Vol. 3 Chapter 08: Sometimes Eleanora cleared up the misunderstanding

“Yumiela Dolknes! Catch Eleanora at all costs! She’s falling.”

“Huh? Eleanora’s falling?”

Sanon’s voice was so frantic I couldn’t help but look up at the sky. 

I saw the source of the screams from above. A girl with long blond hair, wearing a dress. Her trademark ringlet curls coming undone by the wind pressure.

No matter how you look at it, it’s Eleanora. How did this happen?


“Oh— it’s really Eleanora, isn’t it?”

“This is not the time to be impressed! I can’t catch her with my physical ability. Hurry!”

“You can’t just say that and expect me to drop my guard then attack—”

“I won’t!”

Her forehead lit up at the same time as she screamed. It was a record-breaking glow. 

Caught off guard, I was predictably shot by the beam. 

“Argh, it hurts!”

“Aah! I’m so sorry.”

Sanon covers her forehead with her hand and apologizes. 

While we had this futile exchange, Eleanora was approaching the ground. 

I have no idea why the God of Light would be concerned about her safety, but if I ignored her request, things would turn ugly. 

Sanon looked at me with pleading eyes, but I remained motionless. She wasn’t the right person to save Eleanora, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. 


“Leave it to me.”

Eleanora’s speed slowed down as soon as Patrick held one hand up to the sky. 

It was his wind magic. Though unseen, she was being enveloped by an upward wind. She should be able to make a soft landing a bit further away. 

I breathed in relief, but it didn’t look like Sanon’s mind was at ease. 

“Good job, Patrick Ashbaton! Yumiela, quick, catch her!”

“She’s fine. She’ll land softly and won’t be uninjured.”

“Why are you so calm! Even if it’s slow, she’s still going to hit the ground?!”

Huh? Am I the one who’s acting strange?

Getting a little anxious, I turned to Patrick, but he was shaking his head. Right, it was fine. 

However, Sanon kept begging, hiding her forehead with her hands. 

“Please. You’re the only one who can save her.”

“Uhh… alright.”

Driven by the desire to save the world, I move to catch Eleanora. 

After taking several helpful steps, I jumped. I caught Eleanor in my arms, I guess we were two floors of a building up in the air.

Then both of us continued to free fall. I landed on the ground with my feet.

She was safe. But she continued to scream loudly. Since both my hands were occupied, it was hard for me to cover my ears. 

“Kyaaaaaaaa! Help! I’m falling!”

“Errr, we are already on the ground.”

“…Huh? Yumiela? Did you save me?”

She checked her surroundings and after much delay realized that she had been saved. 

I gently stood her on the ground while she complained about falling from the sky. 

“Why were you falling from the sky?”

“…I thought I was going to die.”

Eleanora’s legs were as wobbly as a newborn fawn. As she wobbled, I rushed to support her. 

I can’t claim to know her body best, but she must have been terrified. My body is now strong enough to withstand atmospheric forces, but I remember how afraid I was of falling the first time… 

I pulled Eleanora into a tight hug and told her that she was safe now and that I would protect her from any danger. 

“Oh, God! It’s a great day to be alive!”

“…Wonderful, you alright?”

“And for some reason, I got a hug from you. Falling from the sky might not be so bad after all!”

“Ah, you look okay.”

This girl, her body may be physically weak but mentally she’s very strong. I forgot about that detail. 

I felt embarrassed being so overly close to her, even though we were the same sex. As I was about to pull away, someone called out to me from the side.

“You’re too close to Eleanora! Get away from her!”

When I turned my head to the side, I saw Sanon walking over, still covering her forehead with her hands. 

She was being very demanding, telling me to help Eleanora then to get away from her. But honestly, I was about to move away from Eleanora even before she told me to. 

Eleanora looked disappointed but she was already standing steady. Then she looked at Sanon and said,

“Huh? Have we met before?”

“This is the first time we actually met, isn’t it? Nice to meet you, Eleanora.”

“Ah! God! I recognize your voice! You’re really here.”

“Until now we’ve only talked, but I’m glad to finally meet you.”

Eleanora is so religious that she never missed going to church even after she came here. She’s quite devoted, isn’t she? Aside from that, there is no doubt that she was a devoted follower of Sanonism. 

I didn’t think I had ever had a conversation with God. I didn’t think it was even possible to hear God’s voice until this morning. 

Now, I remember. Yesterday Eleanora said she heard God’s voice. She said she heard a voice telling her to be wary of me. So it wasn’t a hallucination. 

