something good happens

What is it?

It’s a secret

That’s annoying


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