Chapter 40: Nell and neko-san meet

The blond elf Aurene has been living here for a week. 

It was terrible at first. 

She takes a dump right under my house, you know?

It fucking stinks. 

Please don’t underestimate a cat’s sense of smell. 

When I told her to go out there and dig, she had the gall to say what would happen on a rainy day. 

I had no choice but to build a stone made of stone near the stone wall. 

This toilet is designed to flush water and let the waste flow out into the dugout.

The water is provided in a pot. 

It’s a manual flush toilet.

Besides the charcoal, I use it to make two metal forceps and a storage shed. 

The charcoal is made by wrapping up wood with dead grass and soil and roasting it. 

Using the charcoal I had made, I melted the gold in a pot and poured it into a mold made of clay, then used my fingernails to shape the cooled gold.

The most challenging part to make was the clasp.

I had to remake them about five times. 

But the result was worth it.

The gold forceps are very easy to use.

Forceps are tweezer-like tools that have circular handles like scissors that you can put your fingers through. 

This allows me to perform tasks such as tying strings smoothly, something I have struggled with until now.

Nevertheless, before my death, I was known as a rat dissection expert. 

I’m confident with my fingers’ dexterity. 

The storage shed is built on high floors and equipped with mousetraps.

Aurene was really impressed with the structure.

Is this world’s civilization less developed than the Jomon Era?

Or is my knowledge skewed?

Probably the latter.

In the evening, I read and studied Mac’s books and learned the language from Aurene. 

During the day, she seemed to be wandering around the forest. 

She didn’t seem to be doing anything in particular, but just in case, I threatened her not to kill humans.

That was how I was living my daily life with nothing special to mention. 

“I’m back!! I’ve brought you a souvenir.”

Then one day, Aurene came back with the innkeeper’s daughter in her arms. 

Huh. Did she finally reveal her true color?

I tried to ask her what she was planning to do by kidnapping Nell.

“I found her napping in the forest~.”

What a surprise, Nell was in the forest. 

Napping alone in the forest. 

What if a wild beast attacked her?

“Ngh… eh? Neko-san?”

She woke up at the right time, so I need to ask her for more information.

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