Chapter 55: I’ll let you off the hook for today~

Hero’s all or nothing heroism POV

We got some killer boar meat from the grand mage. We ate it to our satisfaction.

“Can we sleep here?”

It was getting quite dark, so we decided to camp here. 

Dugouts and stone walls protect this place, so it should be reasonably safe. 

[Sure,] the cat writes on his board. 

I retrieve the tanned fur from the four-dimensional space. 

This [Four-dimensional Space] skill is treated as a cheat skill in the world. 

For me, it just feels like a convenient infinite storage space. 

Besides, this [Four-dimensional Space] can’t hold magical beasts.

Wait, it can, but it won’t do me any good if it gets out of control. 

If I were to store a magical beast, it would have to be immobile or docile. 

The two others also take out their furs from their four-dimensional space. 

But the brown-haired girl tenses her face and gives us a warning. 

“The elf is right there on the stone wall.”

“Okay. Hey! Stop hiding and come out!”

The blonde elf peeked out from the stone wall as I raised my voice. 

“Nyanko-san, please give me back my bow~.

I’m going to shoot the humans over there~.”

The elves have hostility towards us. 

Is that true?

If humans captured or killed my people and forced me out of my village, I would want revenge. 

“I won’t attack you blindly anymore. 

So don’t try to take us by surprise either.”

“The humans deceived us elves with words like that. 

Our kind-hearted companions went along with the humans and were enslaved by them.”

Someone even did that? 

It’s no wonder they’re alarmed. 

“No wonder you don’t trust me. 

But this cat here told me, 

We humans have done some pretty terrible things.”



“Hey, Neko, return the bow to that elf.

You guys, take off your weapons and armor and give them to Neko.”

“Haaa?! What the hell are you talking about?!”

“We will no longer be at the mercy of the kingdom. 

We will no longer hunt elves for no reason. 

That’s what I’m saying.”

Hero is an ally of justice, an ally of the weak. 

They are not the king’s tools. 

I handed the cat my sword and armor. 

Reluctantly, the other two also handed over their weapons and armor to the cat. 

Neko puts them away in his four-dimensional space. 

The cat then went over to the elf and handed her the bow. 

Then he wrote, [You have to trust those guys.]


The elf climbed over the stone wall, silently took out an arrow, and aimed it at us poised with her bow. 


I have [Holy Sword] skills, but I shouldn’t activate them now. 

5 minutes, 10 minutes… of silence followed. 

Even after a while, no arrow was released from the bow. 

“……It can’t be helped, I’ll let you off the hook for today~.”

After saying those words, the elf put down her bow and headed inside the wood house. 

We decided to stay here, wrapped in our furs, and camp out in the open. 

The cat built a fire with charcoal for the whole night. 

Thank goodness. 

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