Vol. 3 Chapter 15: Interlude

The capital of the Kingdom of Balshine. The capital that was once said to be the most prosperous among the surrounding countries showed no sign of life at all. 

A young girl gazed at the ruined townscape from the royal castle balcony. 

Her face was hidden by her long bangs and her expression unreadable. The only thing visible was the absence of people who cut her overgrown black hair.

The black-haired girl who overlooked the royal capital is the one who destroyed not only the kingdom but also humanity around the world. Her name: Yumiela Dolknes.

She mumbles something in self-deprecation to herself.

“…I wonder where I went wrong?”

“Do you realize that you made a mistake?”

Although there seemed to be no one to respond, there was a response to her monolog. The voice was mixed with noise making it hard to tell the gender or age. 

Yumiela didn’t seem surprised by the invisible speaker and continued her conversation unperturbed. 

“…I guess I’m making a mistake.”

“Do you regret manipulating monsters and exterminating humans?”

“There’s no reason to feel remorse or regret now. And I’m not the only one who made the wrong choice. Everything is wrong… with the world, with me , with the people around me. And this is how it ends.”

“Yes! These worlds are wrong. That’s why I’m going to free them.”

Yumiela’s conversation partner’s voice becomes more intense.

Still getting bored with this unpredictable guy who keeps going on and on, Yumiela was looking back on her life. Her life had been full of mistakes, both for herself and others. 

The first mistake was being born the way she was. She resented her birth into this world, her natural appearance, and her environment many times. 

If only her hair was a different color than black. If only she hadn’t been born into a noble family. If only she had been born in a country where black hair wasn’t shunned. She dreamed up numerous what if scenarios, but it was impossible to change them all. 

“Maa, I was so stupid, wasn’t I?”

Growing up, Yumiela was desperate for her parents to love her. The loneliness that she had always felt since she could remember was something that she was sure her father and mother would relieve. For her, the strict but kind father and mother only existed in stories. 

She was sure she would see them someday. Yumiela had no doubt that she would be warmly embraced when she saw them.

Living off of this fantasy, she studied hard in the Dolknes territory until she entered the academy. 

Even during her school days, she continued to pursue her impossible dream. She secretly looked down on and charmed the Duke’s daughter who was being manipulated by those around her. To stay within her faction, she took on a dirty role. This caused the royal family to take notice of her and she was immediately cut off from her. 

Every thread of hope was snapped. Technically, there was no hope from the beginning. 

It was during her third year that she realized this obvious fact. At the same time, the news about the Demon King’s resurrection spread through the kingdom. 

The Demon King was Yumiela’s new hope. It definitely was. The demon king would surely destroy all the people who have been mistreating her, this worthless kingdom, and the world that has no value in existence. 

“Maybe I shouldn’t have been so reliant on others.”

Yumiela’s voice was devoid of emotion as if she were a stranger. 

Her hope was gone again. The Demon King will be defeated and the whole kingdom will celebrate the new heroes and saints.

From the bottom of her heart, Yumiela really believed that she couldn’t rely on anyone else. The only person she could trust was herself. 

Then she made up her mind. Instead of being disappointed with the Demon King, she will destroy the world. 

Yumiela had always known that she was stronger than others, that she could handle magic with powerful attributes. She was aware of her abilities and hid them. 

Fearing that she would be shunned even further, she never wielded her power during her childhood and school years. Now, after being shunned so much, she had nothing more to be afraid of but at the time, that thought of using her power terrified her. 

Thus, Yumiela started her journey to become the hidden boss. 

It was shortly after that she met a mysterious invisible figure. 

Yumiela was blunt towards the figure who was still spouting resentful words.


“—There are definitely beings that look down on this world.”

“Hey, I’m talking to you!”

“You can watch it for entertainment and take pleasure in it… huh? What’s wrong?”


That was how our first meeting went. This invisible, mysterious figure had no interest in interacting with people at all. They just say what they want one-sidedly. 

She didn’t even know his name. With no one else to talk to, it didn’t inconvenience her, but Yumiela secretly called him ‘evil god’. 

Yumiela was alone and thought back to several months ago. The first thing she heard was, “You will die if you continue like this.” He warned me that if I continued doing what I was doing, I would be no match for Alicia and they would kill me. 

He proposed an unorthodox method for leveling up. A grueling training method that she didn’t think a normal or sane person would come up with. 

Sensing Yumiela’s displeasure, the voice uttered soothing words.

“What’s wrong? You know you’re not leaving until tomorrow, right?”

“Haa…I’ll be there. You never consider other people’s circumstances, do you? You’re the one who came up with that crazy leveling method.”

