Day 20: Reaching out

Day 20 login

I cringed at the birds’ chirping noise. 

When I heard that signal, I was working on a production at home. 

Having me as a registered friend reveals my current login status immediately. There’s no hiding.

Takenaka-san is currently my only friend, so it must be him. 

The phone rang eight times before I reluctantly answered it after he showed no sign of stopping. 

I’m sorry, I’m running away from phantom right now and got my hands full

You lied. You’re at home right now

How did you know?

You don’t want to be home, huh
I was about to cry when you ignored my call


All joking aside, I received my order
Thank you for getting the job done quickly
So, what’s with the item’s ability?


Please don’t fool me with the nervous act
Anyway, I want to talk to you in person. I’m going to Lestein now
I can’t transfer the money to you by mail
If you’re home, let’s meet at the same plaza as last time
I’m looking forward to meeting you again

Before I could press the trembling stamp for the third time, the call was one-sidedly disconnected. I knew he was going to be angry. 

Well, it can’t be helped. Personal transactions conducted without using the market are bound to cause trouble, aren’t they?

The contract should’ve included a clause that says, “I will not be held responsible for any poor finished products.” But it would be silly to bring that uptight attitude to a mere in-game transaction. 

It would be a pain in the ass one way or another. With a heavy heart, I reluctantly headed out. 

When I reached the specified meeting point, Takenaka-san was standing there with a frown on his face. 

“I had no idea Boutique-san was so amazing. You are a national treasure….”


I had just built a new home and was short on cash, so I hurriedly gathered money from my clan members. I wonder what they’ll say later. I hope this is enough.”

《Takenaka-san is offering a gift》

If I press 『Accept』 right away—.

《You received 2 million Kima from Takenaka-san!》

“Ehh?! Whyy?!”

“Is it not enough? I will give you another 500.000 Kima. I don’t bring enough cash.”

“Eh? Eh? Am I involved in some shady pyramid scheme?”


We both look at each other with puzzled looks on our faces. He was not as angry as I had thought he was. 

“Um, aren’t you going to ask for a refund for the expensive materials used on poorly finished items?”

“No way! Are you nuts?! This item comes with skill, you know? If it were sold on the world market, people would pay 2-3 million, and some would pay more.”

“Eeehhh?!! But I haven’t reached level 20 yet… I couldn’t even get the poison resistance that was supposed to come with 【Spider Ester】, plus that amount of money for something made by an amateur like me….”

“Ah—,” Takenaka-san scratches his head, looking puzzled.

“I see, Boutique-san is that type of player. Since you mentioned that you didn’t look at the Talk Room, I guess you aren’t using strategy sites either, right?”

“What kind of player? Sometimes if I don’t understand something and get stuck, I look at strategy sites. I like to play around on my own and enjoy them in my own way.”

“Someone that genuinely enjoys the game… so dazzling… it’s refreshing….”

Takenaka-san scrutinizes his eyes and makes a protective shade before his forehead. Is he all right?

“Kimakura has a system that is perfect for that type of person. It’s called Miracle Creation.”

Mi-miracle Creation….”

He explained the rare cases in which an item is produced with skill, with a higher effect than usual, or with an effect that isn’t commensurate with the materials used to create it. This phenomenon is called Miracle Creation.

“The keywords that highlighted the requirement for this condition to happen are 『Labor』, 『Conscientious』, 『Didn’t cut any corners』.」

“Cutting corners… ah, you mean using a lot of shortcut skills?”

“Yeah, the system still remains a bit of a mystery, and it isn’t yet clear how to define what exactly triggers it. According to our comprehensive research, the item made solely by skill isn’t likely to be subject to this phenomenon. It mostly affects items made with manual labor and original design. This outfit that Boutique-san made for me is quite elaborate, I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into it.”

It wasn’t something I could have done in seconds using my skills. 

Given the actual clothing work, I was taking it pretty easy. Because the work progresses quickly, I don’t feel I’m putting in much effort. 

“Woah. We respectfully call such unique players ‘Kimakura. Living national treasure’.”

“It all comes down to Miracle Creation again. Are you saying that not many people make items that come with skills? However, from what you say, it sounds like miracles can happen even if the level is low or you don’t meet the special requirements. Is that so unusual?”

“Now let me ask, how much time did you spend on this costume, Boutique-san?”

If it includes the drafting adjustments, I spend two whole days on it… and then, I count off my fingers. 

“About four hours?”


Takenaka-san chokes with a strange voice. What’s wrong?

“I apologize for calling you a genuine enjoyer. You are a hardcore enjoyer, aren’t you?”

“No, that’s worse.”

“That’s how you get skills. Why do you make such detailed adjustments when I ask you to make something similar to an existing product? If it’s something you’ve made once, you can just change the materials and click on the skill and it’s done.”

“Ugh, sorry….”

That’s more because I don’t want to wear matching clothes with Takenaka-san….

“No, I mean that as a compliment. It’s a wonderful piece of work. This is how Boutique-san spent four hours to create elaborate outfits, whereas it would take less than a minute to use shortcut skills or an existing design. So, Kimakura. Then there are character missions, expediton quests, monthly world event, and other things to do. This means gamers who want to playtrough Kimakura. Can’t spend so much time on Miracle Creation.”

“Hoo~~. That reminds me, I ended up doing nothing during the world event the other day. And 『Expedition Quest』? Is there such a thing?”


Was it my imagination that Takenaka-san’s eyes were somehow looking at me pitifully? What was the thing he was saying earlier about being 『Dazzling』?

“…Many players actually end up graduating from becoming national treasure when they realize how big this game world is. Sigh here we go. People are free to choose their own playing style, so I can’t be stingy. That is why I gave it to you, it is a proper reward for your work. I commissioned these outfits to wear in town, so I don’t care about poison resistance or anything else. Please feel free to accept the money. I will definitely wear this with her this weekend….”

While there were many parts of Takenaka’s talk that I didn’t understand, I was annoyed by his last comment and smug face. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk room (Official)・Communicative Mission Discussions】

[Don’t deny it]
>>Piano jam
I know
The sleepy or melancholy look on his face is what makes him so appealing
If it weren’t for those dark eyes, I wouldn’t have Mathiel as my oshi

[Piano jam]
Woo, fellow friend
I love that decadent, soft look
The fact that he lives in Danama and not Lestein is also quite telling

I want to pat Mikoto-kyun’s head
I want to open my arms to Mikoto-kyun, who was almost lost in the forest and say, “Come here!”
I want to put medicine on Mikoto-kyun’s kneecap when he falls and is half-crying on the way running to me
And told him, “There, there. It’s okay,” and gave him a hug

Officer, this way, please

[Saya Fukase]
Mikoneki is shaking

If we’re talking about pretty boys, don’t forget Philibel

My only complaint is that are no macho body types in Kimakura.

The current one?

That’s on the thin side
I want gorilla-like muscular

The worldview is already fixated on pretty boys, adonis, beautiful girls, and pretty women
And it’s not the same if they have macho or hourglass figure

[Saya Fukase]
>> Pretty boys, adonis, beautiful girls, and pretty women
Erin sobs

[Don’t deny it]
Erin is a handsome good with a good personality


Character discussion room:
As soon as Ryl isn’t there, Neki and their friends start having a girls’ night out

Is Ryl a balancer?

[Tori Tamago]
I guess Ryl can be useful too

Why is there no Ryl addict? (pretends

I wonder why… (*´·ω·)(·ω·`*)

Blood and sand… this is the smell of war… ( ̄^ ̄)

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