Chapter 27: Appraising the alphabet

The next morning, I leave Nell and leave the town to return to my home in the forest.

Then, I take out the book that the alchemist gave me.

I flipped through it… But I can’t read it.

I wish I could appraise the letters as well.


Appraisal Results

Name: Otherworldly Language

Description: It is a widely used language,

Each region has its own accent.


Oh, the appraisal results are in.

But I want to know about every single letter.


Appraisal Results

Name: Otherworldly Alphabet

Description: It’s pronounced 『U



Appraisal Results

Name: Otherworldly Alphabet

Description: It’s pronounced 『Nya


What? You can appraise every single letter?!

I had always assumed letters were something you couldn’t appraise, but with this, I can learn to write on my own.

Afterwards, I could appraise the words too, and I wrote them down one by one on the wooden board.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

There are 20 different types of letters in this otherworldly language, the equivalent of alphabets, and 11 different kinds of numbers.

The book that Mac-kun gave me is a novel titled, 『Nicholas the Alchemist’s Glory』.

The book is pretty tattered.

It was probably his favourite book.

I will, thankfully use it as a textbook.

If I combine that with my knowledge from the books Nell read to me, I should be able to have daily conversations at least.

The problem is, I only speak cat language.

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  1. Philip says:

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