Chapter 57: Siam-chan (Human)

It’s evening now. 

When I knocked on the inn’s door, Nancy answered. 

“Oh, Neko-san. 

Are you here to see Nell?

She’s gone to visit the baker over there, so she’s not here.”

After saying that, Nancy went inside and closed the door with a slam. 

What should I do? I wanted to see Nell. 

It would not be sanitary for a cat to barge into a bakery. 

All right, I’ll just wait in front of the inn. 

I pulled out a crate under the eaves and climbed into it. 

I love the feeling of being trapped inside. 


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“I swear! Neko-san is a great cat!”

“Okay, okay, Neko-san is good.”

I wake up when I hear Nell’s and another girl’s voices. 

With black hair swaying, Nell and a girl around ten years old with red hair came walking in from a distance. 

“Aaaah! Neko-san is here!”

“Heh, is this the cat?”

The red-haired girl lifts me up. 

“Oh, he’s heavy. You’re too thick.”

“Me, too! Nell wants to try!”

“Nell-chan will have to wait for three years before you can do it.”

From my estimation, she’ll have to grow another five years or so to be able to carry me. 

I’ll have to work hard to lose weight. 

The girl sets me down, then opens the door and shouts. 

“Auntie! I have played with Nell-chan!”

“Okaay. Thank you, Siam-chan.”

Nancy opens the door and answers. 

This little girl is called Siam?

“Thank you, Siam onee-chan!”

“Haa~ Nell-chan is so cute. 

Let’s play together again~.”


The girl waved and left. 

I store my crate away in my four-dimensional space. 

“Neko-san! I’ll read you a book again!”

How can she still have the energy to read a book after playing all day?

I would have gone straight to sleep if I were Nell’s age. 

But sure enough, I found herself drifting off while reading after dinner. 

[Go to sleep,] I wrote on my board. 

“But Neko-san is leaving tomorrow, right?”

Yup, don’t strain yourself, kid. 

[I’ll be with you all day tomorrow, sleep.]

“Thanks, Neko-san.”

Soon after, Nell fell asleep. 

I moved her to her bed and pulled the blanket over her. 

I’m going to bed, too. 

I lay down beside Nell. 

Good night.

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