Vol. 1 Chapter 04: The difference between genius and stupidity is thin

The climate in our territory is warmer than the Kanto region in modern Japan but cooler than in Okinawa. 

Some areas get heavy snowfall in the winter, while others are much warmer. 

That happened partly because of how big our territory is, but there was also a huge difference in altitude. The northern border area is a vast land that seems truly remote.

The year lasts twelve months, with November through February as winter social season. Most of the upper-class nobles gather in the capital, and children over the age of ten attend school and stay in the dorm. 

From March to June (Spring) and from September to October (Autumn), some upper-class nobles spend their weekdays at their territory and return to the capital on weekends. 

A week’s worth of issues is discussed at the weekend meeting and based on the results, the civil servants and bureaucrats work for another week. The civil servants and knights are the best of the best chosen from those unable to inherit the house. They don’t have to return to their territory. 

The remaining two months of summer are the time for the nobles to have summer social events. 

Many soirees are held in the capital, and the more money they have, the longer they travel to summer resorts. People from the same faction tend to travel to the same summer resort, whether invited by the local lord, staying in a hotel, or their own vacation home.

This is important for a region like ours.

The more visitors we get, the more money we can make and it will also show our ability to attract people. 

Another important thing is where the royal family’s destination is.

There were rumors that they might be going to the Marquis Johanes’ territory this year.

That’s where the spirits come in.

The part where I said that they eat mana and once they grow up, they can learn strong magic.

Besides, I can also see weak spirits that other people cannot. 

My birthday was in late March.

It will be a little over three months until people travel for the summer.

If I can raise the people’s spirits during all the time I’ve got, all those visitors will be surprised when summer rolls in, right?

And if we secretly gave them the information on how to raise their spirits, they would be grateful. 

In the winter, Kris would start to enroll in school and his spirit should be big and fluffy with all attributes by that time.

More people will want to be friendly with us and next summer we’ll have more tourists. The locals would be happy about this, too.

I don’t know if it will go that smoothly, though. 

We can’t just rely on the spirits. We need to come up with something like a tourist attraction.

Let’s start with something we can do right now and work our way up.

They made me take a bath and change my dress when I returned from the training grounds. 

Even if my parents were the frontier count, I still had to dress appropriately to meet them.

When it’s only my family, we could dress casually. But the higher the nobles’ rank, the less familial relationship there is.

Wet nurses and waiting maids raise children. Depending on the season, it’s normal not to see your parents for a month or so.

Right now, Kris’ butler comes to my room to have a conversation with my butler, Brad and tells me his business while I have my tea. 

“I heard your meeting is in the evening. The Count will attend an evening party, so it will be a short one, but Kris-sama says he wants to share the information as soon as possible, even if it’s just the main points.”

Why don’t we just talk about it in person? This kind of nobility custom is a waste of time. 

But isn’t this kinda cool?

Brad would stand beside me in his black butler’s uniform with his posture straight and bed over respectfully to state his business. It makes me feel like a young lady. That explains why butler cafes were popular in modern Japan. 

“Yeah, I understand.”

As I finished my cup, I handed it to Rex, who quickly took it from me and put it away on the tray. Just perfect.

But this young lady mode couldn’t last for long. 

After listening to my answer to Brad, my brother’s butler left. As soon as the door slammed shut and I was alone with my people, I slumped down on the armrest with my feet on the seat. 

“Ojou-sama, if I may, could I have a moment of your time?”


Still slouching on the chair, I lift my head in response. 

We were left alone as Rex sent the waiting maids back. 

“There is something Kris-sama asked me to tell before Ojou-sama talking with the family.”

“Is it a long story? Would you like some tea?”

While I was rearranging the cushions to make myself comfortable, Brand and Rex had prepared the tea for themselves and sat side-by-side across the table. 

Brad is a little good-looking in my circle of attractive people, isn’t he? He has normal face proportions. 

He’s not bad at all. He’s tall, well built, and good-looking. But he’s not handsome. 

Good-looking men are living beings to be admired from afar. They are too dazzling for me. 

My two older brothers are kids. They’re too young for an auntie like me to admire but my father… I still get nervous when I meet him. 

Even though Brad had this fierce look, he’s comforting to be around. 

He’s a fierce-looking man who looks nothing like a respectable butler—a young lady’s favorite. 

Me? I love it. 

Rex was only twelve years old. 

He does look like a Japanese middle schooler, maybe a third-grader? 

A cheerful boy with light brown hair stroked tightly back. 

