Chapter 43: The trespassers

There were two sleeping soldiers and Aurene waiting for me in front of the forest’s entrance. 

“How did it go, Nyanko-san~?”

[I escorted her home, her mom was angry.]

“Well, that’s normal~.”

And these two soldiers were probably Aurene’s work. 

“They will wake up in 10 minutes~ it’s okay~.”

Then, there’s no problem. 

I decided to return home together with Aurene. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“That reminds me, I heard that a party had been dispatched to the forest for Demon King’s army subjugation~.”


“They probably want to defeat the magical beasts’ horde that is steadily gathering in the forest as soon as possible~.”

Magical beasts’ horde? Are there any in the forest?

“Of course, there isn’t such thing! It’s something humans say on their own~.”

We took a long time to get back because I had to stop to write on the board every time we talked. 

There are several soldiers around the house, and they have set up a flag inside. 

The flag says, [Demon King’s army subjugation party].

We are hiding in the bushes to see what’s going on. 

“Oh no, we are being surrounded~!”

What do you mean by surrounded? This is my house. 

It’s not part of the Demon King’s army. 

“Well, it was a suspicious wooden house built deep in the forest. 

And since it was built recently, it’s not surprising that they misunderstood~.”

They surrounded my house and treated it as the Demon King’s army military base. Incidentally, wood houses are the Elves’ preferred style of home.

…It’s Aurene’s fault. 

“Ouch, it hurts! Please stop pulling my hair~!”

What do we do now?

“Who’s there?!”

They found us. 

I walk towards the soldier. 

“Nyaa— (Hello.)”

“Stray cat… which reminds me, I haven’t had anything to eat for a whole day.”

The man looks at me with vacant eyes. 

Whoa, are you trying to eat me?

But since I understand what it feels like to be hungry and in pain, I pulled out wild boar meat from my four-dimensional space and handed it to him. 

“Haha, the cat gave me meat. If I’m hallucinating like this, then I might as well be dead.”

He crossed the ditch and climbed up the stone wall. 

He has a kamado and Aurene’s fire-starting tools, probably he’s going to cook with them. 

“I wonder why he’s starving~? There is plenty of food you can find in the forest.” 

Said Aurene as she munched on berries. 

Some berries are poisonous, you need to know enough to be able to pick the edible berries. 

From beyond the stone wall, I could hear the joyous knights’ voices. 

They seemed happy with the meat I gave them. 

Let’s watch over them for now. 

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