Sanon looked really happy as she talked with Eleanora. Perhaps she couldn’t contain her emotions, the light leaking out from the gap between her fingers. 

Sensing that I might get hit with another Deco Beam if I didn’t interrupt her, I talked to her. 

“I heard about your divine oracle yesterday. You told Miss Eleanora to be on her guard against me.”

“You heard that right. Yumiela Dolknes, you should keep your distance from Eleanora.”

As soon as she turned her head, Sanon’s expression changed completely. 

I can’t just agree with her. I’ve decided that I’m going to look after Eleanora for the rest of her life. 

“Please tell me the reason why. Miss Eleanora is a great friend of mine.”

“There are many reasons. First, you’re a bad influence on Eleanora. She might be your close friend, but she’s also a valued believer of mine.”

“She’s not a bad influence on me. Sanon-sama, you sound like some overprotective father. Also, we aren’t close friends but best friends.”

“Isn’t it because of you that Eleanora has fallen? And I’ve known her longer than you. Although I only spoke to her yesterday.”

I’ve been falsely accused. There was no way I would do something like that to her. 

When I looked at Eleanora, thinking that it would be clearer if I asked her, she looked happier after the argument. I listened to her mumble, wondering why.

“Ehehe, my best friend…. It’s like a dream come true being able to talk with God….”

“Cute. She’s my friend.”

“Cute. She’s my believer.”

No, no, between God and a close friend, the close friend is the superior one. 

When I was trying to look at the frustration on her face, Sanon had a look of triumph on her face.

We have to settle which one of us gets Eleanora. But first, let’s clear the air.

“Miss Eleanora, how did you end up falling from the sky?”

“I was flying with Ryuu and suddenly—”

“See! It was your dragon, wasn’t it? It’s your fault.”

Before Elanora could finish her sentence, Sanon interrupted her playing the devil’s advocate. 

Eleanora fell off Ryuu’s back…. I guess being Ryuu’s guardian I have to take responsibility for his actions. 

“We were flying when all of a sudden, a pillar of light appeared! The light hit Ryuu and he went into a painful rage… which caused him to shake me off.”

That pillar of light must be the one Sanon used to attack me. 

This caused the falling incident and caused Ryuu a lot of pain, too.

It would have been very painful for Ryuu, who has the same dark attribute as me. The pillar of light was incredibly powerful. 

 Looking around the sky, I wondered if he was safe.

I saw him in the distance looking at me. He was flying normally and his body seemed okay, he was just startled from the pain. 

When our eyes met, Eleanora waved her hand lightly to let me know that she was safe and that if I was scared, I could keep my distance.

Then she turned to the real culprit, Sanon, and said,

“The person who cast the pillar of light is the worst.”

“No, this wouldn’t be happening if Eleanora hadn’t ridden the dragon in the first place.”

“Are you making excuses? Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself the God of Light?”

“But, I’m….”

When I screamed at her like a yakuza, Sanon seemed to fall into a depressive mood. 

As I stepped closer to question her further, Eleanora stepped in between us. 

“Yumiela-san! You can’t just bully a God!”

“No, I’m not bullying her.”

“Eleanora! As expected of my believer!”

The moment Sanon realized that Eleanora was on her side, she became more aggressive. She approaches me as she alternates between offense and defense. Her forehead shines.

“I have said it many times. You should keep your distance from Eleanora. Do you really think you can defeat my light?”

“God, I will not be separated from Yumiela!”

“Miss Eleanora! You are truly my close friend!”

Eleanora whirled around to face Sanon. When she said that, I knew she was on my side. And she’s doing a good job protecting me from the deco beam. 

The God of Light immediately became sullen and the light on her forehead dimmed. Then, in a sad voice, she said.

“I was trying to do the best for you, Eleanora….”

“I won’t leave my friend, no matter what God says.”

“I swear I’m only thinking of you…. I’m also—”

Sanon’s eyes became empty and she looked strange. 

Sensing the danger, I step in front of Eleanora. 

Then, I checked Patrick’s position. He was standing behind Sanon. We are in the right position for a pincer attack. 

If it comes down to it, I will have Eleanora and Patrick escape while I hold Sanon back. 

While exchanging glances with him, Sanon started to shed tears. Large tears flowed down her cheeks. 

“Eleanora chooses Yumiela Dolknes. You will marry her and spend the rest of your life with her. I refuse to accept—”

Huh? Eleanora and I are getting married? But, we aren’t?

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