He’s not exactly a pretty face, either. But he wouldn’t look out of place if he was dancing in an idol group. 

I’ve seen him in his butler uniform for so long that I can’t imagine him dressing any other way. 

These two are my attendants. 

Thanks for the blessing. 

Did I acquire some kind of virtue in my previous life?

Is there such a thing as the God of Otaku or Doujinshi?

The two butlers glanced at each other, then straightened their posture and looked at me. 

“This is the message from Kris-sama.”

“Go ahead.” 

“Our parents are used to us not being childlike and they would prefer us to be comfortable communicating with them, so please don’t push yourself to be more like a four-year-old.”



What do you mean?!

Did they already know I was reincarnated?! After only four years?

Ok, I need to calm down. 

This is it. They think I’m a prodigy just like them. 

People think I’m gifted. 

Right. I can’t think of any other reasons. 

“Diadora-sama? Are you all right?”

“There are only the two of us here, please take it easy.”

“Um… do you two feel the same way?”


“You don’t act like a child at all.”


Brad nodded coyly and Rex had this what-are-you-talking-about look on his face. 

I did my best?

I was talking in a childlike manner while losing my mind, you know? 

“A baby who moves magical toys by herself and strings words together all the time at age one. That’s not normal.”


I’ve been doing that since I was born—!!

Because I was bored, I wanted to learn the language—!!

“I was also surprised to hear so many things about Ojou-sama from Rex.”

“Don’t you find that creepy?”

“I would rather just deal with her like an adult than be forced to deal with a normal child.”

He’s so frank. 

If he didn’t like taking care of brats, why did he take this job?

Not like Rex, whose whole family works for us, Brad could have chosen another job. 

“By the way, you and Kris onii-sama were in bad air on the training grounds. Did you talk to him after that?”

“Haa. What kind of four-year-old knows about bad air?”

“This lady knows more difficult words than I do.”

“Don’t make it harder for me to talk. I’ll just talk like before.”

“No, please continue.”

“This is not how it was….”


What’s with this familiarity?

He’s been taking good care of me as if he were handling a broken object. 

Is it because of the running? That I was out of breath?

“Kris-sama seemed to be wary of me because I was a former adventurer and commoner.”

“Adventurer?! Then, why did you become a butler?”

“About six months ago, one of my comrades was seriously injured while subjugating magical beasts and I couldn’t continue as an adventurer. Shortly after that, my wife told me that she was expecting a child and I thought that I should look for a different way of life. We decided to disband the party when I discussed it with my party members.”

“Wow, you have a child?”


“Shut up, Rex.”


Don’t look so happy. 

Stop smiling. 

“Still, you’re like a guard and not a butler.”

“I’m an assassin.”

“I see.”

So, he can protect me differently than the knights on my guard. 

There are times when only the butler can be by your side.

“Earlier, I thought if my child is a girl, I’ll spoil her like this.”

Oh—, that’s why you seemed shady.

Shady enough that Kris suspected you. 

Damn, normie. 

“Does your wife live in the castle too?”

“She does. Thankfully there are doctors in the castle, so I can work with ease.”

“I’d like to meet her after the baby is born.”

What should I do now?

I couldn’t just do as Kris told me and stop acting like a child with this. My inner thirty years old wouldn’t allow it. 

Kris knows I’m different from ordinary kids, but he doesn’t know how well I can keep up with adults or how knowledgeable I am. He probably wants to take this opportunity to verify that as well. 


“Eh? Can you repeat that?”


I like it! I like it when you call me ‘Ojou-sama’.

“That’s what you do when it’s just family!”


“Is there any other thing you want to talk about?”

“There is one more thing about the training grounds.”


“Please don’t rely on your family’s protection. Their priority is their respective Lord. When the time comes, Ojou-sama will not be a priority. But we are here to protect you. Remember, the only people you can trust are your own butler and guards.”

“Ah—okay. Moreover, the gravity of life between the heir and I are different. Mine is the lightest.”

My parents are the frontier count. 

Kris is the precious heir.

And Alan is the spare heir. Otherwise, he would have surely joined the Empire Knights. 

In comparison, I may be useful as a pawn but I’m not indispensable. 

“I never thought you could understand that much at once. I appreciate your quick thinking.”

“You should have become my brothers’ butler instead of me.”

“No way. This is the most interesting place to work.”

“That’s true. Kris-sama is very good at what he does, but he’s also very strict with others. I heard he fired several of his butlers and guards.”