“That’s not true. The method that I gave you wasn’t my original idea.”

“Huh? Who else could have done it except you?”

“You did, your parallel universe’s self could pull it off. The one you’re going to fight tomorrow.”

The person Yumiela is going to fight is her parallel universe self. This was something she had heard about but she never expected to meet her. She thought she was someone who was living a gloomy life just like her….

Yumiela became interested in her other-self life that she never had the slightest interest in before. 

“How is she? Is she different from me?”

“Not really. I can’t tell the difference apart but she is stronger than you.”

“Oh, come on. Why don’t you just let me kill her off? Don’t you want more minions with their level uncapped?”

“Hmm… that’s not how it works. The other you have no opportunity to take advantage of you. She doesn’t even loathe the world the way you do. That would be hard to deal with.”

Yumiela couldn’t imagine herself not hating the world. Even if she could go back in time and start her life all over again, she would still see herself hating the world.

“I wonder what’s the point of my existence?”

“The reason is simple. Because I want you to.”

“What’s the specific reason?”

“I’ve had my eye on you for some time. Your abilities are far beyond any other human. I always wanted you in my service. But you’re going to die. No amount of intervention on my part will change the outcome.”

Yumiela remembered her fight with Alicia and her party. The battle against those four was a close one. Had she not been doing that crazy leveling up, she would’ve definitely died. 

They were that strong and the worst match for her. 

Yumiela listened to what the mysterious figure had done.

“As a trial, I put another soul inside you. It is a weak soul drifting between dimensions. It might not work, but it bothered me enough to try.”

“Is that who I’m dealing with?”

“That’s right. It was something I never thought I’d find. She even managed to find my lost property. It’s astonishing.”

“And how did she live her life?”

“She’s a lord? Or I don’t know, lives her life doing nothing. She’s a boring person.”

“Hmm. It’s not that interesting.”

If she became a lord, did that mean she inherited the title from her father? Yumiela couldn’t imagine how it could have happened. 

Yumiela looked over her life once more. 

She desperately pretended to be invisible, but there must have been a way for her to survive. The helping hand must have been right around the corner. 

First, how to live with her own strength. Her strength would have allowed her to get by to some extent in any country she went to. 

The next was finding help from the people around her. 

Although she disliked Eleanora, Yumiela didn’t think Eleanora was a bad person. She’s just someone who was being manipulated by the people around her. Maybe something would have been different if she had asked for help without shame or fear. 

The last thing Yumiela remembered was the guy who she occasionally talked to at school.

He was definitely Yumiela’s hope, he was looking out for her and asking if she was in trouble. However, the person who pushed away his helping hand was none other than herself. They never managed to get closer because he was born a frontier count and had little influence.

“It doesn’t look as messy as the central, maybe I could live in peace in the frontier count’s territory….”

She almost said his name and stopped herself from saying it. The details are unknown, but he must have been caught in the middle of the monsters’ wave and died. Might as well say that I killed him, Yumiela thought.

“What’s wrong? Where’s your fighting spirit?”

“This can’t be done. There’s no turning back for me now. I’ve decided to kill everyone I don’t like.”

Yumiela was glad to know about her parallel world self leading a peaceful life.

The knowledge that she was so different from herself strengthened her resolve.

In the end, there was only one more person to defeat.

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  1. Umesan says:

    Wow. so even in the other world. Patrick always wanted to help her but she pushed him away because she never had the other Yumiela’s weird logic. That’s really sad..

  2. DavidAre says:

    When you think you hate the world, the one you truly hate is yourself

  3. Arangi says:

    Awww… Patrick… You’re a dear even in parallel world….

  4. Dante Ryu says:

    So you mean this Yumiela will saceifice herself just do our Yumiela will reach a level above the level cap?

    • Quesa says:

      I rather smell this weird Yumiela to uncap and make the proper Yumiela come back. After all, she just needs to clear the condition, not keep it that way, right?

  5. Jayswing103 says:

    It’s good to know that Patrick reaches out to Yumiela no matter what world he’s in.

  6. After reading ahead a bit, I realized something. Yumiela ending up in the story was no accident. She was the “only one” who created her leveling up method and that method was shared around the other parallel worlds. The method was shared through the voice that seems to be the manager of the worlds. If so then Yumiela was destined to go into the world from the start and create that method since she was the “only one” that came up with the method. No other Yumiela had this method as their own idea but instead it was given to them. If our Yumiela hadn’t created it then the story would have never functioned as it was meant too. This is wild stuff

    • Strictly_Dull says:

      I didn’t read far enough ahead. It all gets explained later. Only these two Yumielas have knowledge of this method

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