Day 25: Two people (part 1)

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As I worked on production for my comfort, I was worried. 

Since I don’t have the financial resources to spend a million yen on a one-day indulgence, I have no choice but to give up on the date with Rylstein. 

That’s fine because I can dismiss that as something I can’t afford. But the question is will I keep playing the game with the idea of interacting with Rylstein in the future? This also related to whether or not I should cut off Ciel Shanta from my game.

Regarding my character preference, Ryl-sama is better. 

But I have developed a long-lasting attachment to Ciel-chan. She’s the first character I got to know, we see each other almost every day, and I finally got a present from her the other day. My favorability with her finally got me some feedback from her.

Ahhh~ if I continue to interact with Ciel-chan, I’ll be forever separated from Ryl-sama… I’m in trouble…

And while I was writhing my hands in agony, the bell rang. Ugh, is it time already?

There was no way I could actively manage a visitor event in this state. Yesterday I didn’t go to the shop floor either, and I was quietly working over here. Then the bell rang, and when I answered it, Ciel-chan was there. 

Although I hesitate between Ciel-chan and Ryl-sama, when I come face to face with her, she’s still adorable…

Thanks to my careless visit to the strategy site yesterday, I learned that replying [I don’t know] could lower your favorability. I can’t… I can’t do it.

But Ciel-chan gave the same reactions no matter which one you choose, you know? Then she says, “I’ll come back,” coolly as she leaves.

Behind the scenes, she must feel a little bit sad. What do you mean you don’t know? Aren’t you interested in me?! Psst! Do you get what I’m saying?

Underneath that smug, man-eating expression, she feels happy and sad at my response.

See? Isn’t she adorable? She’s so cute, right?

With heavy steps, I headed for the shop floor as if I were being sucked in. Sure enough, there was Ciel-chan.

Her gray eyes seemed to catch mine and shine brightly, perhaps because we were face-to-face in such a mental state.

Vivia, you like me, right? You’re not going to choose Rylstein and dump me, are you? 

It’s as if she’s listening to the voice in my heart.

Ciel-chan’s dialogue shows no change today, and it’s time for the customary fashion check. 

While the same questions and responses are always asked, her outfits are always different. That’s something I don’t dislike about this exchange. I look forward to seeing what she will wear today. 

For today, Ciel-chan was dressed glamorously yet simply in a bright red one-piece dress made entirely of lace. 

The length is short, with French sleeves that slightly cover the shoulders. Both looking chic and casual, this is the perfect outfit for her. 

Matching these versatile items along with a delicate gold necklace, navy blue pin-heel pumps, and short white socks that cover the ankles. 

Somehow she took a classic, orthodox motif and broke it down in an exquisitely retro direction. 

No doubt she looks cute today. The last time she showed up, the person Ciel-chan asked me to compare herself to every time was herself. 

What I use as the standard is her hairstyle. 

With her long blonder hair braided into an updo, would today’s outfit be the right choice for this hair arrangement? Or would the previous outfit suit her better?

The answer is—

“I think I like yesterday’s better.”

When I chose that option, Ciel-chan’s brow wrinkled clearly. And before I could ponder her reaction, the bell rang again. 

“Fufu, you’re a good girl, Vivia. Like a loyal dog that knows its master and only obeys the voice of its master.”

I was sure it was Ciel-chan’s voice.

Yet, Ciel-chan’s mouth didn’t move. More accurately, Ciel-chan’s mouth in front of me didn’t move. 

“It’s boring when they can see through you like this. Let’s put an end to this game for good, Shanta….”

This was the new Ciel-chan who appeared through the door. 

Another Ciel.

There are two of them…


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

They added new options for conversation with Magdalene
There are encounters with Giltoa reported in various places, and if we suggest a destination based on that, it’s likely the two of them will be reunited?

Or is there a slight possibility I have to meet one of them first?

There’s a possibility
The closed forest, Magdalene’s disappearance, and the revolutionary events are deeply related
This flow is also driven by the players as a whole

That’s true
There was someone who told me they met Magdalene after they encountered Giltoa
But nothing special happened

[piano jam]
Maybe they counted the number of answers from players behind the scenes, and if the number of correct answers exceeds a certain number or probability, the reunion event might be successful

If they follow Tefana’s request, it would be more correct to pull them apart
I wonder how many of them will follow the advice faithfully

From a narrative standpoint, it’s more interesting if there’s progress
Players will actively try to cause a stampede LOL

I don’t think so
If Giltoa’s goal is achieved, there’s a strong possibility that he will return to the Privy Council

Aah~~ is this a head-to-head battle between the academic vs. the uneducated? Giltoa stan vs. Clifeus stan?

I see
If that’s the case, the uneducated and Clifeus stan are at a disadvantage
I think a lot of people won’t notice that they will vote for the one that looks more interesting

I’d like to see Giltoa reunite with Magdalene
If that triggers Magdalene’s memory to come back, it means the sick forest seal will be broken, and we’ll be waiting for the stampede}
It’s the best thing for those who genuinely like a happy ending ><

I wonder what would have happened if Magdalene’s disappearance had been triggered before the closed forest
The story would have been much more amicable

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