Wow. he may be smart, but he’s still a kid. 

They always only show their kind faces to me, I never know their other sides.

“Isn’t it making his reputation worse? Are you following the news about them?”

“He doesn’t care about your age, gender, or social standing as long as you’re good, it makes him get a good reputation among the chosen ones.”

“He’s also good at playing pretend, don’t worry.”

“He’s a scary kid who’s good at manipulating people into doing what he wants.”

“You mean like the message you gave me earlier?”

The two butlers smiled wickedly at me.

“No, you’re right. Ojou-san is interesting.”

“It’s a first-class job where you can watch the drama from the sidelines.”

Good to know that you’re having fun at work. 

I’ve always wanted to have someone reliable I could trust.

It is easy for a young lady to become disconnected from the world because she is sheltered. 

Information is hard to come by. 

It’s nice to know he’s a former adventurer.

“What kind of person do you two think I am?”


“Rex, do you wanna fight?”

“You are probably better qualified to be called a child prodigy than Kris-sama. But if anyone else knew about it, it would be very bad. Isn’t that what Kris-sama is worried about?”

Brad still thinks I’m a child prodigy, doesn’t he?

We’ve only known each other for a little while. 

“Rather than a child prodigy… my ideas are different from everyone else’s.”

“That’s like the definition of a prodigy.”

“How should I put it? You thought feeding the spirits was like playing with them. But what child would do that every day until they pass out? Even now, you’re still doing it until you feel queasy. Your behavior is out of the norm and full of curiosity.”

“…Ah. She’s a child prodigy but a different kind from Kris-sama.”

Stop it.

Don’t you two look at me with that disappointed look.

You must think I’m a dumb kid, right?

Did you know the difference between genius and stupidity is thin?

“What about Alan onii-sama?”

“I haven’t had any contact with him yet, so I don’t know much about him. But I met him in the hallway on my first day here, and he said to take care of you.”


“He was probably waiting for an ambush.”

“He probably just wanted to see what kind of guy would show up.”

Wait a minute.

Is Alan the last conscience of the Bellisario family?

Isn’t he just a normal, adorable boy?

“Well, he is a child who doesn’t seem childish in a different direction from Kris-sama and Ojou. in a way, he’s probably the most mature among the three of you.”

“He is kind and compassionate and I think he has the best personality. But he is also very insightful and independent.”

Their insight into us siblings is quite impressive, though.

When you’re stuck between Kris and me, you have no choice but to be independent and pave your own way, right?

“Yeah, I think I get the gist of it. If possible, let me know if there are any rumors about the castle, the town, or anything else that catches your attention. I will buy any helpful information.”

Then, I got out of my chair with a huff. When I saw them following me, I quickly told them to stop and sit back down with my hand. I grabbed a piece of paper from my reading desk drawer before returning to my seat. 

“Can you write this for me?”

“A magical contract?!”

“Just so I can talk like this. Don’t tell anyone that I can talk like this and knowledgeable enough like Kris onii-sama. It expires… in five years. At nine years old, the people in the castle will get used to onii-sama and won’t be surprised, right?”

“What happens if I tell people?”

“You won’t be able to until I release you from the contract. You will have to sign the contract right there.”

“You don’t trust us.”

“How can I trust you in such a short time?”

While Brad was enjoying the conversation, Rex seemed to be getting genuinely sad. 

I’ve known him ever since I was born. 

“Rex. This is for your own good, too. When your brothers ask you about it, you can tell them that you signed a contract and can’t talk about it.”

“Are you going to ignore Kris-sama’s message?”

“I don’t know what onii-sama is talking about. We always talk normally.”

I lowered my eyebrows and rested my hands on my cheeks, tilting my head to the side.

Uwaah… that surprised me. 

“Though I think this is useless anyway.”


“Ojou, you probably will be the one who slips soon?”

“Hn, I think you’re the one who’s going to expose yourself.”

Huh? Am I the least trustworthy person in the room?

“May I ask why you are hiding this from your family?”

“Okaa-sama apparently wants me to marry into the imperial family.”

“Do you hate it that much?”

“Do you think I can handle being educated as a princess? There will be a riot at the imperial palace.” 


“I can imagine what it would be like….”

“And I want to put a stop to that! That’s why I’m just a normal four-year-old!”

“It’s impossible and useless already.”

“You’re too late for that.”

Shut uppppp!

I’m just a normal four-year-old!

TN: this is unedited, will edit later…

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