Day 6: Magdalene

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There is no change in Ciel-chan’s situation today. 

Maybe I’m taking the wrong answer. Should I look up the strategy/information guide on this?

That was what I thought. To my surprise, I absentmindedly checked Ciel-chan’s mission, and her progress had increased by one. 

The event was progressing, although it didn’t look moved at first glance. Thank goodness. 

My second regular customer, Mikoto-kun, gave me an item called 【Ladybug】 today, and our relationship is good. 

Ladybug is a slightly larger version of a ladybug, and the item comes in a small jar in sample form. This can be used in production to give a light attribute. 

Let’s go to Serenity Hill again like yesterday. 

Leaving my home base, I head for the central district. It is possible to skip some places I have been to for once. For example, I can go to the central square from my door. 

While walking from the central square to the elevator tower, I saw a familiar figure. It is Mikoto-kun, the dog-eared boy. 

He was at my store just a few minutes ago, and now he’s here? No, that is not something I should say. 

More importantly, what is bothering me now is that he is working with the player. It is not marked as an NPC. Someone dressed like a maid with cat ears and black hair is walking with him. 

Are they in the middle of an event?

Nonetheless, I was a bit surprised. This was the first time I had seen NPC I knew, other than mobs, interacting with other players. 

I wondered if this kind of thing was a daily occurrence. Many other players around me were also paying attention to her interactions. 

Two male players were nearby, staring at Mikoto-kun as they chatted. I secretly deactivated the semi-active mode so I could listen to their conversation. 

“That guy again. Every time I go on date events with him, he’s too stubborn.”

“I don’t think I can win his heart. Not that I care.”

“But I’ve never seen her with Ryl. I wonder if she’s not going after her.”

“Ryl influence is no joke. I heard rumors that the rankers are taking turns with each other, but I wonder if that’s true.”

Hmm, I couldn’t follow their conversation. 

Is there a date with a character? There seems to be an event where you can date the characters. 

And only some people get to experience it, which sounds pretty awesome. Maybe that maid is a so-called top player. 

Some people would be thrilled if they could walk alone with their favorite character, and at the same time, there are probably people who would be frustrated if they saw their favorite character walking with someone they don’t know. 

It might not seem so bad once you get used to seeing them, but I guess it’s hard to resist the temptation to get caught in the competition. 

After getting myself back on track, I returned to semi-active mode and continued on my way to the elevator tower. 

For today’s gathering, I decided to focus on things other than plants. Many things other than plants and flowers catch my eyes, such as rocks and insects. 

This is the list of things I’ve gathered today. 

【Cloudy Phantom Stone】

A phantom stone mixed with a toxin. When burned, it produces a poisonous mist—the main ingredient for [Phantom Stone].

Common usage: invention.

【Forest Wolf Tusk】

When used as a material, it increases strength. 

Common usage: blacksmithing.

【Wise Nuts】

The seed inside is edible. It contains ingredients that increase [Inspiration]—widely used as a production material.

Common usage: cooking.

Moreover, I also received a 【Ladybug】 from Mikoto-kun today. I could only spot one ladybug, which I guess is relatively rare. 

There were also some black moths with frightening patterns, but I couldn’t catch them because they quickly ran away. Catching insects with an insect net or other special tool might be easier. 

Since the item box was still half empty, I picked the plants I picked yesterday. 

Although other people gather items beside me, it seems that the items I can find are different.

Since there is no fighting over items, it is good to be able to collect them without hesitation. From my point of view, it is a little amusing to see other players grabbing the air in empty space. 

I guess it’s time for me to go home. As I was about to stand up, I saw a shadow. 

When I turned around, a woman in black wearing a mask was looking down at me. She was so scary. 

“Good afternoon, Ojou-san.”

She said in a hoarse voice, sounding like an NPC. 

“I’m Magdalene. I’m a traveling pharmacist who travels all over the continent. I sell medicines and other interesting things I gather on my travels to make extra money. Would you like to take a look?”

She is dressed in an absurdly weird outfit, but I chose to take a look anyway.  Behind her mask, she sounds a little surprised. 

“Oya, you are Tefana’s kid. What? You went independent in Lestein?”

Magdalene-san knew who I was. 

Isn’t Tefana my teacher? I wonder if she was close to her. 

“That’s splendid. Then, in addition to the first service, I will offer a special service to commemorate the celebration of your independence. All products are half price. It’s a steal!”

Even though I had to question the authenticity, the power of “half-price” is strong. I hurriedly looked at the item list. 

Princess Noble, Full Moon Rabbit Fur, Deadly Mist Crystal, Tsunami Whale Oil… Hmm, all this stuff I’ve never heard of, it must be something scarce, or maybe it’s something that players two or three levels above me can get. 

Or she’s just a shady scammer. 

Being a tailor, I’m interested in the fur, but the price is more than three times higher than fox fur available on the market. 

If the price is half what it should be, does that mean it is six times higher than fox fur? If I add up all the money I collected and sold yesterday, 1/4 of my fortune will be gone. 

But thinking about it, I feel like I should buy it now while it’s cheap. It will cost only 1/8 of the price if I buy it now. 

Right, I’ll buy it. 

Another item that caught my attention was the 【Royal Library Entrance Permit】.

What a price would blow away all the money left over from the fur purchase. But considering the privilege I get from it, I think it’s cheap. 

However, is such a permit allowed to be sold and bought? It was getting more and more suspicious. 

While I was staring at the dialogue and worrying, Miss Magdalene approached me. 

“If there’s anything you’re curious about, just ask.”

“Then, is this  【Royal Library Entrance Permit】 real?”

“Does it look fake to you?”

End of conversation. It feels like a massive scam and gets fishier. 

If this were real, I would never purchase one, but since it’s not real, sometimes you just want to do something a little drastic. 

So, I bought the entrance permit. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・World Events Discussions】

[Not Denial]
【BREAKING NEWS】Love Hunter Mayu completes Mikoto


Not again

I saw you walking around too

I’m shocked
I had dumped all the earth crystals I had saved up to focus on Mikoto-kyun this time

Don’t mind
I’m sure we can get a date after tomorrow

Oh, man. That’s crazy spending for a date

Is it true that the date event is a privilege given to the player with the highest favorability with that character?

But the limited dates for world events like this one will be held every day during the event. Once the day changes, the second place and beyond will get a turn

The favorable players who have completed the character event and meet the requirements

Now I understand that this is an event in that I have no chance

You have a chance if it’s an unpopular character
Date event is just something to flex on, and it’s an end-game content event
New players may not be able to enjoy it as much

I love watching the circus next to Mikoto-kun
Super nice

This kind of content is perfect for dirty-minded nee-chan who go out of their way to show off to other players
It’s like a test

While you’re bragging, tell me, Mayu-san
Is it only one limited mission for Mikoto-kyun? Are there any other conditions for clearing it?

There’s only one~

If it doesn’t work, tomorrow I’ll charge you

I’m getting chills. They’re gonna start beating each other with wads of cash

It’s an auction, right?

It smells like gambling
You don’t know how much your competitors are paying

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