Chapter 42: Nell’s return

Nell seemed to have brought with her some bread and dried meat and offered it to me. 

She was disappointed when I wrote that I couldn’t eat it because it was too salty. 

Instead, I decided to cook dinner for her.

As usual, I light a fire in the kamado. (TN: kamado is a traditional Japanese wood/charcoal-fueled stove.)

Auren made the fire by wrapping a wooden stick around the bowstring and moving the bow like a saw to rotate the wooden stick. However, I was too lazy to do this, so I dripped the lava to start the fire. 

I fill the pot with water, add edible wild grasses, dried meat, and some wild boar meat.

Let it simmer for a while. 

At the same time, roast the wild boar on a skewer.

Serve the soup in a wooden bowl. 

I make an impromptu wooden spoon and hand it to Nell. 

“This looks delicious!”

“Would you like some of the berries I picked~?”

“I don’t wanna!”


The berries that she gave her are edible, but she doesn’t seem to trust Aurene.

She’s the one who saved Nell’s life, though. 

“Nyanko-san, please comfort me~.”

Okay, that’s annoying.
Stay away from me. 

Nell laughs as I shoo Aurene away with a left jab cat punch. 

This peaceful time continued into the night.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I had Nell sleep at my place. 

After finishing our breakfast, Aurene and I decided to walk Nell back to town. 

I’m perfectly fine doing this alone, but Aurene can’t seem to leave Nell alone. 

Besides, she said she would carry Nell with her, so I agreed to let her come. 

I thought she hates humans? When I asked her about it, she said that children were innocent. 

I’m not even sure what her standard is. 

We reached the town in a few hours. Aurene and I went our separate ways from there. 

I escorted Nell to the inn.

We entered the inn, and Nancy-san, who was minding the reception desk, came rushing. 

“Nell! Where have you been?!”

“Mama! I’m home, ouch?!”

Nancy-san whacked Nell on the head. 

Hey, stop it. That’s abuse. 

What are you going to do if she suffers a subdural hematoma, an epidural hematoma, or a brain contusion?

Do you want her to suffer?

“You’re causing trouble to so many people! Let’s apologize to those people together!”

I will sneak up on Nell and follow her.

Hopefully, this will help. 

“Oh. You’re alive, Neko-san.”

Nancy-san is scary. 

That friendly attitude must have been just a facade. 

Nell was being taken somewhere by Nancy-san. 

They would probably go somewhere to apologize to the people who had helped to search for Nell. 

Nell glanced at me, and I showed her a board that I had prepared in advance. 

[I’ll meet you once every three days.]

Nell smiled. 

After all, children are best when they’re smiling.

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